World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 640
Four Primal Chaos Mountain people, die now wounded, remaining two, does not have the heart of again war, because they know in the Shen Xiang hand that Primal Chaos Fire Token, so long as falls to them, they like a moment ago that man, will wish one could happy dying, thinks of this, they are afraid. Lin Xiyi arrives at side that red clothed man, said icily: Elder had already said that cannot act rashly to him.” Then waved to draw on two people, held this red clothed man. She looks at Shen Xiang vigilantly, she is worried about Shen Xiang to her fight, but Shen Xiang to her lightly smiled, does not have the meaning of fight. Shen Xiang also thought that has sufficed, but if the Primal Chaos Mountain person also looks like his fight, he will be still impolite. cough cough, we must test, among you grievances, but also please change a place to solve.” old man said. Shen Xiang receives Primal Chaos Fire Token, arrives at side Fan Yakun, has patted his, this frightens the Fan Yakun whole body to tremble. What are you afraid?” Shen Xiang cannot help laughing. Is afraid your flame, the flame of your this fellow is definitely stronger than purple fire time of person, otherwise the purplish red Qilin fire of that fellow impossible not to have a use to you!” Fan Yakun said: I guess that your body can definitely withstand very fierce flame incinerator, your flame is also very strong.” Shen Xiang smiled, has not spoken. Fan Yakun rejoiced that initially in Mortal Martial World, has not played the Young Master elder brother's power and prestige to Shen Xiang, perhaps otherwise his these also turned into pile of ashes. Result of flame test came out, only then 180 people pass, but is the second round test.

Test through the person, is the flame is good, but now is the true competition starts!” old man said: Under, I will open that mysterious reward the veil.” This makes the people send out one to cheer immediately, some people received the rumor, said that the reward of this competition is precious. If wins the competition of this big game, will obtain one bottle of Astral Yang Holy Water!” After that old man announced that in the crowd erupted one to call out in alarm immediately. Fan Yakun exclaims: Sacred Dan Sect has withered Astral Yang Holy Pond, year to year is fluttering Sacred Qi, this is one type also wants the fierce energy compared with Immortal Qi, but now Sacred Dan Sect can put out Astral Yang Holy Water to come, obviously that withered Nine Yang Holy Pond started to present Astral Yang Holy Water, the energy of it is said in drop of Nine Yang Holy Water containing, was equal to a person absorbs hundred years of Immortal Qi.” Words of vial, little said that also dozens drops, that was equal to having absorbed instantaneously several thousand years of Immortal Qi, regarding the strengths of our rank, was supreme treasure.” After that old man and other people were peaceful, said: That bottle of Astral Yang Holy Water have 100 drops, to obtain, everybody is many effort!” Then is the second round, was the same with the former years, refines Five Elements True Elemental Dan, herbs and pill furnace must provide with us!” Shen Xiang knows that almost two hundred alchemy masters on the scene, some affirmation many talents, but to his knowledge, Du Yanyao is one can refine the Earth Level Middle-Grade Dan alchemy master, but Fan Yakun can also refine Earth Level low-grade, but he can also refine Profound Level High-Grade Dan now. Therefore, if he , to result in first, he not only familiar grasps Profound Level High-Grade Dan, but must refine Earth Level low-grade or is middle-grade, otherwise he is unable to contend with these fierce people. The alchemic furnace quality also calculates, this makes Shen Xiang feel quite the accident, if that type results in rottenly cannot rotten pill furnace, built up few under on explode pill furnace, but made people very depressed.

pill furnace that if we use is better, perhaps I can win.” Fan Yakun whispered. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Hehe, then we again compare now one time, who can take that bottle of Astral Yang Holy Water to win.” Fan Yakun shakes the head saying: This competition behind, will be unfair to you, perhaps when the time comes must refine several Earth Level Low-Grade Dan.” Fan Yakun very clear Shen Xiang alchemy details, although he acknowledged that the Shen Xiang's alchemy talent is very high, be much higher than him, but Shen Xiang also can only refine Profound Level High-Grade Dan now, therefore this competition, will be disadvantageous to Shen Xiang. In plaza, 180 young alchemy masters place alchemic furnace in the ground, then sits cross-legged on the cushioning of hurrying, waits for the Sacred Dan Sect person minute to refine Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs. Five Elements True Elemental Dan regarding these alchemy masters, compares low level pill, heard to refine this pill to decide to enter the next round, snorted contemptuously, thinks otherwise, but when they attained herbs, kept complaining . Moreover the pressure was not small. After Shen Xiang attains these herbs, stares, because these herbs are very rotten is very rotten, even some did not have maturity to lose plant, for example Five Leaf Grass, only then four leaves, for example Colorless Spirit Mushroom, above had a tooth seal, obviously had been nipped by Demon Beast. However, these herbs after flame incinerator, can produce wants Spirit Qi and herbal powder, can still concentrate pill, Shen Xiang does not remember one have refined many furnace Five Elements True Elemental Dan, therefore now he is also light smiles. „It looks like at least can leave the pill seven grains, but must want the time!” Shen Xiang looks at these herbs, is estimating secretly, now has not started, was unable to process herbs. After waiting for all people to attain herbs, that old man announced starts.

Competition starts, I think that everybody also heard, in this pass/test, we will increase a test to you, everybody please be mentally prepared.” Shen Xiang processes herbs, while is anticipating that mysterious test, before Fan Yakun had also mentioned. The competition from the beginning, the people start to process herbs busily, above some already nobody's rejection, because is some rotten things, to guarantee to obtain many herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder, the people are very careful, does not dare to cut away at will. Shen Xiang when first sees these herbs, how in the mind started refining simulation to process these herbs, therefore his movement moving clouds and flowing water, formed a coherent whole at this time, lived the furnace fire most quickly was he. This origin mysterious Shen Xiang has not thought that so is also fierce in the alchemy aspect, his unexpectedly is first lives the furnace fire!” old man loud voice that manages to compete said that his unexpectedly was illustrating. His savage strength and lets the evil reputation that the person is panic at the news, everybody is obvious to all, how now do we have a look at his alchemy level? Since he is first lives the person of furnace fire, then we must bestow a big ritual to him!” The Shen Xiang eyebrow corner/horn jumps, he had a premonition that had not the good matter to arrive on him! Hears that old man words, people anticipate immediately, they can hear in that old man words to have the words, that so-called big ritual, may is that mysterious, but pit father's test.