World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 654
Arrives at the entrance, the front door opens automatically, after Shen Xiang walks, closes, after passing through the gate, what heaving in sight is plaza, he arrives at the backyard across plaza, then sees many Immortal Qi rich Immortal field, although above has not been planting the thing, but in the soil is actually fluttering intermittent white mist. This inside house are many, gardens, lakes, fresh flowers and trees...... Has many, is ordinary like Imperial Palace. Those who make Shen Xiang most shocking is, after he comes, can induce to some formation appears in his mind, this protects this Immortal Mansion large formation, these formation are mysterious, is fierce immortal, but needs very many energies to actuate. Finally can come out to stroll!” The Shen Xiang's arm dodges, wears the white clothing, the look delightful adorable young girl appears, from airborne floating falls, looks somewhat dumbfoundedly. dragon brat, when were you long so in a big way?” Shen Xiang said surprised that the previous time his Long Xueyi's time is also only about ten -year-old little girl, but currently looks like has the 13 or 14-year-old young girl to be ordinary, what is most surprising, the chest that her stands upright full, has very big contrast with her semblance. Shen Xiang only with can Tong speech/words ** described this Little Dragon Girl. You were said where others did grow up?” Long Xueyi smiles tenderly, the throwing out the chest dried meat, giggle smiles: Now knows that others are not young!” Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou also appear from ring at this time, because this Immortal Mansion has large formation to protect, the inside absolute safety, they do not need to be worried. Sees this wear to be similarly noble purple skirt the female, the Shen Xiang eye looks somewhat straightens, although these clothes are he personally choose, but personally sees to put on now after their bodies, still feels shocking. Really is big, later did not use the nest in that small house, oh, hot spring!” Su Meiyao comes out, is stepping the light and lively step, is transferring in this huge Immortal Mansion, once for a while hears her to hear whoa, but Bai Youyou same in all directions is also strolling, having a look at this them to live in the long-term place from now on. Regarding this Immortal Mansion, two females are both satisfied, on the Bai Youyou face has also shown the unusual smile, looks at Shen Xiang at heart itchy.

little rascal, but also has really your!” Su Meiyao smiles is falling gently in front of Shen Xiang, has kissed the Shen Xiang's lip, when Shen Xiang wants to hug she is stirring up the kiss well one, she is tender with a smile shunts. This ring gives back to me, I shift inside thing, later this Jade Dragon Immortal Mansion changes name is Hidden Jade Jade Palace, is I and Senior Sister!” Su Meiyao chuckle said that is pulling the Bai Youyou's arm, dancing with joy. Shen Xiang curls the lip, that beforehand Su Meiyao gave his ring to throw, but in his heart was actually very happy, the Jade Palace conceal was tender, moreover was two beauties, later need time, he can also put this Jade Palace, then...... He went out of this Hidden Jade Jade Palace, an intention revolution, Jade Palace suddenly disappears, returned to his finger. dragon brat, you where?” Shen Xiang looked at the left shoulder, that White Dragon Tattoo also, but actually felt that has been short of anything, moreover he had not seen Long Xueyi to return to his arm a moment ago. Long Xueyi hee happily said with a smile: I in Hidden Jade Jade Palace, am soaking the hot spring with two elder sisters, your does if wanted come in?” What? Soaks the hot spring, I must join!” Shen Xiang said with clenched jaws that must put Hidden Jade Jade Palace that just received, thinks that three female together darkness during eclipse soak the hot spring the spurting blood picture, his lower abdomen dry and hot incomparable. Do not disturb me!” Heard Bai Youyou this to penetrate to the bone icy cold words, that group of fires of Shen Xiang lower abdomen is irrigated to extinguish immediately. Long Xueyi and Su Meiyao giggle smiles immediately tenderly, what awfully is, Long Xueyi this small bad dragon unexpectedly was saying lets person recollections words in close succession. „...... Sister Youyou tits is quite cool, touches really comfortably, but does not have my big......”

little girl, making you that greatly, I pinch you to pinch you......” Su Meiyao giggle to smile tenderly. The Shen Xiang fist grasps: You were noisy, the woman of chest big non- brain, do not think that this can stimulate me, useless!” little rascal you felt relieved, I will not pinch to go bad their big white rabbits, if pinched badly, I later pinched that's it to you!” The Long Xueyi's sound is passing incomparable charming, letting the Shen Xiang mind indifferent, wishes one could this little girl maliciously **, unexpectedly sexually harasses him again and again. Snort, your this dragon brat tits is definitely false, you use 72 Transformations to change.” Shen Xiang despises said. Long Xueyi said with the sound piteous: Sister Meiyao and Sister Youyou can testify, they pinch others quite to be comfortable now, you left say others like this, others, but the thing of genuine goods at reasonable prices.” Thinks that these three females soak the hot spring in inside darkness during eclipse, plays to create a disturbance, feels the chest of opposite party mutually, the blood of his whole body is a heat. little rascal, my Divine Soul also on your arm, you words that needs me to help, I can lend your strength at any time.” Long Xueyi said with a smile. Before because was the reason of that ring, Long Xueyi is unable to go, but now this ring incomparably higher, therefore Long Xueyi can also like Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, can move in that Hidden Jade Jade Palace. Shen Xiang found Demon Beast few appearing and disappearing places, opened cutting a cave, prepare formation, starts to practice in inside. If he wants to break through the present bottleneck, first cultivates peak that innate Martial Spirit, making this innate Martial Spirit awaken, can use for him, by that time he can step over this Soul Martial Realm, enters Tempering Realm.

His innate Martial Spirit is Fire Dragon Martial Spirit, now he does not know how must make this Martial Spirit formidable, because he cultivates the spirit, is body cultivation or True Qi, is unable to continue to promote again, arrived at a saturated condition. Does not ravel Long Xueyi to the present, why Shen Xiang will have Fire Dragon Martial Spirit, because from the situation of Shen Xiang description, that is in Imperial Dragon Clan soul of the strongest fire Divine Dragon, only then the emperor Dragon Bloodline dragon can have. Now Shen Xiang must do is this Fire God Dragon Spirit communicates, obtains to strengthen this Martial Spirit method. Is my Imperial Dragon Clan Fire Dragon, is hard to have Fire God Dragon Spirit, once has, means after this dragon, can become Divine Dragon, I with great difficulty soul of the Divine Dragon, you are not the dragon, properly speaking is impossible to have.” Long Xueyi mentioned this issue, was very puzzled. Shen Xiang itself also does not have thin dragon blood like Leng Youlan, afterward he is after fused Suppressing Devil Bloodline is having the blood of Poisonous Dragon, but that already after he obtains Martial Spirit, this is truly beyond comprehension, a humanity has the dragon to have Martial Spirit that! Is because you do practice Nine Turn Dragon God Technique to have?” Long Xueyi suddenly said: Has not practiced Nine Turn Dragon God Technique humanity, is very likely this!”