World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 647
Yan Zilan has kissed the cheek of Lin Xiyi, but Shen Xiang must handle a same matter, can win Lin Xiyi. The Shen Xiang corners of the mouth twitch, he looked at these people in field, devils, resemble Yan Zilan, so long as kisses his, this group of people will flush to gang up to surround and beat up him. Shen Xiang has raised the one breath, looks at wear a look of Yan Zilan of awkward smiling face, Yan Zilan is also the heart splash is jumping now, she regretted secretly a moment ago own Lin Xiyi, because of such one, the words that Shen Xiang must win, can only to her start to talk. Zilan Immortal Woman, can you kiss me one?” Shen Xiang has the courage saying that at this time he has felt the innumerable pairs including bringing the eye of murderous aura, is staring him stubbornly. Yan Zilan and Shen Xiang's relationship also only then they know that in the Yan Zilan eye, Shen Xiang is her similar, thinks that they practice Divine Dao, moreover Shen Xiang has given back to she very big help, gives to her preciously amends the divine art method, this is for her important. Now Shen Xiang wants her to help urgently needed, this is busy regarding her is just the slight effort, she considered instantaneously, slowly to walk toward Shen Xiang, saw this, the heart of people as if stopped generally. When sees Yan Zilan that red cherry pink lips, when has selected the Shen Xiang's cheek gently, the people such as were been common by the thunder stroke, then has scratched the eye, is hard to believe that Yan Zilan unexpectedly will be in front of these many people to kiss a face of man. Lin Xiyi is opening the small mouth, she is more unbelievable, she thinks one won, but she has not thought that Yan Zilan unexpectedly such simply will comply with the Shen Xiang's request. Yan Zilan a moment ago not such simple own Lin Xiyi, this is makes people most unreadable, they do not believe that is because Shen Xiang is much longer.

Shen Xiang said grinningly: Thanks Elder Sister Zilan.” Yan Zilan face is slightly red, Yanran said with a smile: Looks in the Yanyao share, I am disinclined, do not lose!” Saying, Yan Zilan was taking to give Shen Xiang that Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan herbs, the people was suddenly enlighted at this time, they guessed secretly Du Yanyao and Yan Zilan had the friendship, therefore Shen Xiang can walk near with Yan Zilan. A Lin Xiyi face hidden bitterness looked at Yan Zilan, then had to look at Shen Xiang, sighed one lightly, has arrived at outside arena. Shen Xiang attains Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan herbs, starts to process these herbs on hastily, this is complete herbs, moreover he also has, therefore to these herbs also some certain understanding, now he became more earnest, because this was Earth Level pill. Although he can refine three Profound Level High-Grade Dan, but is not familiar, must refine the Earth Level Low-Grade Dan words, there is a very big difficulty, to the present, he only has also been able to do utmost to refine, no matter is defeated succeeds, he in this competition, the harvest is biggest. Fan Yakun and Xie Nanfeng knew that is Shen Xiang obtains that herbs, the complexion became more dignified, if were Lin Xiyi, even if they lost, will not have anything, after all the strength was quite. However loses to Shen Xiang this to refine the person who strange pills comes up, their faces could not hang, this for them, can be a very huge attack.

On arena only then three people, Lin Xiyi and another Primal Chaos Mountain person unexpectedly has not entered finally, this makes many alchemy masters be somewhat surprised, because Primal Chaos Mountain alchemy technique is very strong, far ultra Sacred Dan World other influences, but does not have the small space at the final finals now. Shen Xiang has not thought Fan Yakun that has self-ridiculed, unexpectedly can spell finally, but he already knows that Fan Yakun is not simple, previous time he and Fan Yakun compete with, is only because of the pill furnace issue, causes Fan Yakun to lose, but can compare now again one time, makes them have an excitement. Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan herbs has three types, Lava Fruit, Topaz Lotus Seed and Diamond Spirit Mushroom, but Lava Fruit produces strange Quenching Body strength, after the Diamond Spirit Mushroom efficacy fuses together, can achieve the function that Quenching Body builds up strength, when Quenching Body builds up strength, will damage the body, therefore needs Topaz Lotus Seed this therapy herbs, synthesizes to smelt the three together refines pill, after the clothing/taking next, then can fast strengthen fleshly body. Refinement difficulty is mainly three herbs repels, for example Lava Fruit, will damage very much Topaz Lotus Seed drug efficacy easily, but herbal Spirit Qi that Diamond Spirit Mushroom and Lava Fruit release is the opposition, especially in the fusion, will have very big response.” Su Meiyao was illustrating the refinement difficulty and main point. Shen Xiang remembering, will put in big pile of herbs alchemic furnace, is on fire to build up. Under the nighttime sky, Xie Shilong tosses into a grain of white pillar airborne, sends out a white gentle ray, illuminates entire plaza, when letting the person can see that three people of alchemy matter that clearly handles. alchemic furnace inside sends out intermittent heat, if feels carefully, can discover that these heat are changing, although is very subtle, but actually many alchemy masters on arena can feel. Shen Xiang is on fire alchemy time, revolved Refining Simulation Technique, this Earth Level pill's herbs, extraordinary difficult builds up, the fire intensity too congress ruins herbs inside Spirit Qi, was too small, the speed of burning down is slow, the herbal Spirit Qi quality will also be affected, but he passes through after the mind through Refining Simulation Technique several hundred times refining simulation and correct, finally grasped the suitable fire intensity.

But he just grasped the appropriate fire intensity, herbs was in the stage of another burning down, needs to adjust the firepower, he can only carry on refining simulation for this reason . Moreover the firepower that three herbs, need is not same, in burning down, he must isolate that three herbs with magic power, burns to build up these three main herbs alone. Therefore, he number of times of needing refining simulation and corrects, will become more . Moreover the time will also be very short, his suddenly discovery in the world quickest speed was the speed of brain revolution, the short instance, in his mind several firepower strengthened or weakened on refining simulation. As the time passes little, on this day must end quickly, although Shen Xiang's alchemic furnace has been swaying, on his face also unceasingly falls the beads of sweat, but he does not have explode pill furnace, obviously he is smooth. When the Refining Simulation Technique advantage can let the person refines has never built up pill can succeed, but that also bases on Refining Simulation Technique keeps abreast in good situation very much, but Shen Xiang has succeeded several times, can see that his Refining Simulation Technique foundation is solid. Bang a explosion sound transmits, a Shen Xiang brow wrinkle, opens eyes slightly looked, before seeing only the body of Fan Yakun, has a pair of pill furnace fragment, above is also burning down the flame, the rich medicine flutters fragrant in plaza, after making the person smell, is refreshing. Fan Yakun unexpectedly failed, seeing his face unwilling appearance, the people secretly to regret, because only almost succeeded.