World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 651
Shen Xiang uses to try, in the shortest time is far away from City Lord's Mansion, but at this time he approached the city gate, at this time, he heard the City Lord's Mansion direction to come out roaring of Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering, was that old man round. No one thinks that Shen Xiang unexpectedly will get rid to rob, Du Hai was also shocked by this, in his heart criticizes, because he had already urged Shen Xiang, wants to be lower-key, do not provoke that Primal Chaos Mountain again, who knows in Dao Heart, unexpectedly robs others two Primal Chaos Fire Token under his nose. This matter, is Du Hai first time meets, let alone the fellow of Shen Xiang this ants general strength, even if this strength, does not dare such to do, but Shen Xiang has actually achieved . Moreover the whole body draws back, this makes Du Hai have to admire Shen Xiang. Really is a big idiot, takes such precious thing to shake in me at present blindly, gets what one deserves!” Shen Xiang departed Saint Dan City , to continue to fly, he does not dare to change the turn into a human shape, will be worried to be induced by that old man to his aura. Revealed a moment ago from that old man ambition that in Primal Chaos Mountain also has the influence division, that old man is the discontented present being in power person, wants to seek the power to usurp the throne, if he succeeds, naturally cannot care about transactions between Du Hai and these being in power people, sooner or later also will look for him. Shen Xiang is not an idiot, he makes this crowd betray the party one of them 's son dead wounded, ghost matter that anything passing does not investigate, he does not believe that therefore he decisively will get rid, that two Primal Chaos Fire Token snatching. Such one, that old man did not have Primal Chaos Fire Token, the prestige in Primal Chaos Mountain will drop sharply, seeks the power to usurp the throne cannot be so relaxed. In Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest, Shen Xiang arrived here changes the human form, only then he thinks the security here, Sacred Dan Gathering had finished, the thing that he wants to get so far as has also gotten so far as, so long as he hides a period of time here, goes back early Yan Zilan to purchase a number of Earth Level pills again, can return to Mortal Martial World. Because he does not plan to stay in this Sacred Dan World, therefore he stops at nothing, but this also makes him loudly shout straightforward. This old fellow also grasps really dies!” Shen Xiang puts out an interruption arm, tore off that two Primal Chaos Fire Token from that skinny such as just the common old claw, Hehe says with a smile. Held appreciatively, Shen Xiang has set on fire that breaks the arm to give to burn down, murmured: Now also misses three Primal Chaos Fire Token, should in Primal Chaos Mountain in the hand of being in power person, now look like does not have the means to take now.”

Shen Xiang currently has pills, has Astral Yang Holy Water, has Dragon Pearl, he must do as soon as possible promotes the strength, enters into the Tempering Realm peak as soon as possible, is good to deal with forthcoming three realms great war. Passed for several days, the entire Sacred Dan World first layer region, pasted completely the Shen Xiang's portrait, moreover posted a reward several billions, so long as provided the clue, can attain 100 million monetary rewards. Regarding this matter, Shen Xiang was already used to it in Mortal Martial World, but this also made Shen Xiang this name be popular in entire Sacred Dan World one. ...... Sacred Dan World, in the 18 th region, Du Family that giant mansion is situated on a great summit, the rich Immortal Qi encirclement, mansion inside has the intermittent noise, as if a small town is ordinary. Grandfather Du Yanyao sees Du Hai, is ordinary like a little girl, throws to the Du Hai bosom, she had many years not to see Du Hai, although she knows that her grandfather is very formidable, but is actually worried. Du Yanyao had known after Shen Xiang's matter, heavyhearted, handles the matter that from Shen Xiang now, has angered Primal Chaos Mountain thoroughly, she from a young age on hearing many Primal Chaos Mountain matters, but Shen Xiang now and this colossus opposes, that fights a hopeless battle radically. Grandfather, can you help him.” The Du Yanyao plea said. Du Hai face affection touches the head of Du Yanyao, said with a smile: Does not need to fear that this brat, do not look at this, is slier than the old fox, what he offends is only other Primal Chaos Mountain side influence, but that side that Primal Chaos Mountain is in power now had actually been levelled by him.” little girl, I with this brat in Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest knew that he, I have not known when can come back.” Du Hai smiled: Your Fire Spirit has evolved, the flame has promoted much, was the time attacks Nirvana, the grandfather will help fully your, relieved practice!”

Du Yanyao nodded, knew that is Shen Xiang enables Du Hai to be so quick, moreover she also saw that Shen Xiang and Du Hai relationship is very good, this makes her feel relieved much, she initially most was worried is Du Hai opposes him and Shen Xiang together. Damn, met the bottleneck?” Shen Xiang looks distressed, he tries many revolution Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art other divine art now, unexpectedly was unable the True Qi compression in true element grains. Although he has Long Xueyi to instill into massive Dragon Force, but is unable these Dragon Force compressions in true element grains, not to help matters. You now are Soul Martial Realm, your innate Martial Spirit has not arrived at peak, you are not certainly able on one step, it seems like you now first to make your innate Martial Spirit promote to peak to be good, this must need you to try hard.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang also knows one practice too quickly, now him also slow one slow, starts to refine pill, he well grasps these now in Alchemy Competition has refined Profound Level High-Grade Dan and Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan. Suddenly, Shen Xiang stayed in Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest for one month, he has been familiar now refines Lesser Transformation Pill, Soul Fixing Pill and Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan. Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan he has only refined ten furnaces, is defeated a furnace, each furnace leaves the pill three grains, he currently had almost 30 grains of Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan, but this pill needs to absorb many Soul Creation Fluid to duplicate, so long as is above Earth Level is this, therefore Shen Xiang results in condense to leave many Soul Creation Fluid, can create many high level herbs. Naturally, he will not forget that refines Profound Beast Dan to give Long Xueyi, he also builds up some Earth Level Low-Grade Dan in any case. This Profound Beast Dan refinement difficulty be much smaller than Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan, he failed three furnaces to succeed. Furnace five grains, are not too few!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, but Long Xueyi started to eat, but also acclaimed this Profound Beast Dan flavor to be good at the same time, can bring very big energy to her.

Should exit to stroll!” Shen Xiang has attempted, still does not have the clue breakthrough bottleneck, can only exit to relax. After disguise change appearance, he arrived at Saint Dan City, but here City Lord has changed players, Shen Xiang has not gone to look for others, when he sees in the city the post to fill his portrait everywhere, he shakes the head smiles. He wants to look for Yan Zilan not to find, before Yan Zilan, had said after Sacred Dan Gathering finished, her rest a period of time. I really am stupid, why initially didn't make Yan Zilan keep the contact method to me?” Shen Xiang is patting own head, initially Yan Zilan also wants to him, but after he snatched others' thing, on vanish from sight, Yan Zilan could not find him. Shen Xiang walks on the avenue, suddenly sees one team of people to dash about wildly in the street, rushes to the city gate, he looks at that clothing, knows that is the City Lord's Mansion protecting city guard. Oh, just sealed up the crack that Devil World comes, now is Demon World!” old man sighed reluctantly.