World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 638
Primal Chaos Mountain three male female, before that female is , when tests the flame causes not the small sound Lin Xiyi, she follows that three well-dressed good-looking man to walk. I paid attention a moment ago, under flame no longer that Lin Xiyi of these three fellows, I heard that in Primal Chaos Mountain has secret technique to practice the produce fire soul to come, moreover can evolve!” Fan Yakun concentrates the silk thread the sound, spreads to the Shen Xiang's ear. Can to have the Fire Spirit means that Shen Xiang also knows in that Fire God Palace to have a devour Fire Spirit method, if not need to fuse Fire Spirit, cultivates using secret technique, this makes him somewhat unbelievable. Shen Xiang, you hurry to hand over Primal Chaos Fire Token!” After coming of that Primal Chaos Mountain, red clothed man coldly said, the manner of that being insufferably arrogant, making people think very repugnant. Shen Xiang laughs at a sound track: You do not know that Lin Yushi and Guo Huaqing are I kill?” That red clothed man disdains to smile: Kills Lin Yushi not to be but actually strange, after all at that time Lin Yushi knelt there beheads to you, I have good weapon also to achieve easily! As for Guo Huaqing, that is Primal Chaos Fire Token owner recognition protecting that releases Lord divine light, making all around person move cannot, makes you have the opportunity.” Shen Xiang also thinks that the person in Primal Chaos Mountain does not know when that Primal Chaos Fire Token owner recognition situation, from the words of this red clothed man, in Primal Chaos Mountain might some people let Primal Chaos Fire Token owner recognition very much. „Do you such let Primal Chaos Fire Token owner recognition? For many years, our Primal Chaos Mountain never had the person......” Hopes the joy, your words were too many!” That red clothed man drinks her immediately, this makes in the Shen Xiang heart chuckle to oneself secretly, so long as other five Primal Chaos Fire Token do not have owner recognition, he will have the opportunity in the total revenue pouch, will collect seven Primal Chaos Fire Token, will have a look at that Primal Chaos World secret.

Shen Xiang let go, says with a smile: I die not to you, has to plant to take!” Hears Shen Xiang these words, other people immediately shunt, but that red clothed man also immediately the violent anger, low and deep coldly snorted, heat suddenly overflowed from him, sees only on his right leg to emit the purple-red flame. Double Fire Spirit, red Fire Spirit and purple Fire Spirit!” Fan Yakun calls out in alarm, after Shen Xiang hears, is only slightly surprised, his Fire Spirit was also double Fire Spirit, Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit and Earthly Yin Fire Spirit blended body, was much bigger than this ordinary Fire Spirit stronger. The people see the bi-color flame of red clothed man, expresses exclamation, discuss spiritedly, but that red clothed man complexion also full is proud look. to refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit, you bring upon oneself!” That red clothed man said mean that burns the thigh of purple-red flame to fly to leap up toward Shen Xiang, sees only a purple-red dazzling ray emergence, turns into a purple-red Qilin head, the opening mouth, the roar is intermittent, although very short flash, but that stern purplish red Qilin can actually hardly be removed in the people mind. Shen Xiang has not thought that this red clothed man gets rid so to be ruthless, looks that Qilin bites, he revolves Fire God Art, Blazing Dantian inside forms a cyclone, fierce revolving, is only the short instance, 1 million revolutions, have had an unusual suction, devour that scalding hot fire Qi! Qilin head that purplish red raging fire condense becomes, after moving Shen Xiang, does not have the people anticipated such fierce, instead stems from the anticipation of people, because after that sends out purple red light Qilin is moving the Shen Xiang's body, probably drills into the Shen Xiang's body, fused with Shen Xiang. Actually this by Shen Xiang devour!

Is Qilin leg of being panic at the news, unexpectedly so is worthily mysterious, drills into others' body directly, from destroying the interior of enemy!” A person said. Primal Chaos Mountain Qilin Divine Art, Shen Xiang also early has hearing, today he asked for advice finally, is truly intrepid, if he does not have the fire-resistant ability that Universe Fire Spirit this strong Fire Spirit brings, he must be reduced to ashes. Must know that his body has quenchinged in earth core, the body of Immortal cannot withstand the high temperature in earth core to devastate, although that red clothed man displayed Qilin Divine Art to make him feel the heat, but is actually not able to cause the damage to his body. But in Shen Xiang not far away Fan Yakun, actually already muddy heat radiating from body perspiration! Shen Xiang laughs: Any nonsense Qilin Divine Art, I thought that you also blustered, put out the point to see the skill of person to come!” Sees Shen Xiang to taunt, the people were scared, a moment ago that was genuine goods at reasonable prices the Qilin leg in Qilin Divine Art, was known as that three legs burnt the immortal, but that terrifying burning burnt a moment ago, the people also truly felt, but a Shen Xiang matter did not have, this made all people stand is unable to understand that especially that several Primal Chaos Mountain of Qilin leg understanding to the person who came out. But old man that these are responsible for testing does not prevent, but watches the fun in the one side, who no matter who dies to live, does not have the responsibility with their Sacred Dan Sect, if meddled to prevent, perhaps also by Primal Chaos Mountain will be said that they hindered them to handle matters. Had been ridiculed by Shen Xiang, the red clothed man is angrier, the whole body burns the purple-red flame, that burns the hot air wave, is similar to the strong winds rough sea waves surges generally toward all around, this makes the people draw back in abundance.

Looked how you do keep off?” The red clothed man drinks a color greatly, rises with a spring, jumps airborne, flies high stand up, is similar to beyond the day the meteor one crashes, sees only his leg is similar to a heat great blade chops fiercely, in the air leaves behind together the purple-red remnant shade, seems delimiting together the purple-red crack void. That leg chops the speed of falling is similar to the lightning, but falls , on Shen Xiang, actually suddenly turns into a huge purple-red claw, has the purple-red scales, the sharp claw is sharp, this is the Qilin claw, seems lifelike, bringing destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth strength to be ordinary, the imposing manner is dreadful, wind and cloud color deterioration. Shen Xiang has not responded that he has to acknowledge this red clothed man the speed rapidness that attacked a moment ago, starts from taking off, has only used an instance, a that incomparably formidable leg, chops to chop on his left shoulder, that strength unexpectedly presses him knees down. However, True Qi of his within the body already seethed with excitement, tyrannical dashing together in dantian, turns into more terrorist Dragon Force, after the body was attacked, Dragon Force rushes all the limbs and bones, cleans in strength that his within the body scurries about completely, simultaneously overflows within the body, sticks out suddenly a shake, just fell the thigh that on his shoulder shaking. Of bang! The people only see the red clothed man to fall on Shen Xiang shoulder above thigh suddenly break off curvingly from the knee place, the red clothed man has sent out a pitiful yell! On the Shen Xiang's shoulder braves an incomparable terror the aura, that energy tyrannical spout, the crushed stone of ground is shivering, floor tile also slowly split open. Is this strength shakes the thigh of red clothed man, is Shen Xiang uses in Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art with the strength hits the law of strength, coordinates Dragon Force to make a Dao Qi vigor from his body again, shoots from the shoulder wind, breaks the leg of that red clothed man.