World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 642
Also, only then 50-60 people that on arena competed, these jumped the young beautiful woman who was flattering the dance also already the recession, these watched the man of competition to have an eyeful, they also hope that can look. But this painstakingly some strength in meditation insufficient alchemy masters, because this causes them to nurse hatred was eliminated. We want to make some beautiful women give everybody to add to the fun, is more moderate this arid Alchemy Competition, but has not thought that chaotically these many little brat mind, is really regrettable, but the remaining people, you should thank me to be right, I helped you eliminate a large quantities of competitor......” that old man said while loudly laughing, smiled very dreadfully, let these eliminated alchemy master hates to clench teeth, wishes one could a brick to lose, did not have the remaining several teeth to move his completely. Refines Five Elements True Elemental Dan on the scene not to have what difficulty to most alchemy masters, but they refine with some inferior herbs now, moreover alchemic furnace also satisfies them, with very inconvenient, affected the display, even if can refine, the quality and pill quantity definitely also greatly will be affected. But regarding Shen Xiang, that is not anything, even if he does not have alchemic furnace, he can also utilize peak herbs, this is his alchemy criterion, but he builds up very steadily, arrived at the middle stage, all herbs have cremated, herbs after burning down, separates unusual herbal Spirit Qi and does not contain impurity herbal powder, so long as combining, will fuse together, can be in the final congealing pill stage. In this regard, he leads other people, these charmed the storm a moment ago, those present perhaps only then Shen Xiang and that Lin Xiyi had not been affected, although other people do not have explode pill furnace, but somewhat was affected. In Sacred Dan World, can the alchemy female be equally scarce, therefore this kind of females are the object who the famous family juniors pursue. In Mortal Martial World, Shen Xiang good and bad also knows female alchemy master who Hua Xiangyue and Elder Dan these two names shake a side, but he after this Sacred Dan World a period of time, which famous female Alchemy Grandmaster has not heard. Also only then Du Yanyao is quite famous, but her catches attention, that situation of not having gone to respect, therefore not be considered as. Yan Zilan suddenly appears, grazes from distant place, only then the person of this rank, dares to fly in Saint Dan City at will.

„The following competition will be presided over by Zilan, but also asked everybody to coordinate, maintained peaceful, letting the alchemy master peaceful alchemy.” Yan Zilan said with a smile lightly, captured the attention of many people. After seeing the beforehand that to owe to hit talking too much old man who walks, alchemy masters who these attend the competition in heart with most virulent cursed sees off him to depart, especially these eliminated alchemy master. Also hopefully obtained that Astral Yang Holy Water, but was stirred by that pit father big ritual yellow, causing many people eliminated, but this for them is also a test, they can only blame the strength in meditation being insufficient. In arena fell into a silence, is waiting for the result. Has the situation, be careful!” Long Xueyi suddenly shouted, at the same time, Yan Zilan changes to together the purple shadow, such as the electricity flies to leap up generally toward Shen Xiang, the jade palm wields, releases together purple True Qi, strikes to disperse that to attack Shen Xiang's Qi Energy. Although Yan Zilan kept off that powerful Qi Energy, but Shen Xiang felt lightning and flame were mixed True Qi to raid toward him, his pill furnace was also affected, had some cracks. Bold, unexpectedly dares to be here dissolute!” Yan Zilan stands after behind, loud voice shouted to clear the way coldly. Only sees a middle-aged person to appear in arena suddenly, coldly said: He makes my son die wounded, I must kill him today surely, avenges a grievance!” A moment ago Shen Xiang and Primal Chaos Mountain person had the conflict, caused the Primal Chaos Mountain person dead wounded, this was the well-known matter, but now some people look, understood at a glance that was Primal Chaos Mountain.

Yan Zilan naturally also knows that this matter, Shen Xiang has the obligation to her, even if Sacred Dan Sect no matter, she must embrace. This is Alchemy Competition that our Sacred Dan Sect conducts, no one allows the destruction competition, your two sons and others fight, is their technique is inferior to the person first, dies wounded, you as their fathers, strength outstanding, unexpectedly also handle this matter to the junior, your doesn't Primal Chaos Mountain such know the sense of honor?” The Yan Zilan words are sharp, keeping that middle-aged man suddenly from refuting. However that middle-aged man is angry: In any event, I must revenge!” Must revenge, after waiting to compete to end, is casual you to be what kind, if you are determined to take the Shen Xiang's words now, then our Sacred Dan Sect will certainly not sit by and do nothing, your Primal Chaos Mountain should not be aggressive.” Xie Shilong appeared, stands on the arena stage, looks at several people in crowd, his eyes saw that these are come from Primal Chaos Mountain expert, the strength with him quite. Sacred Dan Sect Dean appeared, moreover said such words, Primal Chaos Mountain cannot have the conflict with Sacred Dan Sect now, has to endure patiently. Good, after the competition ended, is the Shen Xiang time of death!” The middle-aged person abandons the ruthless words, rose with a spring, left arena. Shen Xiang relaxed, but the people also admire to his calmness, the time of combustion eyebrow, unexpectedly can concentrate spiritual alchemy, stands firm pill furnace that must ruin. The pill furnace above crack is clearly discernible . Moreover the pill furnace following floor also has the fissure, understood at a glance that was by that Primal Chaos Mountain person is attacked a moment ago, but illuminated becomes. At this moment, Lin Xiyi shouted: I completed!”

Shen Xiang paid attention, her success refines five grains of Five Elements True Elemental Dan, moreover quality excellent, this means that she can enter the next round, but the person who enters the next round has 20, the speed slow words, were definitely incorrect. Shen Xiang, your alchemic furnace because of matter damage, this is we protects inconsiderately, we can do replaces new alchemic furnace and good herbs to you, making you refine, but in time possibly without enough time.” Xie Shilong said that he sees Shen Xiang also to be able now calm such as mountain alchemy, has everybody style, making him sigh secretly. Shen Xiang indifferently said: Does not use!” Words that even if comes, time also without enough time, so long as more than 20 refine Five Elements True Elemental Dan to come first personally, he cannot enter the next round. It seems like can only with trading the furnace big law!” The Shen Xiang heart said that his previous and Fan Yakun competition time, succeeded with this move. Currently also has ** refined personally, if Shen Xiang were not affected a moment ago, already completed, but now he to stand firm alchemic furnace, has to slow the tempo. But Fan Yakun is after Lin Xiyi, second is completed, he is not worried about Shen Xiang now, moreover he anticipated that sees Shen Xiang that shocking unique skill again, seeing Shen Xiang that alchemic furnace above crack to be getting more and more, his unexpectedly is slightly excited, because he knows that immediately can see that unique skill!