World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 653
Surrounds the Shen Xiang's person to have more than 20, Shen Xiang looks at their attire, knows that is the City Lord's Mansion person, he is only has not thought that the person eye of defense gate is so poisonous, unexpectedly can see disguise change appearance him, therefore in secret tracks him, breaks through while him unprepared. Is your City Lord makes you come? City Lord, uses City Lord's Mansion strength to come for oneself to seek private gain, you have reached an agreement with that City Lord, when the time comes divides one?” Shen Xiang said with a sneer, protects the city guards not to handle these matters generally, after all he is not the important criminal in this city. You cannot manage, are without a fight!” It looks like the age quite old person said. This old fellow is Nirvana Realm, should just cross Nirvana Tribulation!” Long Xueyi urged one. Nirvana Realm! The Shen Xiang complexion becomes somewhat dignified, but in his hand suddenly left a grain of pale blue meatball. You want to revolt evidently, gives me......” This senior guard just said here, in the Shen Xiang hand that pale blue pill suddenly came out by the Shen Xiang ejection, injects in the mouth of that senior guard, only hears bang one such as the lightning-like dull thumping sound to stick out suddenly, the mouth of that senior guard blasted out, full is the blood, looks like very bloody. This is Shen Xiang first time explodes the person with Heavenly Lightning Dan this type of thing, Heavenly Lightning Dan is very terrifying aggressive pills, coordinates the massive lightning attribute True Qi refinement with herbs, can along with the lightning attribute True Qi promotion might that refinement pours into. Shen Xiang this grain of Heavenly Lightning Dan, was he has poured into the massive lightning attribute True Qi refinement, entered in the mouth of person to explode, the lethality was quite terrorist. This has not ended, after Shen Xiang loses grain of Heavenly Lightning Dan, waves to scatter, transparent and exquisite powder scatters all around, this colorless tasteless powder that lets Soul Eroding Powder that a Heaven World people is panic at the news.

This type of powder is similar to the air is common, covers that 20 to protect the city guard, is only instantaneous, the muscles of their face start to melt rottenly, was eroded by that Soul Eroding Powder little, afterward is their armor. But because that Nirvana Realm senior guard on the mouth has the injury, these Soul Eroding Powder from these wounds, rapidly spread to that frail body, is only the short several instances, these people resulted in the terror to be scary by the Soul Eroding Powder corrosion, but their pitiful yell sounds also again and again unceasingly. The moment passes by, their pitiful yell sounds stopped, but the ground presented big deep hole, the soil was corroded, but these people were already melted without a trace. Shen Xiang first time personally sees the person by the appearance that Soul Eroding Powder melts, but he also saw his Soul Eroding Powder must cope with Nirvana Realm also misses many, because that Nirvana Realm senior guard melts finally, if not enter from his wound, perhaps so is not easy. But before him , the Soul Breaking Tree sap has soaked the body, therefore these Soul Eroding Powder are useless to him, cannot corrode including his clothes, because Shen Xiang's True Qi can also prevent Soul Eroding Powder to corrode. This type of thing little use to wonderfully, discovered words, the consequence is serious, when the time comes is not Primal Chaos Mountain issues a warrant for arrest you to be so simple, the entire Sacred Dan World influence does not hesitate to probably by you, except that!” The Bai Youyou sound said severely. After Shen Xiang cleans up these Soul Eroding Powder traces, then messes up the scene, then sets on fire to burn down this house, he change appearance, then walked toward City Lord's Mansion. „To catch me to trade monetary reward? I must make this group of fellows know that will have any consequence!” Shen Xiang murderous-looking walks toward that City Lord's Mansion, can make this crowd protect the person who the city guards dispatch, definitely in City Lord of this city. Had found, this fellow was discussing with the person who one crowd puts on black armor how to take you to receive an award!” Long Xueyi said that then has given a Shen Xiang accurate position: Strength strongest should be that City Lord, Tempering Realm peak!”

Shen Xiang arrives at the same time under the fence, here most approaches the place that City Lord is. This group of bastards, get down Hell to go!” Shen Xiang sneered, in the mouth recited the incantation. Shen Xiang does not certainly plan and these people face-to-face, therefore he chooses outside displays Divine Ability, Heavenly Dragon Seal! As his magic power releases, the hand pinches the law to decide, the incantation read, cloud layer suddenly in sky seethed, welled up sky over City Lord's Mansion fast. Shen Xiang's magic power is strong, displays this Divine Ability time on the energy is the fast accumulation energy, but what now he gathers is rich Immortal Qi, the might will be bigger, the speed will be faster, but Heavenly Dragon Seal this Divine Ability, only then under having the environment of immortal strength can play might. City Lord's Mansion inside the person of accumulation, looks up the phenomenon in sky, they do not know that this is anything, although feels danger(ous), but their also same place alert, waits for in the sky that huge Immortal Qi vortex, This group of idiots!” In the Shen Xiang heart laughs in one's heart, is low and deep to drink, sees only in the sky suddenly to explode to dodge red light, carefully looks, unexpectedly is big flame, in the upper air burnt sea of fire, was covering the entire city burning hot, the people in city felt the quantity of heat and a flame shine, looked up. „The anger of Fire Dragon!”

Only sees that to burn among the giant eddy currents of raging fire, suddenly presented gigantic dragon head, roars with one, that whole body is burning the big dragon of flame, digs in the ground. The instant, these people in City Lord's Mansion were led the angry dragon of intense flame to give the hit by this, but in City Lord's Mansion inside person, in abundance flees City Lord's Mansion, the fire intensity spreads rapidly, entire City Lord's Mansion was covered by the steaming raging fire, Fire Dragon hits protects the city guard by City Lord and that crowd that already turned into the ashes. Big City Lord, had been burnt down three days by the fire three nights, this has brought to the high-level attention of many influences, because they looked up this City Lord once to send for grasping with Shen Xiang! This matter stirs the controversy in Sacred Dan World quickly, regarding matter that day had, many people have witnessed, exclaimed in surprise that terrifying attack, by many people was recognized for was very strong Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Skill. But Shen Xiang already in a piece was far away from the open land of city. Here Immortal Qi is quite bad, should not have any person to come, now comes to see that Immortal Mansion in a big way!” On the Shen Xiang finger suddenly presented a ring, sees only him to wave, that ring flies to shoot, changes to a ray of light, falls on the ground. Immortal Mansion Ring flies, falls after the ground, lightens a white multi-colored sunlight suddenly, after the white light vanishes, Shen Xiang then sees one grand giant mansion that seems White Jade carves, looks like the atmosphere is boundless, this is Shen Xiang sees most has the imposing manner most beautiful mansion. The Immortal Mansion front door shuts tightly, in the gate writes Jade Dragon Immortal Mansion four mature and powerful large characters, seeing these four characters, Shen Xiang to be wild with joy immediately, but he carefully looked that this mansion is not jade dragon bone makes.