World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 648
Fan Yakun desolate left arena, now he also turned into an audience, looks at Shen Xiang and Xie Nanfeng in arena, he discovered that one and Shen Xiang has very big disparity, even though he fused Netherworld Fire Spirit. This inferior pill furnace can build up not to be finally easy, Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan is Earth Level Low-Grade Dan, when concentrates tyrannical strength that pill produces to destroy these inferior pill furnace easily.” old man has patted the shoulder of Fan Yakun, said with a smile: brat, you did well, perhaps but also my words, I used this pill furnace to build up Profound Level High-Grade unable to refine.” Fan Yakun shakes the head smiles: But they can actually achieve, especially Shen Xiang, he first time i refines this pill, moreover uses this broken pill furnace.” That old man does not speak, but lowered the head to ponder. Regarding Shen Xiang, any pill furnace is unimportant, but magic power that he uses can restrain these tyrannical herbal Spirit Qi easily, this asks him to leave smoothly when the road of alchemy, he copes with some tyrannical herbal Spirit Qi now, not having Su Meiyao to say such thornily. Had on the day of a double-hour to finish!” Yan Zilan said. Shen Xiang to the middle stage, he completely has cremated now herbs, making herbs turn into herbal powder and herbal Spirit Qi, then fuses together many herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder, carried on to congeal pill, but this process also required the time. Latter stage is most difficult, you must be careful!” Su Meiyao said. The Shen Xiang brow is shivering, because in his refining simulation explode pill furnace, that is because had the vital problem.

Really is very difficult!” The Shen Xiang streaming with sweat, in the mind refining simulation, discovers the significant errors unceasingly unceasingly, he can catch up, when the mistake must occur, even if in correcting, but just the correct mistake, in his mind must carry on refining simulation immediately, can make him discover own mistake as soon as possible. Shen Xiang's alchemic furnace shook fiercely, that Xie Nanfeng was so, the Xie Nanfeng complexion is also more relaxed than Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang actually probably momentarily could explode pill furnace. If not Shen Xiang pastes on magic power on alchemic furnace inside fire walls, makes in a furnace the furnace, perhaps this alchemic furnace already exploded, because now these herbal Spirit Qi fusions time, becomes very tyrannical, that strength is similar to the volcano violently erupts, the meteor bumps into general. I built up!” That Xie Nanfeng suddenly shouted. Xie Nanfeng has wiped the forehead above sweat at a moderate pace, but alchemic furnace actually suddenly explodes, golden light explodes to shoot from inside, golden Qi mist spout to the four directions, a grain is similar to shelled peanut equally big golden color pill pellet float in these golden Qi mist. Shen Xiang knits the brows secretly, because that golden Qi mist is very rich herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder, but Xie Nanfeng has not actually utilized thoroughly, has wasted these many, this makes him feel somewhat grievedly, if he, he can definitely concentrate two grains. Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan many people have seen, but this generally only then the old alchemy master can refine, seeing such young alchemy master to build up, many old alchemy masters have endless emotion, thought own wasted such big age. golden light shining Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan, understood at a glance that is the quality excellent, can inferior pill furnace refines such good Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan in such rapid time and, making many alchemy masters admire, but before that Xie Nanfeng, has refined pills, has not rested.

„A Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan furnace can only be able to leave one grain, his speed is so fast, moreover quality excellent, that Shen Xiang also refines the similar quality Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan, I think that the final victor is still Xie Nanfeng, because his speed be faster than Shen Xiang.” old man is stroking the beard, said. After Fan Yakun hears, smiles lightly: This is uncertain, quantity everybody who Shen Xiang has pill is obvious to all, if he can refine two grains of Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan to come, then he definitely is a winner, even if that is two grains of quality Low-Grade pill, compared with the value and alchemy technique, is Shen Xiang ends the victory.” Two grains of quality Low-Grade pill eats together, must compare a grain of quality to be excellent by far, even if Shen Xiang is slower, same can win. Difficult, his first refinement, moreover Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan herbal Spirit Qi is fierce, will be hard to be divided into two to come condense, therefore can only leave part of herbal Spirit Qi, therefore since ancient times, Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan will have pill time, will call golden mist everywhere.” That old man shakes the head saying: Reason that this Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan is expensive, is expensive here, leaves pill one grain, the refinement difficulty, in Earth Level Low-Grade Dan is most difficult, if the use is bigger, has pill also more, was Earth Level middle-grade.” Shen Xiang's pill furnace has been swaying violently, but the people have been familiar with now, shook such for a long time had not exploded, disappointing the people. I refine this Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan time, can only leave pill one grain, if you, I think to be able two grains, but you must consider clearly, because this fused one group of herbal Spirit Qi, you want to separate, the sound that erupts again are very big, may cause you to be defeated very much.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang now already fuses one group of golden Qi mist all herbal powder and herbal Spirit Qi, but this group of Qi mist are very big, he thought that at least can be divided into three. Three grains!” Shen Xiang decides, releases completely magic power, starts to tear in pill furnace that group temperate Qi mist, in the process of tearing, incomparably tyrannical herbal Spirit Qi is turbulent, unexpectedly jumps, jumped in the upper air that alchemic furnace dashes.

Sees the Shen Xiang's pill furnace suddenly ejection, the people thought that Shen Xiang had been finished, but Shen Xiang is very calm, because his magic power also in that pill furnace. pill furnace falls quickly, must move the time suddenly slowing-down speed of ground, then landing gently, looks at makes the person suck the tongue, wishes one could to inspect that alchemic furnace carefully, is look the High-Grade Dan furnace, has such big sound, unexpectedly has not exploded. Only then less than half double-hour!” Xie Nanfeng unexpectedly is somewhat anxious at this time, because Shen Xiang did not have the failure, has insisted, if Shen Xiang same can build up Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan, even if quality he is not good, but he won is not happy, because Shen Xiang is the first refinement. The Shen Xiang's beginning lowers compared with other people, but he can actually arrive the last step, can see that his foundation and potential are huge. pill furnace suddenly that sways violently is peaceful, Shen Xiang long aspirated, has opened the eye, his complexion is somewhat pale, is the spiritual consumption excessive reason, sees this, the people know that he succeeded! First time refines Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan, under displaying Refining Simulation Technique, he completes successfully, this makes allow alchemy masters exclaim, because they think that cannot achieve Shen Xiang this. Shen Xiang opens furnace lid, took out three grains of black pill pellet, this makes the audience in an uproar, because good Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan is the golden color, but Shen Xiang's is actually the black, although three grains, but is not successful, has pill to be many are also useless.