World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 656
Not only in Dragon Pearl has vigorous strength of dragon, spiritual strength of soul, Shen Xiang simultaneously is absorbing these two strength now, expands his Divine Soul, strengthens his True Qi. Long Xueyi is also to assist the Shen Xiang practice now, Shen Xiang grasps her to pinch the exquisite white hands of Dragon Pearl, absorbs the strength of Dragon Spirit, but she actually absorbs in Dragon Pearl the massive energies, the transformation will be Dragon Force, according to the Shen Xiang's abdomen, will pour into the Shen Xiang's body. Dragon Heaven is born with be able to use Dragon Force, but humanity only with through cultivating Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art can display, cultivates the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art condition is very harsh, can therefore use Dragon Force humanity, the strength is fearful. Dragon Force inside the energy of implication is boundless, after entering Shen Xiang's dantian inside, by Shen Xiang is built up, refines massive five elements of True Qi, he compresses these True Qi completely in that five beast image, lightens true element grains. But Long Xueyi also entered half practice condition at this time, this Dragon Pearl inside energy is so vigorous, after entering her body, by her is absorbed some, Absorbs body inside speed to make Shen Xiang in the Dragon Force way the energy exclaim in surprise quickly again and again, but he knows that this method cannot be commonly used, moreover needs to be separated a period of time. Shen Xiang has been grasping the Long Xueyi's white hands, that Dragon Pearl clamps in this big small palm, Shen Xiang can induce to Dragon Pearl now obviously is changing is slowly small. This makes Shen Xiang have a big shock, he remembers in this Dragon Pearl the energy, was impossible such has absorbed these many by him and Long Xueyi all of a sudden. Quick, he discovered that reason, what makes his unexpected is, that Hidden Jade Ring inside Hidden Jade Jade Palace is absorbing the energy crazily, but this unexpectedly was not controlled by him.

This what's the matter?” Shen Xiang somewhat worried, because the speed rapidness of that ring absorbed energy, he treats as the treasure that this Dragon Pearl he cultivates now. Long Xueyi in practice has also opened the eye, because she can induce in Dragon Pearl to palm obviously is changing is slowly young, making her feel what is serious, she and Shen Xiang's hand closely is pasting Dragon Pearl, was given the sorption by a strange suction. „The issue of that ring, you a bit faster practice, otherwise this Dragon Pearl must not have, this is not the misdemeanor, don't worry.” Long Xueyi eyes glittering the white light, was relaxing slightly, sweet smiles to Shen Xiang, then continues to close the eye, enhances transports the Dragon Force speed to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang cannot feel the brains now, but he knows, if not quickly, this Dragon Pearl will be withered, most makes him feel what is depressed, that ring unexpectedly is also absorbing Dragon Spirit strength. Shortly, Shen Xiang calmed the mind, entered in the peaceful practice condition, built up to melt Shen Xiang crazily to Dragon Force that he transported, what this surprised him somewhat was, he built up the Dragon Transformation strength the speed to be getting quicker and quicker . Moreover the body was also getting more and more hot, the strength of smelting in the roaring flame dantian released was overbearing, he felt that his flame unexpectedly became fierce. Unknowingly, Shen Xiang the whole body has emitted the flame, is quick he to know that this is any reason, his Fire Dragon Martial Spirit unexpectedly is expanding fast, this makes him feel somewhat accidentally, especially that speed. As his True Qi and Divine Soul continually promote, in his body all obtained quenching, is strengthening, he felt that he enters into Tempering Realm not long. What is this?” Shen Xiang suddenly one startled, he felt that in own body suddenly emerged one group of white liquids, he can feel clearly this is not the energy, but the white liquid like blood, is having the massive appearances in his body, emerges all the limbs and bones, seeps into his blood, skeleton and muscle......

At this time he thought that his body is similar to the withered land is common, constantly is obtaining the irrigation of this white liquid, lets his whole body comfortably. Is on that ring!” Shen Xiang felt, that ring was releasing this type of liquid crazily, making this white liquid emerge in his body unceasingly, was irrigating his body, although he had not felt that fleshly body strengthened, but the feeling of that not being able to say made him feel wonderful. This is Jade Dragon Bloodline, your Fire Dragon Martial Spirit is excited at this time, Jade Dragon was called undying Divine Dragon in Dragon Clan, so long as is Jade Dragon, a birth was undying, Dragon Spirit Dragon Body, undying Indestructible, because of extremely in heaven defying, therefore the Jade Dragon quantity was also scarce, some words, will get up by the seal, or was grasped to draw blood to pull out the soul by some evil and cruel Imperial Dragon.” Long Xueyi said. This lets Shen Xiang and Bai Youyou they shocks, Jade Dragon has been very mysterious, but they actually do not know that unexpectedly also has this Heaven-shaking secret. Your present Jade Dragon Bloodline, should pull out by others, pours into this ring, only will then absorb strength of massive Dragon Force and Dragon Spirit will let these blood resurrect!” Long Xueyi then said: Other Imperial Dragon and some fierce humanity, reason that needs Jade Dragon Bloodline is because settles on Jade Dragon that inherent regeneration strength!” Su Meiyao one startled, asked: „Is this Jade Dragon Dragon Body and Dragon Spirit undying Indestructible reason? If so, little rascal fused Jade Dragon Bloodline, his transcends tribulation time can very relaxed on the past?” Properly speaking is this, but must look at him to fuse many Jade Dragon Bloodline, these are Jade Dragon blood essence, after Jade Dragon is injured, does not need absorbed energy anything, can rapidly restore to come, therefore holds after Jade Dragon, every other a period of time can extract massive Jade Dragon blood essence to practice the bloodlines.” Long Xueyi replied. Jade Dragon is not undying, but left itself, everyone makes undying Jade Dragon, once it is said Jade Dragon were caught, will choose the self- destruction, Vanishing Fire that releases, fears including Heavenly God.”

Shen Xiang is secretly excited, massive Jade Dragon Bloodline that because wells up from that ring still unceasingly enter in his body, moreover does not have the least bit to repel with his body, what making him be wild with joy, in his Sea of Consciousness also spout intermittent white Qi mist, enters in his Divine Soul. Three days three nights pass by, that Dragon Pearl looks like, only then the grain of rice is generally big, but at this time these Jade Dragon Bloodline had not emerged in his body again, it seems like it is has dried up. Sufficed, to integrate in your fleshly body and Divine Soul, after you obtained that Suppressing Devil Bloodline, obtained divine body to have Bone Spirit that now adds on this Jade Dragon Bloodline again, I think that you will not die really! However if you were attacked by expert, must restore to require very long time.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang obtains Suppressing Devil Bloodline time, fleshly body exceptionally is formidable, has achieved Immortal Devil Body 45th Stage, but in the Mortal World words, many expert fleshly body is about 25 breaks at most. Although his fleshly body compared with some Nirvana Realm stronger many, but actually does not mean him to be able compared with these person, because True Qi of these practice are intrepid, can cause heavy losses to him with the finger, but if competes fleshly body strength, he in Mortal World is invincible. It seems like you must practice divine body to be just round the corner!” In the Bai Youyou sound is bringing an excitement.