World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 652
Was getting more and more near from three realms great war, therefore these space cracks will be also getting more and more, but generally these people of world will not make these Demon and Devil come from these cracks, must therefore seal up these cracks, making Demon and Devil hit in a biggest entrance comes, when the time comes defends there, waits for Demon and Devil to come to slaughter. Shen Xiang heard, because initially many world have not sealed up these cracks, three realms great war starts, everywhere is Demon and Devil, is unable to concentrate together to cope them, finally will be seized by Demon and Devil. In 18 in Sacred Dan World, now perhaps by Evil Demon invading, did not say that three realms great war does start also to have a period of time?” Saying that an old woman face worries about, no one wants to have the war, because when the time comes surely is life uttery misery. „It is not serious, but some parts come, but should come must always come.” Protects the city guards to have several thousand, the strength of everyone is good, in True Martial Realm 9th level, in first layer this is similar to the Mortal World region, is good. 18, there is the experts as common as the clouds place, wants to have a look really!” Shen Xiang looks at the distant place, Sacred Dan World is similar to steps is ordinary, is divided into 18, the place of topmost level, is in Sacred Dan World is richest, strength most entire one group of people, is Sacred Dan World these famous influences the temporary lodgings. In there estimated that is the Nirvana Realm fellow are many, if you walk on the street, discovered that all around person is Nirvana Realm, did you fear?” Su Meiyao said with a smile. Shen Xiang shakes the head: It seems like I went to the quite low social stratum to have a look at that's alright.” He wants to go to Du Family to have a look actually, but Du Yanyao has said that then in 18 th, if he goes, must climb mountains and cross rivers, can go across the heavily dangerous situation, generally, the powerful person has not led, is unable to go from one to 18, but goes to one to be relaxed from 18. Now Shen Xiang also understands why this was, because he more approaches second layer, more was felt that inexplicable strength was oppressing him, causing his motion to change slow, but here Immortal Qi also became quite rich. Here space is very firm, and has a strange gravity, the words that it seems like you must continue to fly perhaps, must fall.” Long Xueyi said.

Shen Xiang planned carries on space jump with Heaven's Crown Gate, who knows that he Space Gate that used most strength to open, was only jump a little distance, was not cost-effective. In mountain forest, beast roar again and again, if not he has Transformation Technique, he perhaps already by several Shapeshift Demon Beast seizing. If the father is competent, I will certainly pull out their beast core!” Shen Xiang all the way is danger(ous) heavily, Demon Beast that he meets, the strength is formidable, his did not cope. After penetrating Sacred Dan World, Shen Xiang discovered that gathers besides these urban some people, in many mountain forest has massive Demon Beast, the strength varies, but the places and these mountain forest that these cities occupy contrast actually appears very small, obviously in this Sacred Dan World, Demon Beast is an overlord. Before Du Hai had said with him, Sacred Dan World that he saw was only the tip of the iceberg, this saying he approves now, he suspected that these powerful Shapeshift Immortal Beast can be more than humanity? But usually does not have to do with humanity, therefore is unknown. One month passes by, Shen Xiang climbs mountains and crosses rivers, from afar, has encountered many danger(ous), finally arrived at a tenth layer city slicker, he also listens to Du Yanyao to mention, in the tenth layer majority is Tempering Realm peak person stay here. Here not only Immortal Qi is rich, but also has a very tremendous pressure, can let the person cultivates, strengthens fleshly body. Is same in this city, everywhere is his portrait, so long as catches him exactly, can receive five one billion crystal stones, this in many Tempering Realm eyes, is a very huge wealth. crystal stones can purchase outside some pills and practice resources, but can also set up formation, because is not Nirvana Realm martial artist, needs through formation the Immortal Qi transformation to be the energy that they can absorb, if crystal stones are more, the formation duration of arrangement is longer, that formation is better, the speed of transformation is faster, coordinates pills again, can practice advanced by leaps and bounds. Shen Xiang eats meal in a hotel, he orders the dish that several types of Demon Beast meat have made, not only can enjoy the good food, meanwhile can supplement the consumption.

At this time, shop Xiaoer (waiter) suddenly flushed, shouted: „The latest news, about Primal Chaos Mountain!” Sees this shop Xiaoer (waiter) to speak of here to anchor, got rid the extravagant person to lose some crystal stones to him immediately, making him continue. Mystical Primal Chaos Mountain had taken a walk outside recently very frequently, the people suspected that Primal Chaos Mountain is very likely will resist these Demon and Devil main forces from now on. Primal Chaos Mountain in 18 Heavenly Sacred City issued that a news, said that they are going to hold a congress, worries the Saint Dan City major influences to join up, discussed that resists the Demon and Devil World matter, looked at this Primal Chaos Mountain to be the leader.” That Xiaoer (waiter) said. Now in Sacred Dan World is also in a state of disunity, the major influences cannot unite, naturally will need a strong influence reconciling together, the unified command, can better will cope with these Demon and Devil.” A person said. „The news that Primal Chaos Mountain issues added that they will put out three Primal Chaos Fire Token, selects person who three can give orders, gives these three people these three Primal Chaos Fire Token.” The shop Xiaoer (waiter) words make in the Shen Xiang heart move, in Primal Chaos Fire Token heart only then three in the person hand of Primal Chaos Mountain, but in their hands is also only the waste, they cannot let these Primal Chaos Fire Token owner recognition. However Shen Xiang, he also wants to attend that congress, but he must go to that 18 first. When does Primal Chaos Mountain hold that congress?” Shen Xiang asked. „After March!”

Shen Xiang is ascertaining secretly, he must have enough strength to go to 18 th, otherwise he was hard to find Yan Zilan. I should also go back, how didn't know in Mortal Martial World? How long did the time pass by?” Although Shen Xiang leaves Mortal Martial World shortly, but somewhat thought, but his last matter has not completed, is purchases a group of Earth Level pill to go back. Three months, I must enter into Tempering Realm!” After Shen Xiang sets firm resolve, eats to eat all one's food the tabletop the dish, has purchased a secluded house in the city, constructs an underground stone chamber under the house. But at this moment, the people of many person armors, from are moving toward his house in all directions quickly. After Long Xueyi discovers, immediately told him. „Was my whereabouts discovered? This is impossible!” Shen Xiang hastily from underground walks. Then saw that crowd to put on the person of armor also to jump from all around fence, grasped the black blade, encircled him in the middle.