World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 636
When Shen Xiang wants goes to underground secret room to seek for Du Yanyao, Du Yanyao actually suddenly from below comes up, she looked at all around, sighed: I felt that my Fire Spirit must evolve, is unstable, it seems like I cannot participate in Alchemy Competition tomorrow!” What? Fire Spirit evolution?” Shen Xiang calls out in alarm said that although theoretically, but he has not heard. Um, I felt that my Fire Spirit must break through, has not thought that I practice the Tempering Realm peak, along with strength of fleshly body and True Qi, Fire Spirit is also following the breakthrough, as for is what kind of I am not clear, in brief every day will have 2-3 times this situation.” Du Yanyao somewhat reluctantly looks at all around, this thinks her Fire Spirit must evolve produces destroys scalding hot. I must relate the family as soon as possible, making them send a person to take over control of the City Lord thing, I must find a place to pass this stage!” Some Du Yanyao apologies look at Shen Xiang: Sorry, I cannot participate in Alchemy Competition with you.” Shen Xiang has wiped the fragrant perspiration on her face, said with a smile: No problem, the Fire Spirit evolution, this is rare, is more important than Alchemy Competition, cannot delay!” Du Yanyao selected, hastily sent for relating the family, then arranged formation in the basement, prevents the heat leak that she released, did not permit anybody to approach, Shen Xiang also lived in this courtyard, his room also turned into pile of ashes, but underground stone chamber also. Although is at night, but Du Yanyao withdraws from the matter of competition still quickly to spread over entire Saint Dan City, especially these come to participate in the Alchemy Competition person, thought that on the heavy shoulder suddenly was lighter, because Du Yanyao high of alchemy level, is in Primal Chaos Mountain is even famous in entire Sacred Dan World. Many people inquired some news, because in City Lord had that big sound, produced that terrifying heat, definitely could not conceal, passed on, after the analysis, many people thinks that Du Yanyao had problems above the practice, is unable to attend the competition. Late at night, Shen Xiang and Du Yanyao, in this was burnt in the courtyard that looks awful, here was beautiful.

Sorry, because of my reason, making you not have the comfortable place to live, you can go to outside hotel to live!” In the Du Yanyao that ice-cold and beautiful facial features full is the ashamed look. Shen Xiang said with a smile: This has any relationship, I am also all day am staying in any case in the secret room, is taking this thing, when you must carry on closes up for a long time eat up again, possibly to you helpful!” That is piece of Earth Core Divine Fruit, initially Shen Xiang obtained, slivers many pieces, although he gives others some, but also has many, moreover he currently has Soul Creation Fluid, so long as he has the time, can duplicate many. The nose of Du Yanyao moved slightly, she smells the strange fragrance that on Earth Core Divine Fruit is releasing, concluded that this fruit pulp are not every thing. What is this?” Du Yanyao asked that with Shen Xiang together, although shortly, but she knows that Shen Xiang got rid always naturally, will definitely not have the ordinary thing, but now is flake fruit pulp, but she thought that this thing possibly was she since birth, has seen most advanced thing. Shen Xiang said with a smile: This is the Earth Core Divine Fruit fruit pulp, although only then a flake, but the use is very big, first is remaining, eats up the later need to digest immediately, requires time.” Du Yanyao is startled, this unexpectedly is Divine Fruit! Earth Core Divine Fruit she has certainly heard, but earth core Hong Lu is also Sacred Land that the person of each practice flame most yearns, each world has, but few people can go, she also heard that has many fire attribute Heaven and Earth Treasure there, is precious, even also has the Qilin beast and fire Phoenix this fire attribute divine beast exists. Du Yanyao can understand that now why Shen Xiang had the means to make Yan Zilan comply to bring her practice, obviously Shen Xiang has gotten down the heavy book, she only then felt grateful Shen Xiang in the heart secretly.

In order to participate in tomorrow's Alchemy Competition, Du Yanyao urges Shen Xiang to rest earlier, adjusts the good condition, but tomorrow she will also return to the family to calm the mind to practice. In the morning, after Du Yanyao and Shen Xiang said goodbye, left Saint Dan City, that new City Lord will arrive several days later, here thing is handles by Du Kangsheng now. Participates in Sacred Dan Gathering Alchemy Competition, in Saint pill plaza, this plaza nearby is the industries of Sacred Dan Sect, auction, hotel, pills shop...... A series of shops, are Sacred Dan Sect, therefore for serveral days, the business of Sacred Dan Sect these shops became very fiery, even though the price were usually higher, but still bustling place. Brother Shen, has not thought that your wife is such a matter?” Road in Fan Yakun on going to plaza, met Shen Xiang, hastily has drawn Shen Xiang to ask. All right, is only in the breakthrough edge, her skill also has Fire Spirit, therefore had a condition, this makes her Fire Spirit some unstable, cannot participate in Alchemy Competition.” Shen Xiang said. Hehe, I also planned has a look at your husband and wife two to kill one another, is really regrettable!” Fan Yakun said with a smile. At this time Shen Xiang also treats as his friend Fan Yakun, if not Fan Yakun, he has not known when can arrive at this Sacred Dan World, but Fan Yakun also keeps secret to his status. Participates in the Alchemy Competition person to be many, Shen Xiang sees over a thousand people, to line up in plaza, carries on first round screening, this is for the person who rejects fast some mixes.

People who test flame, has Fire Spirit must, this first round should be able 700-800 to eliminate!” Fan Yakun pats before the Shen Xiang's body, tut tut said. What is that second round?” Shen Xiang asked that regarding the test flame, he was confident. Second round is to refine Five Elements True Elemental Dan, moreover refines to you with some bad herbs, only then an opportunity, in this round, only then 20 people can go through a strategic pass, refines quickly and best and most 20 people! This pass/test definitely is a cinch to Brother Shen, although alchemy time will increase a difficulty to you.” Fan Yakun smiles. The flame test is simple, places on the hand watermelon big white stone sphere, the flame that if instills into is stronger, that stone sphere is brighter, shines goes through a strategic pass to the certain extent, this is judges by these old man. In lining up waits , front Shen Xiang can see to transmit a dazzling flame once for a while, will follow screams each time, because that one flame of person is very strong, is matter that many alchemy masters envy and envy. The time of each test is short, if has not made that stone sphere shine in the specific time, must be eliminated, how long therefore Shen Xiang they do not use. Quick must arrive at me, wants to turn on the water really here, however retreat leaves, but definitely will be scolded by the family.” Fan Yakun curls the lip to say.