World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 657
Dragon Pearl was absorbed energy completely, but Shen Xiang's Divine Soul also expanded much, after breaking through the adolescence time, he has remained at the transformation stage, now he built up transformation 3rd Stage Divine Soul. According to Long Xueyi said that his present Divine Soul and fleshly body have True Qi to compare, is far from, at that time cultivated Divine Soul to be very difficult, Shen Xiang does not have the means. In the cave, Long Xueyi by in the hole wall, the white hands is taking a fruit, above was nipped several, she is looking at the Shen Xiang practice at the same time, when sees Shen Xiang that to be red the upper body is overflowing piece of year red crystal general dragon scales, almost her chokes. But Shen Xiang dragon scales also presented short several to vanish instantaneously, then his body overflowed the produce fire red brilliance, as if the body was surrounding gentle flame, red crystal general dragon scales suddenly appeared, then vanished...... This phenomenon makes Long Xueyi astonished, but Shen Xiang actually completely immerses to practice now, he only felt own this time stands , on dragon head that is similar to the fiery red crystal vulture casts, is riding this dragon, Tai Chi Yin and Yang Diagram in his dantian is hovering. Naturally, huge Fire Dragon and that five beast image of this in the Shen Xiang eye contrasts, is similar to the ant and great mountain, still appears tiny incomparable, but Shen Xiang, but he knows that he a day, can actuate these five sooner or later with beast image that True Qi condense comes out! Xueyi, what situation is he now?” Su Meiyao comes out from Hidden Jade Ring, because this ring is gives her and Bai Youyou lives, therefore Shen Xiang so names. Is controlling Fire Dragon Martial Spirit, this is Divine Level Martial Spirit, perhaps later he can make this Martial Spirit turn into the dragon that can make him urge to come, but that could wait to be very long, he can let this Fire Dragon strength now, this little rascal now is an allosaurus person!” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile: in other words he has not inherited bloodline of dragon, but through own fortuitous encounter, had by oneself with dragon resistance strength, this kind of person is Imperial Dragon Clan most fears.” suddenly, Shen Xiang both eyes open, red light glittering, seems like similar to a pupil of pair of Fire Dragon is ordinary, the terror absorbs the flame of person to burn in his eyes, his body is burning the raging fire, light fiery red dragon scales overflow body surface, but seems like not fierce, instead also strange beauties, put on that Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor with him such aggressively appears externally. Entered Tempering Realm!” Long Xueyi said with a smile, that small face revealed with the color of her semblance incompatible ambiguous: Sister Meiyao, title of Jade Dragon in Imperial Dragon Clan besides having beyond undying dragon, another alternate name?” Knew that Shen Xiang enters into Tempering Realm, Bai Youyou also comes out from Hidden Jade Ring, looks is wearing attractive dragon scales Shen Xiang muddily, in her eyes glittering is wiping the unusual ray, could not bear looked at several.

But Shen Xiang is absorbing these strength of granting wholly absorbed, absorbs toward later, he was Tempering Realm martial artist. What alternate name?” Bai Youyou asked that but just asked shortly, she somewhat regretted. This alternate name is only restricted in the male dragon, generally was called the obscene dragon, in Imperial Dragon Clan these formidable male dragon truly very colors, will therefore have many within the body to have dragon blood Demon Beast, but male Jade Dragon compared with the additive color.” Long Xueyi giggle smiles: Actually was not this, because too many female dragons enticed Jade Dragon, because made that words with Jade Dragon, can obtain that undying Indestructible strength!” Su Meiyao spat one tenderly, has pinched Long Xueyi's alchemy vigorously: Small bad dragon, what look are your you?” Long Xueyi said with a smile tenderly: As for makes that to have this advantage with Shen Xiang, but must two elder sisters confirm!” How don't you confirm personally?” Bai Youyou face micro red, asked in a low voice. Others are young!” Long Xueyi spits the tongue. Su Meiyao one grasps to her chest, holds one group of grand things, tenderly snorted and said: „Is your this small?” Shen Xiang does not know that now these three beautiful women are kidding around romantically, otherwise he definitely will lose concentration. Long Xueyi and Su Meiyao have kidded around the moment , to continue saying: Because of the Jade Dragon too marketable reason, therefore was ruthless by many Imperial Dragon, otherwise these Imperial Dragon could not find good mother Imperial Dragon to breed the bloodline pure descendant.”

Sister Meiyao, therefore you must favor your this little man, if he had the Jade Dragon Bloodline matter to pass on, let alone woman, man...... giggle.” Among Shen Xiang suddenly heard, is willing almost to be choked by an old blood. Let alone, waited for qi deviation not to be good.” Bai Youyou looks at Shen Xiang kindly, if not she somewhat dreads that heat that on Shen Xiang releases, she will certainly help Shen Xiang wipe away sweat. Felt the Bai Youyou's tender feelings, the Shen Xiang mood is excellent immediately, absorbs these strength of granting to be also quicker. Su Meiyao has pinched the Long Xueyi's face, said with a smile tenderly: „Does small milk dragon, you also want to snatch my little man?” Long Xueyi purses the lips humming a little tune, had not replied. In the cave silent the moment, Long Xueyi low voice whispered: I should be the big breast dragon to......” This makes Su Meiyao pū chī smile, puts out a hand to hug this mischievous delightful Little Dragon Girl in the bosom. Five days pass by, Shen Xiang's body suddenly trembles, dragon roar buzz called the shake from his body, unexpectedly made this big mountain scene forest slightly sway, that dragon roar also disseminated along with the shake, recalled in mountain forest, the birds were all startled, ran away in abundance. Shen Xiang both eyes open the eyes, two flame frequently spout from his eye, then gathers as if to get angry Fire Dragon that the flame burns together, makes threatening gestures, the direct bang broke that crushed stone in cave.

Finally broke through!” Bai Youyou relaxed, the look looked at Shen Xiang one gently, then returns to Hidden Jade Ring. Su Meiyao walks, has kissed his lip, then caresses flatters is small, turns into the white light, entered in Hidden Jade Ring. Long Xueyi has licked the lip, this little girl unexpectedly reveals caressing of arousing to flatter the character and style, looks at Shen Xiang for the first time one startled one. „Do you want to do?” Shen Xiang looked at her soon to break open the chest of clothes, curled the lip to ask. You broke through, I have lasting achievements, rewards me to the point!” Long Xueyi is extending the small hands, looks at Shen Xiang grinningly. Shen Xiang has put out Good Fortune Fruit, places on her control: Takes away to eat, a bit faster grows to grow up.” Long Xueyi sees a Shen Xiang face badly to smile, bah, will then arrive at Hidden Jade Ring, but on the Shen Xiang left shoulder still has White Dragon Tattoo, this is to let Long Xueyi can fast to rely on strength give him to stay behind. At this time his True Qi and Divine Soul were more formidable, the true element grains 320,000 grains in dantian, he goes out of the cave, fierce stamps the feet, thunder fiery shoots, lets the ground immediately split open, forms a netted the crack, above is burning the raging fire and lightning. Now used 72 Transformations to be simpler!” Shen Xiang turns into a small hawk, the flutter wing, flew the upper air instantaneously, in the air was gliding.