World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 650
Alchemy Competition finished, hundred years time Sacred Dan Gathering also ended, Shen Xiang now with private talk of Du Hai in City Lord's Mansion. How you such late handle, I was almost killed by Primal Chaos Mountain these people, early knows that I do not believe your, such bold participates in this to let Sacred Dan Gathering!” Shen Xiang complained, initially was this Du Hai vouches to him, he will come. Du Hai ridicules saying: Your this little rascal, resulted in convenient also to show off cleverness, you must know after you let that Primal Chaos Fire Token owner recognition, in Primal Chaos Mountain these old fellow pressures big? Moreover you have massacred a strength good fellow with this Primal Chaos Fire Token now.” Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: Is these fellows brings upon oneself, no wonder I!” Du Hai feels the beard, said with a smile: Although your this brat arrived at very big sense of crisis to the Primal Chaos Mountain person, but they looked that gives their these Suppressing Devil Temple's martial arts in you, temporarily puts your horse, but you low key.” In Primal Chaos Mountain hasn't a fellow feared this Primal Chaos Fire Token?” Shen Xiang looking pensive asked that if were really such, then, he also feared bird Primal Chaos Mountain. Sees Shen Xiang to think some wicked schemes, Du Hai knocked him maliciously one his head, said: Honest, that Primal Chaos Mountain is not jokes, I ensure you currently have my this strength, takes Primal Chaos Fire Token to put on, even if you can come out, was certainly discarded to throw by them.” That Primal Chaos Fire Token truly brings not the small pressure to them, but actually does not mean that they do not have the means to cope, do not think this Sacred Dan World too simply, Sacred Dan World that you see now, but is the tip of the iceberg.” Shen Xiang feels the head that was hit feels pain, whispered several. Your good and bad is also my granddaughter's husband, I have a good look your point, Hehe, have not certainly been thinking that your this brat unexpectedly can abduct reassurance of Yanyao this girl.” Du Hai also just learned of this news, he may, no matter Shen Xiang and Du Yanyao really or false, in brief he settled on Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang wants one day in Sacred Dan World, that must acknowledge this matter. The Shen Xiang's alchemy talent makes Du Hai surprised, Du Hai has this achievement in Sacred Dan World, the foot was proud, but he did not have Shen Xiang such heaven defying in the past, now Shen Xiang and his haughty granddaughter on good, he is certainly happy.

Person who interview father, has Primal Chaos Mountain!” Outside the secret room, broadcasts together the voice of man, Du Kangsheng in front of Du Hai, appears very careful, was worried that can enrage Du Hai such, now he knows Shen Xiang's to be fierce, unexpectedly can mix such ripe with his father of being subject to changing moods. Du Hai frowned: „The Primal Chaos Mountain fellow also comes now, for your matter? Initially they had promised me, temporarily did not investigate you took away Primal Chaos Fire Token and kill the Guo Huaqing matter.” Shen Xiang asked: Temporarily didn't investigate? When then they can start to investigate?” This you could rest assured that they wallow now, in that cultivates in that Suppressing Devil martial arts, they must cope with Demon and Devil anxiously, if because of this, I already cannot look for you...... cough cough, I also discussed for several days several nights to have with them at that time about these martial arts.” Walks, goes to have a look at that Primal Chaos Mountain person to ask me to do!” Goes out of the secret room, goes to the City Lord's Mansion living room, sits 67 people in the living room, in these people have the beforehand these to besiege Shen Xiang's expert, there are two fresh faces. Has any matter, quickly said!” Du Hai arrived here, the smalltalk, did not say directly. old man of whole face wrinkle stands up, said: We know why above confessed did not investigate above this matter, this transaction truly can let drop.” Shen Xiang looks at these seven Primal Chaos Mountain people, knows that their strengths are not weak, words that but since they spoke, their unexpectedly must take orders from Yu people, now he knows why Du Hai said this Sacred Dan World did not allow to look down upon, he saw truly was only the tip of the iceberg. Has the words to speak frankly!” Du Hai said.

That old man looks to Shen Xiang, that pair of profound old eyes, as if deeply does not see the bottom the sea to be ordinary, making in the Shen Xiang heart be scared. Shen Xiang, in your hand has two Primal Chaos Fire Token, this Primal Chaos Fire Token besides can cope with our Primal Chaos clan, no other it uses, you remain are not having what use, but also asked you to return to us!” That old man expression unexpectedly is very strong, this makes Shen Xiang very repugnant. Shen Xiang said with a sneer: Wants not to think!” Long Xueyi called out in alarm at this time said: „A Primal Chaos clan, has not thought that unexpectedly hides in this Sacred Dan World, but according to our Imperial Dragon Clan old book, a person of this Primal Chaos clan is very strong, concrete I am not clear, but the fear to Primal Chaos Fire Token comes now from them, they should be exiled here by Primal Chaos World, or runs away from Primal Chaos World here.” That old man is somewhat angry, Shen Xiang unexpectedly such unyieldingly declined him. Then you do want that Primal Chaos Fire Token to do?” That old man asked. Doesn't do, I only thought that this can make me maintain life, therefore I must remain.” Shen Xiang said: I can let this Primal Chaos Fire Token owner recognition, now I cannot play might, but, perhaps.” That old man complexion becomes gloomy: It seems like you definitely know some Primal Chaos Fire Token secrets, but as far as I know, Primal Chaos Fire Token has seven, you have two to be useless.” This you cannot manage.” In the Shen Xiang heart trembles, said calm that he also thinks the Primal Chaos Mountain person does not know the Primal Chaos Fire Token Heaven-shaking secret. After Shen Xiang sees that old man smiles gloomy, unexpectedly has put out two gray Primal Chaos Fire Token, understood at a glance that does not have owner recognition: In my hand has two Primal Chaos Fire Token, I know that you can owner recognition, perhaps be able to obtain the advantage from that big secret, so long as I ruin these two, your this whole life do not want to obtain.”

In the Shen Xiang heart moves, looks at this whole face wrinkle old man, his suddenly thought that this old man status is not definitely ordinary, will otherwise not have two Primal Chaos Fire Token. What advantage do you want Primal Chaos Fire Token also to have?” Shen Xiang has also put out his Primal Chaos Fire Token, this makes these Primal Chaos Mountain people look immediately frightened. Wants my Primal Chaos Fire Token to be many enough, I am the Primal Chaos Mountain master, I can promise you, passing does not investigate, will give you many advantage.” That old man sound is bringing excitedly, in the look is burning the crazy flame. Shen Xiang pinches one not to have owner recognition Primal Chaos Fire Token, compels a drop of blood from own finger, fuses in that Primal Chaos Fire Token. After Primal Chaos Fire Token inhales the Shen Xiang's blood, immediately explodes projects a silver-white multi-colored sunlight, is flooding the entire hall, this is protecting that the Primal Chaos Fire Token owner recognition time releases Lord divine light, by person who this ray shines, will lose the ability of motion in very short time. Is now, Shen Xiang's is similar to the lightning wields generally, azure huge flashes before along with azure light, chops to chop on the arm of that old man, only stubbornly pinches the arms of two Primal Chaos Fire Token to cut to fall that. Shen Xiang picks up this arm, hastily moves sideways to leave the hall, changes to a bug, flies from City Lord's Mansion.