World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 639
The red clothed man pain results in the complexion to be fierce, both eyes are red, the anger ascension, making him lose the reason, now he only wants to massacre Shen Xiang reckless. In Sacred Dan World, can the alchemy person, the strength not be often weak, now the people are also opened mind, these enter into Nirvana Realm old fellow, thinks to feel ashamed of one's inferiority. Qilin, presently!” The red clothed man explodes roars, saw only him behind suddenly to present a very huge Qilin virtual image, seeing that huge fierce Qilin virtual image, in the people heart with amazement, to look dumbfoundedly. Shen Xiang also feels not the small pressure at this time, but, Dragon Force of his within the body actually seethes with excitement, in his body inside surging forward, seems roaring the sea, this made his whole body fill fearful strength. Qilin Force!” The red clothed man back Qilin virtual image suddenly sprint, fierce dodging into the arm of that red clothed man, sees only arm suddenly of that red clothed man to inflate, tears the sleeve, on the arm reveals the fierce fearsome blue vein, but above also presented Qilin Tattoo, is braving red light. Looks that is only bringing Qilin strength the fist hits, Shen Xiang felt that own body was being promoted by a invisible pressure, making him have to retreat several steps, but he refused to admit being inferior, Dragon Force in within the body fierce sprayed from his body, saw only behind him suddenly to present a virtual image of golden big dragon. Saw this Golden Dragon, the people shocked thoroughly, because this dragon was giant, appeared in Shen Xiang behind, braved shining dazzling brilliance, as if just from fierce positive flew to be the same, because entire plaza this dragon appeared, but during fell into one piece to be scared, unknowingly, the people felt that the earth was swaying slightly. Shen Xiang exploded has drunk one, a fist strike left, welcomes to the Qilin fist that red clothed man that impact came, at the same time, his back that Golden Dragon virtual image sent out dragon roar of deafening sound vault of heaven, turned into together golden light, emerged in the Shen Xiang's fist. strength of Qilin and dragon, dashes together violently, explodes lightens a dazzling golden red ray, billowing such as the sound reverberation of thunder in horizon! „......” That red clothed man sends out extremely tragic neighing, sees only his arm suddenly to dangle, the whole person falls in the place, the corners of the mouth overflow thick blood, a pair covers entirely in the pupil of blood thread full is the color of pain.

You...... What have you done to me?” On that red clothed man face full is frightened and angry: My dantian...... Did not have, my arm......” Shen Xiang strength of that fist emerged in the dantian of red clothed man a moment ago, cancels his dantian ingeniously, as for that arm, was he has used Transforming Bone Devil Palm, went to inside skeleton directly. Just started looks like their strengths quite, standing that but Shen Xiang actually face red heart does not jump now there, but the red clothed man who Primal Chaos Mountain came out actually sat down exhausted in the ground, the dantian and hands and feet is discarded, the strength high under stood sentences. Shen Xiang said with a sneer: Is you do not have that skill, but also show off one's military strength, this is you brings upon oneself!” Words that the red clothed man spoke a moment ago, had been retaliated by Shen Xiang, this is really the greatest attack and shame! The red clothed masculinity must tremble, severe howl: „Do you also stand there do, takes him quickly, copes with this evil person, does not need to speak any morality and justice!” Other that two men regard one mutually, had the tacit understanding, suddenly moves sideways to arrive at Shen Xiang behind, their unexpectedly must attack Shen Xiang, moreover is two dozens one. Shen Xiang said while loudly laughing: „Am I an evil person? I remember that is you first to my fight, you are hit now remnantly by me, you can scold me are an evil person, then makes your people to bully few? Nonsense Primal Chaos Mountain, is the fellow of bullying.” During the speeches, in the Shen Xiang hand suddenly left a silver token, the above trace is clearly discernible, glittering strange light glow, but this token seems probably is one group is burning Silver Flame, is waving in the combustion in brilliance of absorption silver moon/month likely.

Primal Chaos Fire Token, moreover submission main Primal Chaos Fire Token! This made that two just think that the fight person immediately stopped, they do not know that Shen Xiang must do! Snort, aren't you want? Gives you that's it!” Shen Xiang coldly snorted and said, unexpectedly has thrown this Primal Chaos Fire Token, throws must attack his man to that before his body. Man one startled, hastily puts out a hand to meet, when he just moved Primal Chaos Fire Token, that Primal Chaos Fire Token explodes suddenly, blows out one group is similar to the moonlight common flame, covers the body of that man. „...... Help...... Is about to have killed me...... Is about to have killed me, gives me a happiness!” The people hear the pitiful yell sound of that man, is absolutely terrified, this is lives to might as well die! At this time people that silver beautiful flame, one deep fears, unexpectedly can burn the person lives to might as well die. But on Shen Xiang's, is burning one group of silver flame, slowly condense becomes together a token, strange incomparable, the people understood at a glance that this Primal Chaos Fire Token has merged into one organic whole with Shen Xiang, other people bump into, only by this strange flame ignition. Presented that many people to see, Primal Chaos Fire Token I gave you, was only you, this did not close my matter!” Shen Xiang throws is making Primal Chaos Fire Token in hand, looks at the people fearful and apprehensive, panic-stricken, they were worried Shen Xiang meets suddenly this damn throwing to them. Then was being burnt down by Silver Flame man, has lain down in the ground, but Silver Flame also vanish from sight slowly. In burning down, the people and have to feel that type of flame the aura, a quantity of heat could not feel, yelling that but sends from that man, that type of flame so.

But after now Silver Flame extinguishes, the body of man looks like a matter does not have, but that face was twisted fiercely by the pain incomparable, appears strange incomparable. That red clothed man crawled, has bumped gently the body of that man, only sees that body suddenly to fall layer upon layer white ash, looks at the audiences persons head skin to tingle with numbness, this person of unexpectedly had been fired the ash. Shen Xiang also feels inconceivable, in his heart sneers: This carelessly cultivates the Primal Chaos flame the fate, this Primal Chaos Fire Token just lit hid in body inside Primal Chaos Fire, making Primal Chaos Fire strengthens.” It seems like this Primal Chaos Fire Token, the person threat to Primal Chaos Mountain is very big, so long as along with my regard, I can circle their within the body these Primal Chaos flame with the Primal Chaos Fire Token point!” This was a Primal Chaos Fire Token use, Shen Xiang is also afterward was also turning these news in mind to know. You killed him......” that red clothed man voice to shiver to look at Shen Xiang. Was you have killed him, Primal Chaos Fire Token lit Primal Chaos Fire of his within the body, his needs to cool a period of time to recover, who made you touch him!” Shen Xiang shrugs, said that what he said is the truth. You......” that red clothed man have vomited a big blood, he is mad results in the whole body to tremble, but he now is a disabled person, the casual person on the scene can butcher him.