World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 644
Shen Xiang knew after following Alchemy Competition, feels not the small pressure, but he actually does not fear, this is a good opportunity that he promotes, can let promote him to the use attainment of Refining Simulation Technique. Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan builds up the best person to win, and pill quantity judges according to the quality, but the time only defines today!” Yan Zilan continued the rule. In 20 people, only then three refine the Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan quota, this makes all people feel not the small pressure. In order to let the people understands the rule, Yan Zilan also said one time, in these people, pressure biggest perhaps is Shen Xiang, because he to the present only understood that refines Profound Level High-Grade Dan, if he to obtain the Alchemy Competition final victor, he one breath refines many have not refined pills, moreover must succeed. Refining Simulation Technique, to let the alchemy master can a success and is born when refinement rare herbs, must utilize Refining Simulation Technique, must pills promote through the refinement many have never refined. Three Profound Level High-Grade Dan that you must refine, is Soul Fixing Pill, Lesser Transformation Pill and Black Sun Fire Pill, herbs provides by us separately, for the better test alchemy level, the herbs quality slightly is therefore low.” Although Yan Zilan said that but everyone guessed correctly that was these Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs equally was definitely rotten a moment ago. These rotten herbs in the Sacred Dan Sect eye, simply do not have what value, even if changes into Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan is also so, but if in Mortal Martial World, Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan can take away the auction. Not long, verified in people heart to think that these herbs were really rotten, is rotten makes in the person heart curse Sacred Dan Sect, but truly tested the one way of person, if used up the good herbs refinement, that this did compete is too senseless? After Yan Zilan announced started, Shen Xiang on hastily processes Black Sun Fire Pill herbs, the movement is neat, moving clouds and flowing water, he refined many Black Sun Fire Pill, therefore this was for him relaxed. However some people do well him are quicker, that is Xie Shilong grandson Xie Nanfeng, Lin Xiyi that as well as Primal Chaos Mountain comes out, their unexpectedly is the same time lives the furnace fire, starts the alchemy person.

Quota only then three, only then the alchemy quickest three people can obtain, therefore everyone makes the best use of the time, did not seek the quality to be good, did not extract pill quantity to be many, only strove for being quick and successful! High noon, the sunlight is sinister, exposes to the sun the earth to ascend heat, however in alchemy Master Yanli, this heat is nothing radically. The one who refines the first furnace pill is Shen Xiang, but what unexpected is, Shen Xiang unexpectedly refines four grains of Black Sun Fire Pill! In the normal situation, refined four grains of pill is the limits of many alchemy masters, but Shen Xiang actually still could achieve with rotten herbs, everyone saw, if Shen Xiang used up good herbs, that possibly was five grains, although differed one grain, but if to high level pill, that were many a grain, the profit that obtains could be imagined. Under this competition, Shen Xiang still treats with usually the alchemy manner, does not waste herbs, guarantees the pills quality, this point makes many alchemy masters secretly admire, this mentality is very valuable, is alchemy teacher's one respect to a herbs, to a herbs best home to return to! Sees that four grains of shining ray pill pellet, some old alchemy masters in field have profound respect to Shen Xiang, because this is the spirit that the alchemy master should have, at least finally forgot. Has a look at them, to obtain that Astral Yang Holy Water, but in alchemy, but Shen Xiang actually for alchemy but alchemy, his whole person integrated in alchemy Selfless State, perhaps he simply has not been thinking must win, is only thinking must display peak herbs, builds up best pill to come!” Yan Zilan said leisurely that is staring at wholly absorbed Shen Xiang. The Xie Shilong nod said: Right, this is Alchemy Competition, moreover our rules have not formulated the request quality quantity, will therefore not have many people to request to do according to this, they are thinking these will be rotten herbs, can build up pill to win that's alright, will be eager for quick success and immediate gain.” Yan Zilan said with a smile: It seems like Shen Xiang he in the alchemy attainments, many old alchemy masters could not compare!”

Xie Shilong self-ridiculed that smiles: alchemy master young time , is eager for quick success and immediate gain, after arriving actually old, actually alchemy manner of pursue like Shen Xiang, but at that time already some late.” Some alchemy masters who attended the competition, many people secretly were ridiculing Shen Xiang, unexpectedly also such wholly absorbed building up such good quality pill, moreover left pill these many, however some young alchemy masters, Shen Xiang was regarded as an experience this process. Fan Yakun builds up grain of Black Sun Fire Pill, contrasts Shen Xiang, he feels ashamed of one's inferiority, because Shen Xiang during guarantee speed quick, but also guarantee quantity and quality! Can achieve this, explained that Shen Xiang usually alchemy such does, this is one type is used to it, but this is good to be actually familiar with the alchemy master. Lesser Transformation Pill, the difficulty is not big, you should deal with come, at the appointed time that Soul Fixing Pill quite difficult seat of honor.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang has processed Lesser Transformation Pill, herbs that although is rotted, but he actually must do one's best refines, in one tension-filled atmosphere, but he is still maintaining the calm heart. Ginseng Spirit Fruit is quite frail, moreover rotten a point, you build up must believe that Flesh Bone Grass and Human Blood Profound Ginseng, are quite formidabe, the fire intensity needs to come up little.” The Su Meiyao urging said. These three types are main herbs, other these tattered auxiliary herbs do not have the issue, Shen Xiang to deal but actually with ease. Lesser Transformation Pill, after can let Profound Beast eats up, there is pills of opportunity turn into a human shape, Ginseng Spirit Fruit like is very small baby, but a leg did not have, Flesh Bone Grass not only can refine Lesser Transformation Pill, but can also make the life leave the muscles and bone, but Human Blood Profound Ginseng, in this ginseng is containing massive blood essence, with person is the same, these three herbs Shen Xiang have, obtains in first Mysterious Realm.

Shen Xiang invested in herbs pill furnace, but now also only then a small number just built up the first furnace pill, the Shen Xiang second furnace time, is still in the lead. Naturally, before Shen Xiang, to win the time, had more time to refine two strange Profound Level High-Grade Dan by oneself. Participates pill furnace that the competition uses is the same, herbs is also similarly rotten, but now refines is Profound Level High-Grade Dan, the time of requiring is slightly long, in the past two double-hour, some people had refined the second furnace finally, this person is that Xie Nanfeng. Fan Yakun and Lin Xiyi also open furnace lid, takes out grain of Lesser Transformation Pill respectively. Lesser Transformation Pill is normal pill is also only a grain, although is easy to refine, but must build up one grain with tattered herbs, is difficult, the quality almost does not have anything.