World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 643
Shen Xiang's alchemic furnace sways violently, the crack are getting more and more, moreover is spraying the flame, inside energy is tyrannical, the people are also hanging the heart, is waiting for his explode pill furnace time. The Yan Zilan micro pressed willow eyebrows, clench teeth in secret, to Shen Xiang sound transmission: I and other leads you to walk, don't worry!” Once Shen Xiang is defeated, means that he withdraws from the competition, the Primal Chaos Mountain person also will immediately get when the time comes rid, therefore Yan Zilan has stood by Shen Xiang has not departed, to protect Shen Xiang. Hates the matter of hand regarding Primal Chaos Mountain person suddenly, Shen Xiang on the heart, he may not have the thoughts to haggle over this matter now, he computing time, is grasping to change the furnace that instantaneous. Yan Zilan suddenly feels magic power, because she also cultivates Divine Dao, but release that Shen Xiang not covers up now, she naturally knows that this is magic power, moreover is vigorous, she has not thought that Shen Xiang this strength, has so fierce magic power. However she has doubts very much, she does not know that Shen Xiang must do. Shen Xiang releases magic power to come out, naturally is condense becomes Illusionary Brilliant Furnace! When Yan Zilan just felt that magic power, weak heat suddenly, bang a dull thumping sound transmits, sees only Shen Xiang's pill furnace suddenly to blast, arouses a dust. Before looking at the Shen Xiang body, that big group dust, the people have sent out a regrettable sigh, but these Primal Chaos Mountain people also in waiting for Shen Xiang leave the conference site, once Shen Xiang leaves, is their fight time. When the people feel for Shen Xiang regrets, incomparably dazzling five colors light glow from these dust inside sprays, so long as is the alchemy master, is clear this five colors light glow is anything, when that is refines Five Elements True Elemental Dan, in light glow that in pill furnace produces.

Fan Yakun sees this, relaxed, in heart exclaims in surprise secretly, although he had seen one time, but already felt at this time shocking. Shen Xiang blows these dust gently, dazzling five colors light glow is more radiant, is covering entire arena, seizes the person dazzling, dumbfounded, deeply was shocked by this. Five light glow, are twining in Shen Xiang's Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, is inseparable general, forms one group of five colors Qi ball, explodes is shooting five dazzling light glow, is similar to can release five rays small fierce positive. Shen Xiang reached now the stage that all herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder fuse, but now is also the most crucial time, the fusion time, because repels one another, various attribute herbal Spirit Qi appear extremely tyrannical, the ray that sprays is also more intense. Sees this, all person eyes do not wink, are appreciating this beautiful peerless one, in the heart also in secretly is simultaneously surprised, what has Shen Xiang made? Those present, only then Yan Zilan knows that Shen Xiang utilized void in 72 Transformations changed the thing, changed transparent pill furnace, in inside alchemy, although she can see this, but she still felt to shock, was enchanted by that attractive light glow. But alchemy Master Men, is staring at that transparent pill furnace inside Qi ball steadily, because this Qi ball is very big, explained that Shen Xiang's will congeal pill quantity to be many, will be very difficult to imagine him to refine with some tattered herbs. Suppresses that five colors Qi ball time, Shen Xiang is very relaxed, what because he uses is magic power, quick lets five attribute different herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder fuses together, is fusing that instantaneous, explodes lightens more dazzling five colors light glow, was divided into seven stingy groups by Shen Xiang fast. unexpectedly is seven grains, if uses up the good herbs refinement, Shen Xiang can refine ten grains, but other alchemy normal university many are also only eight grains, looks like in these alchemy masters, Shen Xiang this is approached perfect pill quantity!

Quick, in Shen Xiang that transparent alchemic furnace, leaves seven grains of transparent pill pellet on condense, five multi-colored sunlight fuse the later final shape. Five Elements True Elemental Dan that Xie Shilong and Yan Zilan here, Shen Xiang refines is they have appraised, excellent quality! This result, surprising all people, especially these Primal Chaos Mountain people, they not only need hold Shen Xiang, but must compel Shen Xiang to hand over that Primal Chaos Fire Token. Yan Zilan relaxed, she had been ready a moment ago, bringing Shen Xiang to run away, but has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly will show the so mysterious unique skill, shocking audience. Shen Xiang is 15 th refines Five Elements True Elemental Dan, he entered the next round successfully, at this time he is also criticizing that Du Hai, in the past these many days, unexpectedly had not helped him level these Primal Chaos Mountain people, making him almost be a moment ago killed. „Are these fellows compel me to use that second Primal Chaos Fire Token?” In Shen Xiang heart angry, if competition ended, these Primal Chaos Mountain people surround him, he uses certainly that second Primal Chaos Fire Token, the use fusion time protecting that releases Lord divine light, the slaughter falls these to deal with his person. Now the people know that Shen Xiang is not only strength savage, but alchemy also unusual, understands why he can become the Du Yanyao fiance, has this grade of strength, is very naturally easy to obtain Du Yanyao this day the arrogant female favor. Shen Xiang also took alchemic furnace, this may be better, after all then he Illusionary Brilliant Furnace has not known that what brutal competition will carry on. Has not thought in Sacred Dan World, some unexpectedly people have Dragon Fire Spirit, this person of shrewd is deep, now also in alchemy, but he should slow the tempo intentionally.” Long Xueyi said that Shen Xiang looked immediately to that person who she said that that is one looks like with the Xie Shilong somewhat similar handsome man.

But Fan Yakun is also looking at that man, Shen Xiang has bumped his, asked: Who is this person?” One of Xie Shilong most haughty grandsons, Xie Nanfeng, Fire Spirit is mystical, but is very strong, is usually low-key, little comes out to take a walk, the alchemy talent is very high, heard one of small numbers of people can Primal Chaos Mountain inside these talents measure strength.” Fan Yakun said. Shen Xiang also noticed that Primal Chaos Mountain Lin Xiyi and another man, to very much enter before the rank the third round, before he heard that Primal Chaos Mountain inside person alchemy is fierce, that Du Hai has also studied in inside. In Primal Chaos Mountain should have Pill Saint to exist, is the alchemy civilized place of origin, person who therefore comes out from inside, alchemy is not fiercely extraordinary, that Lin Xiyi is fierce.” Fan Yakun continues to say. This round competition had ended, that Xie Nanfeng enters the next round by 20 th, seeing his facial expression to be light, knows that he is intentionally, such person is truly good, but Xie Shilong also very satisfied to his grandson nod smile. Then was third round, this third round could be said as with fourth round successive together, wanted everybody to use the quickest speed to refine three Profound Level High-Grade Dan to come, so long as refined these three Profound Level High-Grade Dan, can exchange Earth Level Low-Grade Dan herbs from here.” Yan Zilan smiles lightly: However here only then three Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan herbs, in other words, in your 20 people, only then three can obtain herbs of fourth round competition from here.”