World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 645
These alchemy masters first build up are quite good to refine, most difficult stays in behind, looked from the refinement difficulty that Black Sun Fire Pill be more difficult than Lesser Transformation Pill, because of the herbs reason, therefore now Lesser Transformation Pill be more difficult than to build up Black Sun Fire Pill. Leading Shen Xiang, unexpectedly has fallen behind others many now, this makes the person somewhat have doubts, but sees the appearance that he is sweating profusely, many old alchemy masters saw a point anything! Looks at this appearance, is first time refines this pill, uses Refining Simulation Technique so?” In the crowd old man said that so long as uses Refining Simulation Technique refines strange pills the time, generally will be strenuous, because that consumes the spirit. Shen Xiang in the mind is congealing now pill on refining simulation, but after having the mistake, explode pill furnace in his mind, promptly discovers the mistake, corrects again promptly, then continues refining simulation...... so to turn round toward the reciprocation many times, the speed is quick, if the correct mistake, can without enough time explode pill furnace. This Lesser Transformation Pill refinement difficulty is not really big!” Shen Xiang has opened the eye, long implored the one breath, turns on the pill furnace cover, took out two grains of red splendor such as pill pellet of blood. unexpectedly is two grains! Sees that luster, knows that is the excellent quality, many people do not think clearly, why Shen Xiang in this case, but also is pursuing peak, is in itself the first refinement, but also is so earnest! What they do not know, in the Shen Xiang's subconscious does not permit his careless alchemy, moreover in his eyes, refines the quality difference and quantity few pill, with the perfect refinement time, the time needed is the same. Shen Xiang wants to process that Soul Fixing Pill herbs equally at a moderate pace, looks at his appearance, does not care about the victory and loss, but is regarded as a matter of harmony happiness alchemy, integrates in alchemy completely, and obtains joyfully. This is Realm, only then these go to the alchemy person to achieve this Realm wholeheartedly, is many old alchemy masters to the old time Realm that starts to pursue, but this Realm can the alchemy master obtain the enormous promotion.

Is this, is fearful, although Fan Yakun, Lin Xiyi and Xie Nanfeng, these three talents lead, but they felt that inexplicable pressure, but this pressure came from Shen Xiang. When sees Shen Xiang processes that Soul Fixing Pill herbs, the movement is very jerky, the people saw that Shen Xiang has never refined Soul Fixing Pill! The person who so long as knows about alchemy, knows that Shen Xiang is challenging own limit, moreover wants unceasing transcendence, his unexpectedly is regarded as own experience this competition, therefore he going alchemy wholeheartedly, because of the achievement of this transcendence limit, is by far more important than that Astral Yang Holy Water. But in other 19 alchemy masters of participation, basically understood that refines Earth Level Low-Grade Dan, for example that Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan, if they lose to the Shen Xiang's words at this competition, then that is not ordinary losing, but by thorough casting off, because Shen Xiang has never refined these pill. Therefore, Fan Yakun they feel the inexplicable pressure, if they lost here, is loses very disgraced, but Shen Xiang lost, nobody laughs at him. Soul Fixing Pill, Mortal Martial World is very rare soul class pills, therefore the refinement difficulty is very big, after the person dies, the soul will dissipate to leave the body, but eats up Soul Fixing Pill, can live in soul a period of time stably, utilizes taking advantage of the technique of corpse coming back to life again, can let person once again resurrect, or is under the clothing/taking can let pills that the person brings back to life, lets person resurrect. pill who therefore this pill is also life-saving, especially some people in the practice, the soul will be affected, easy qi deviation, making the soul be damaged, but under the clothing/taking Soul Fixing Pill, will live in peace with each other very long a period of time. main herbs, only then Soul Fixing Grass and Mind Calming Flower, these two herbs most formidabe places, are he make to make a false counter-accusation, can follow his Divine Sense, attacks your soul, especially by flame incinerator time, even can also affect your Fire Spirit, so long as overcomes this difficulties, other were easy.”

Some Su Meiyao instruct at the same time, this lets Shen Xiang alchemy time becomes easily, but this is only the experience, to succeed, but must he have the experience to be good. Long Xueyi said: If spiritual power is insufficient, I can transport some with that Dragon Pearl to you, that Dragon Pearl also many energies.” When the time comes again said.” Shen Xiang invests in herbs alchemic furnace, he refines third furnace slowest one. However, everyone knows that Soul Fixing Pill is not good to refine, even if had the person of certain experience, builds up has slightly carelessly, the soul will be attacked, that painful many old alchemy masters feel somewhat frightened, once made a false counter-accusation by that two main herbs, basically announced that failed. Just started shortly, Shen Xiang heard to call out pitifully to transmit together, pill furnace of person has exploded . Moreover the person also everywhere swayed back and forth to call out, old man suddenly arrived at side him, took next grain of pill pellet to that person, then taking away arena. Wants the first time person, the soul unavoidable to be attacked, it seems like Shen Xiang must be defeated here.” Xie Shilong said that remembered in the past his first refinement time, had a lingering fear. Shen Xiang has set on fire to burn down herbs, feels strange and tyrannical strength wreaks havoc in pill furnace, causing pill furnace to sway. Is unlikely hard with Refining Simulation Technique the strength change of refining simulation that attack soul, refines Soul Fixing Pill, is depends upon the experience to pile.” Xie Shilong he he smiles, he thought that he quick must see Shen Xiang to sway back and forth to call out in the ground.

With such that Xie Shilong said that strength that Soul Fixing Grass and Mind Calming Flower release very as deep as a well, if no fixed strength rules of changes, is hard to use Refining Simulation Technique. However, breakthrough that Shen Xiang's Refining Simulation Technique already obtained, he can these strength rapid changes time observes very carefully, although the strength change does not have the rule, but changes time in the Shen Xiang eye becomes very slow, he will have the means to integrate Refining Simulation Technique to be purplish red, corrects mistake that can make. Half double-hour, five people encounter these herbs strength attack souls, has to withdrawal, those who let numerous alchemy normal university feeling accident is, Shen Xiang this first time refines the Soul Fixing Pill fledgling, unexpectedly compared with the long time that other people insist, this has subverted the cognition of many alchemy masters, must know the most people first refinement time, was suffered is barely alive. terrible!” Shen Xiang cannot help but shouted, afterward exudes a low and deep roar, his alchemic furnace sways crazily. The matter that the people anticipate occurred finally, sees Shen Xiang so, they recognized that Shen Xiang failed, pill furnace that but that sways violently, suddenly stabilizes! Sees Shen Xiang fully that is, knows that he in withstanding the severe pain from soul, for all that he is actually not willing to give up, has stood firm pill furnace, does not make alchemic furnace explode!