World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 637
Fan Yakun dares to dig ancestor's grave, is a person of unusual rebel, works also likes along with oneself, he was compelled is participating, a point is not feeling well, but he carries the grave offense now, this is he can reduce the responsibility for an offense only the means that he also can only brace oneself. suddenly, very intense purple light shines, that ray as if punctured thoroughly the body of person, burnt hot strength to drill into the body, uncomfortable, had a Shen Xiang matter not to have. Attracted fire stone sphere to crack, traded one!” old man calls out in alarm said: Lin Xiyi, passes!” This makes the audience shocking, because this unexpectedly is a female has such fierce flame, understood at a glance that is Purple Fire Spirit. Lin Xiyi, probably is that Lin Yushi elder sister, that inside Lin Family, is really the good seedling, although that Lin Yushi is somewhat repugnant, but his strength is very strong.” Fan Yakun looks at Shen Xiang, said with a smile lowly: But that dog head had been chopped.” Surnamed Lin . Moreover the flame is so fierce, the people think quickly this is the person who Primal Chaos Mountain comes! Finally was one's turn Fan Yakun. What name?” old man asked fainily. Fan Yakun!” That old man stares the big eye immediately, said with a smile: actually that little rascal that Fan Family ancestral tomb digs, has not thought that you can live are arriving here, what thing in ancestral tomb has? Is worth going all out?” Fan Yakun said with a smile: On tattered formation plate and Divine Sword, I used that formation plate to go to Heaven World to stroll one to come back, returned Divine Sword, can therefore save the poor life!” Fan Yakun now in these influence high levels, was the childhood name person, many old fellow heard his dig out Fan Family ancestral tomb time, shock. That old man hears to have Divine Sword, is startled the shameless color deterioration.

little brat, starts to test, I reminded your, must exhaust strength from the beginning, otherwise time ball has not shone you unable to pass.” That old man said. Fan Yakun according to that stone sphere, fierce pouring into Fire True Qi, only sees that stone sphere immediately a black ray, frightens a people whole face with amazement, even if Shen Xiang also had a scare, this unexpectedly is the black flame. Fan Family is not no wonder what kind of you, actually your this little rascal obtained your ancestor's Netherworld Fire Spirit, this is one type compared with purple Fire Spirit also strong Fire Spirit!” That old man exclaims in surprise one, but that stone sphere has also cracked several half. Netherworld Fire Spirit, Shen Xiang first time heard that Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou they are also. Hehe, did I pass?” Fan Yakun asked with a smile. Naturally passes, next.” That old man shouted, simultaneously records Fan Yakun to pass. Was one's turn Shen Xiang, that old man asked fainily: From report name.” Shen Xiang!” Shen Xiang smiles lightly, but Fan Yakun has not left immediately, he recognized that Shen Xiang has Fire Spirit, but he must have a look is any Fire Spirit, because in the ordinary situation, can cover the flame the color, but on stone sphere tests actually cannot. That old man has gawked, looks at Shen Xiang inconceivable: Your unexpectedly also dares to come back!” Has what does not dare?” Shen Xiang let go reluctantly: Why everyone such asked me!” That old man curls the lip saying: Took two Primal Chaos Fire Token, has killed Guo Huaqing this Primal Chaos Mountain penalty elder, you also dare such high-sounding talk to participate in Alchemy Competition, walks into a trap simply.”

Shen Xiang attended the advanced trade fair time, that inside person has not divulged the matter that Shen Xiang comes back, obviously these old fellow have the principle. I, if has feared, did not come back to participate, however, what was the reward of your Sacred Dan Sect? I take risk to participate, for that thing, do not let my came in vain!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Next round starts Dean will announce that starts to test!” That old man understood at a glance that Shen Xiang and Fan Yakun relationship is very good, will otherwise not be merry. Has not thought that you also understand alchemy, your City Lord wife has not come, but also is really regrettable! Remembers that from the beginning must exhaust tests fully.” That old man also reminded. Shen Xiang comes back the participating matter, has spread instantaneously, person hastily report that several Primal Chaos Mountain that in the crowd hides come out, does not dare to grasp with Shen Xiang alone, Lin Yushi and Guo Huaqing were butchered, let alone is they. Shen Xiang has rubbed rubbing hands, he also wants to have a look at the Universe Fire Spirit test result to be what kind, what ray will have. His both hands according to that stone sphere, fierce revolution Universe True Qi, urge round of Universe Fire, pours into that stone sphere, a flame explodes to dodge suddenly, but actually suddenly vanishes, unexpected, because of normally, the ray will continue a period of time. But the short distance sees person who Shen Xiang tests, is growing up the mouth, looks at these white powder in Shen Xiang! The fiercest test, makes stone sphere split at most, but the stone sphere of Shen Xiang test, actually turns into one careful white powder now, understood at a glance that this compared these who stone sphere split by far. This......” On the face of that old man is falling the beads of sweat, he was knowing about stone sphere of test flame that this stone sphere does not test the flame to be fierce, even if a Nirvana Realm person tests, the flame is strong, does not have the Fire Spirit words, is unable to make the crack stone sphere. This stone sphere tests a quality, potential of alchemy master flame specially wait / etc. other regards, can make this stone sphere turn into the powder instantaneously, explained that the Shen Xiang's flame has very huge potential . Moreover the quality is very high, have the purple Fire Spirit person to be higher than these!

Passes...... Through!” On that old man face is still having the shock, but he is also startled the Shen Xiang's flame to be fierce, because this does not mean that alchemy is very good. Sees Shen Xiang to have such fierce flame, Fan Yakun shakes the head smiles: I also think I fuse that Netherworld Fire Spirit, possibly somewhat the stratagem which ensures success, now looks like......” Brother Fan should not be immodest!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Fan Yakun and Shen Xiang have disputed, very clear Shen Xiang's alchemy level, in his opinion, in Sacred Dan World young one generation, does not have many people able to compete with him. Walks, we must test to finish in behind, then starts the second round, that is the Alchemy Competition true start.” Fan Yakun has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder. In behind of test zone, the big spacious places, can stand the person here, is the test passes, after Shen Xiang and Fan Yakun arrive, three male female suddenly walked toward them . Moreover the devils, Shen Xiang wants not to need to know that these four people definitely are Primal Chaos Mountain. Fan Yakun was saying with a smile at the same time: Brother Shen, this is Alchemy Competition, you want to participate in words, waits to endure!” Looks at the situation, these fellows annoy the wool I, I abandoned the match also to them chop!” Shen Xiang grips the fist, coldly is looking that toward several people who he walks.