World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 641
Alchemy Competition holds in plaza, gathers round a circle, making the audiences alchemy master sit in inside alchemy, but the people can actually encircle in side watch. The alchemy master in Sacred Dan World is in the majority, even if is in itself not the alchemy master, is also interested in Alchemy Competition, many martial artist in order to climb up a good alchemy master, understood the alchemy general knowledge that this not only can let them to distinguish a alchemy level of alchemy master, usually can also discuss 12 with the alchemy master. The people, see Shen Xiang so deft processing these herbs, knows that the Shen Xiang's foundation is solid. Second lives the person of furnace fire the bad luck descendants from Fan Family, this little rascal just dug ancestral tomb to obtain Fan Family Old Ancestor that famous Netherworld Fire Spirit, to make reparations the merit, the family has put his horse, sending him to participate in Alchemy Competition, even if he doesnot can first, Fan Family unable to take him to be what kind, who makes on him have Old Ancestor Netherworld Fire Spirit?” That old man loud and clear sound is reverberating in plaza, making Fan Yakun grasp crazily, wishes one could to crowd the bullshit toward that old man's mouth. Only then does the life have the ability of furnace fire to be rewarded? No, other people have, but the first reward will be better!” After that old man he he smiles, shouted: Shen Xiang's rewarded!” The people exude one to call out in alarm immediately, because they see the graceful purple beautiful figure to fall gently together from the top of that bidding block, sees that noble solemn purple attire, the people know that is Zilan Immortal Woman. The Yan Zilan surface bewitches to seize the moving smile of soul, the light dust refined makings unusual conditions, fall gently from the sky just like a purple orchid slowly on arena. Zilan Immortal Woman, that little rascal you should see, encourages him, lets his well alchemy!” That old man smiles very deceitfully, lets in the people heart crack cursed, this is not encourages radically, but is damages others wholly-absorbed alchemy, naturally, many people envy Shen Xiang, can by such a peerless Immortal Woman disaster, die also the value. Shen Xiang also cursed that old man in the heart, but he was actually not worried that he also thinks that mysterious reward will bring to him troublesome, but Yan Zilan removes completely by him now, he can also appreciated, while alchemy.

On the Yan Zilan face gentle moving smile becomes caresses suddenly flatters to bewitch, turns such as Liu Yiban the waist, the lotus foot is treading lightly, arrives at side Shen Xiang slowly, on cushion that very graceful sitting in Shen Xiang that empties. Yan Zilan and together of Shen Xiang so short distance, looks at some male draft animals to clench jaws, in the heart surges inexplicably a hate, wishes one could to make into the pig head Shen Xiang, unexpectedly can in the goddess with their mind that nearly depend. Shen Xiang also has to turn head now, looks at the charming handsome person, but Yan Zilan also visits him, the curved eyelash is shivering slightly, the look is enchanted by, looks like incomparably attractive. Young Master Shen, you must well alchemy Oh! In the Yan Zilan mouth is spitting the Youlan fragrance, looks at that attractive delicious sexy pink lips, Shen Xiang wishes one could to collect, attracting maliciously, but he knows, if he such does, in plaza will watch these male gender of competition definitely to throw the smelly shoes. Shen Xiang and Yan Zilan relationship was very good, moreover Shen Xiang has also hugged her, lies has been together a period of time with her on her bed, in addition Shen Xiang strength in meditation is greatly strengthened, this for him, is only the good matter. He has not thought that this is usually noble the solemn maturity beautiful woman, when exhibits stance that this caresses flatters, awfully, making the person want to stop but cannot, wishes one could conquering under the body. But many people were anticipating Shen Xiang explode pill furnace, what hateful is, Shen Xiang not only does not have explode pill furnace, chat of instead and Yan Zilan is merry, but also Yan Zilan also once for a while sends out one to caress intermittently flatters the tender sweet laughter.

Shen Xiang does not have explode pill furnace, around the Shen Xiang ten fellows were caressed the coquettish behavior that flatters to arouse making actually anxiously by Yan Zilan that pill furnace explodes one after another, this makes Shen Xiang also Yan Zilan laugh. Has not thought that this Shen Xiang's strength in meditation is so astonishing . Moreover the glib tongue, unexpectedly can make our Sacred Dan World number one beauty smile the flowering branch to incur to tremble, did not have his good strength in meditation in the ten fellows of his side, was made by Zilan Immortal Woman scared witless, is unable to calm the mind alchemy, finally withdrew from the competition...... that old man loud voice to narrate competition in field in the explode pill furnace way, in his heart was secretly is also being surprised. Now all alchemy masters lived the furnace fire, your big rituals came, enjoys youngster well!” Yan Zilan said with a smile lowly: Is elder sister's time is insufficient, hasn't unexpectedly let your this little brat explode pill furnace?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: If you remove completely, could bring some influences to me!” Yan Zilan beautiful smile: Your in your dreams, but you must be careful, is fiercer, I walk, enjoys well!” Yan Zilan stands up, leaps gently, grazes to depart, but this is people suddenly is full of energy, because they see to have wear the transparent clothing, the young beautiful appearance, the flesh wins the snow, the stature graceful female grazes from the distant place. When the jade of more than 30 females tread fully on arena, an audience silence, then transmits afterward swallows the saliva the sound!

These 30 females are beautiful, stature tall, sends concave-convex, what most awfully is on them wears Bo Ru the cicada wing common clothes, can be clear sees their snow white such as the jade tender body. But their abundant chests, also by two cloths pasting, the lower part of the body is putting on white to profane the trousers, that snow white slender beautiful leg, slender jade waist, clear such as jade snow rabbit, is only away from the light women's clothing, shows before the people, is the disposable 30 beautiful women, looks at the man evil fires to commit suicide by fire, the entire plaza temperature resembled suddenly to rise dramatically was the same, must surge upward compared with the alchemy flame of these alchemy masters. Watched the competition, but now the line of sight of people on these females, moreover stubbornly is staring at the chests of these young females with the both legs, their looks, as if must burning down to be the same these female thin clothing. Most awfully came, these female unexpectedly charming smile, exude to caress wear a look of flatter to be dissolute **, dances the dance that one type is caressing flatters, but in arena also one after another sends out one intermittently bang crack, is only short in a minute, dozens pill furnace explode. This Sacred Dan Sect, did not have moral integrity!” The Shen Xiang ear bank reverberates that type to bewitch to seize the soul **, the mind is rippling. Su Meiyao tenderly snorted and said: Was too shameless, unexpectedly comes the chaotic person mind with this flattering merit!” Luster of the skin under tissue women's clothing partly visible, cancels the person soul, the dancer's posture that charms with is resounding from time to time from time to time low and deep being overwhelmed with emotion **, making on arena many pill furnace explode one after another, this is that owes pit father big ritual in Bian the livestock!