World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 649
Sees that three grains of black pill pellet, Xie Nanfeng to relax slightly, although the Shen Xiang refinement failed, but he admires Shen Xiang, unexpectedly can concentrate three grains. Competition ended, the winner is Xie Nanfeng, obtains the Astral Yang Holy Water reward!” Xie Shilong is hanging the heart has put down, on the face full is the happy expression, because was his grandson achieved the success of this competition, their Sacred Dan Sect also achieved the success of secret gambling house. Naturally, even if Shen Xiang wins, the gambling house of that secret unrestrained gambling is also their Sacred Dan Sect wins. Shen Xiang looks at three grains of pill pellet in palm, just wants to speak, felt that several aura raid, that Primal Chaos Mountain person has gotten rid, several person suddenly leap to come, to stand from the crowd in Shen Xiang behind. Sees this, Xie Shilong and Yan Zilan hastily arrives by Shen Xiang, looks at these Primal Chaos Mountain people. „Do you want to do?” That Primal Chaos Mountain male coldly asked: Now competed had finished, we must carry off Shen Xiang, if you stopped us, was Primal Chaos Mountain does right.” Who dares to stop us, we must extinguish him today in any event!” The man roars, the billowing sound covers in plaza, shakes the people ear to buzz. When Yan Zilan just wants to bring Shen Xiang is running away, together the old sound suddenly conveys: Father stops you, looked that you can I be what kind of? Had to plant extinguished the father!” Hears this sound, Shen Xiang wants to curse at people, because this is that Du Hai sound, initially Du Hai promised him, helping him level Primal Chaos Mountain. As the sound conveys, the people only see white light suddenly to get down from the airborne perpendicular incidence, a young face crane sends, said that old man suddenly of bone immortal wind appears by Shen Xiang, with one pair the look that is full to despise, looks at these Primal Chaos Mountain people. He is Dan Immortal, looks at his waist quickly!” A person screamed one, but Dan Immortal in Sacred Dan World existence of peak, extremely rare existence, although did not compare that fiercer Pill Saint, but Dan Immortal was existence truly, Pill Saint few people have actually seen.

The Du Hai waist is hanging a fist transparent bead, in that bead has grain of white pill pellet, two Little Dragon outside this grain of pill pellet is also surrounding soaring. You Longdan, top grade Immortal Dan, moreover Shuanglong protects pill!” Su Meiyao said with amazement. Sees Du Hai to appear, these Primal Chaos Mountain people were shocked, this Dan Immortal is not they can offend, moreover they also guessed correctly this old man status, is that is missing many years of Du Hai. You Longdan is Du Hai is Dan Immortal the work of peak, this pill has anything to affect has not known, but after knowing refines to be successful, outside pill pellet will present Little Dragon to travel, moreover meets the day to fall pill to plunder, that Little Dragon is protects this grain of pill not to be plundered to destroy by pill. This is your Primal Chaos Mountain chief gives you, takes away have a good look to look that you have not carried off this brat luckily, otherwise you troubled are big.” Du Hai has thrown a paper in the past. The middle-aged person received looked that hand somewhat shivers, but on the face also full is the scowl, because Shen Xiang makes his two sons die wounded, is unable to participate in Alchemy Competition, he wishes one could to tear to shreds Shen Xiang, but actually receives the order of Primal Chaos Mountain now, making them go back immediately, can not investigate the Shen Xiang's matter again. Although this middle-aged person is angry, but submits above that order finally, gets angry the sound track: We walk!” Shen Xiang shouted one at this time: „To walk? Then!” The middle-aged person turns head to look that saw only Shen Xiang to put out Primal Chaos Fire Token to throw toward him, he realized anything, but actually late, the speed rapidness that because that Primal Chaos Fire Token flew to shoot, submerged in his body suddenly. The body of this middle-aged person burns immediately flame, only hears that middle age to call out crazily, that rending yelling, hears appallingly, the back sends coolly.

Sees this, Primal Chaos Mountain these expert panic-stricken, hastily shunt, because they worried that Shen Xiang will attack them, they do not know how Shen Xiang achieves, but actually guessed correctly that is initiation of Primal Chaos Fire Token, they already heard Primal Chaos Fire Token to be uncommon, have god general strength. Now Shen Xiang this small Peak Realm, can attack so fierce Immortal with Primal Chaos Fire Token, this makes many people shock in this strength. The silver flame vanished from that middle age, that middle age also stands here, as if the stone carving is common, on the face full is the color of pain, both hands holds the body, the expression is framing, is strange makes in the person heart be scared. Gust blows, middle-aged person turns into white powder, scatters with the wind, but the people actually hit one to tremble, especially these Primal Chaos Mountain people, in their hearts, only then frightened, immediately left with the quickest speed. little rascal, you started too to be also ruthless!” Du Hai has clutched the Shen Xiang's hair, then sees on Shen Xiang control three grains of black pill pellet: Well, isn't this top grade Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan? Your brat refinement, good good, has not thought that you left the way to be many, alchemy talent unexpectedly was so high, but also one time refined three grains, the father built up in the past tens of thousands of time had also left furnace two grains of top grade Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan.” Hears the Du Hai words, that Xie Shilong has tarried, a Xie Nanfeng face is also shocking, top grade Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan, they have never heard. Yan Zilan is also very surprised, she has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly will know Du Hai this behavior strange bad old man, moreover relationship is very good, she can see this not because of Du Yanyao relationship. Du Hai is Dan Immortal, is the authoritative character in Sacred Dan World, Xie Shilong this Sacred Dan Sect Dean must respect his three points. Shen Xiang shrugs, self-ridicules saying: But in others eyes, my this is waste pill, compared with that grain of shining Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan!” Nonsense, they have not traced!” Du Hai looked at Xie Shilong, looked at that Xie Nanfeng, quick understood what's the matter.

Mr. Xie, your vision so is bad, have a good look looked that has good that your grandson builds up!” Du Hai brings one grain from Shen Xiang there, throws to Xie Shilong , to continue saying: This is the peak quality in Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan, my Teacher has mentioned, I do not know that has this type of thing to exist, in the past I to build up this thing, but has spent very big time.” After Xie Shilong received, smelled, the body trembled slightly, the whole face became flushed, because this quality was truly good, but he has actually been mistaken in the front of that many people, this loses in a big way the face. Xie Nanfeng naturally does not dare to say anything, that is the Dan Immortal appraisal, even if Du Hai and Shen Xiang's relationship is good, but will not favor Shen Xiang before that many people but appraises carelessly, this will destroy the reputation. Right, this quality is truly good, was I have neglected, this final victory should be Shen Xiang's!” Xie Shilong received Astral Yang Holy Water from Xie Nanfeng there, gives Shen Xiang, moreover apologized to Shen Xiang. Du Hai has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder, said with a smile: little brat, how many did you build up time were successful?” Shen Xiang flexure scratching the head: One time, this is my first time refines Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan, do you believe?” Du Hai one startled, looked at Shen Xiang, remembers Shen Xiang's foundation, he nodded: I believe!”