World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 658
If before he has not broken through, he flies airborne, certainly pressing is hard to fly by a strange pressure, but he can actually resist the pressure now, flies airborne. Therefore before he does not need to look like now like that walks these danger(ous) heavily remote journeys. dragon brat, how I must be able to know whether I do have that Jade Dragon undying Indestructible strength?” Shen Xiang asked that although he felt that he from top to bottom and even in Divine Soul was containing strange strength, but he actually cannot determine. Is very simple, you reduce your finger, if can quick fast-growth long come out, even if had, or slices off a meat on the body, you can see the meat to grow.” Long Xueyi said. The Shen Xiang heart is twitching, this not from oppressive? If steadily, autonomy? Didn't have other method?” Shen Xiang also asked that he landed by a river. Other method...... Looks for a woman, makes that with her, then she felt that has that Jade Dragon Bloodline unique strange energy to integrate the body, even if were you have Jade Dragon Bloodline completely.” Long Xueyi, then said: Was right, if a woman wants to have Jade Dragon Bloodline completely, you could do farm work her many.” Work?” Shen Xiang suddenly wants to spank this small bad dragon maliciously, unexpectedly is getting more and more bad, but thinks that she is not a little girl, he also thinks to consider as finished. Shen Xiang releases Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, this time Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade along with his control, turns into exquisite azure Xiaodao, he was considering if wanted tried itself obtained the inheritance of that Jade Dragon Bloodline. Words that does not give up, allows me to come!” Long Xueyi said excitedly. Bah!” Shen Xiang receives the blade, he decided that does not do, because his present fleshly body is powerful, if cut off a finger, or is slices off a meat to need to use massive precious pills, can restore to come.

Waits to return to Mortal Martial Realm, looks Xianxian to come to be quite good!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: Moreover that is a very joyful way.” To 16, Shen Xiang is hard to fly, because of here, that strange pressure, making him be hard to continue in the air to fly, but after he arrives at the ground, becomes with ease. This means that he must pass through the 1st Stage bad risk the journey. His mother, all the way is Shapeshift Immortal Beast, ran into me dead!” Shen Xiang has put out Heaven's Crown Gate, he plans to consume strength, here carries on a space to shuttle back and forth. Although Long Xueyi can induce Immortal Beast that hides to all around, once stared by these Shapeshift ominous beasts, that is very difficult to run away. Even also some concealment very strong Immortal Beast, meet this type, Shen Xiang will fall into extreme danger(ous). Perhaps you cannot die, needs the a period of time rebirth at most.” Su Meiyao said with a smile. Shen Xiang the dull place he cannot assure the security now, he makes Long Xueyi a bit faster seek for that 18 th Heavenly Sacred City, then transmits to the city outside. Long Xueyi in shared Dragon Pearl strength after Shen Xiang, magic power has promoted, but she and Shen Xiang also has some strange relation, after Shen Xiang become stronger, she also meets become stronger. Now she displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration to be quicker, moreover can branch out says Divine Sense, carries on rug to seek.

Found......” Long Xueyi to tell Shen Xiang the place, said: Your strength should suffice to be away from across this, carries on space jump in this higher space, returns to the energy that Mortal Martial World needs more than you.” Shen Xiang stimulates to movement Heaven's Crown Gate, only thought True Qi suddenly of own within the body wells up like Heaven's Crown Gate crazily, that extremely quick passing speed, seems drains him instantaneously general, True Qi sprints instantaneously from his meridians, making him feel meridians tingling pain. Instantaneous, that Heaven's Crown Gate has absorbed he 90% strength, opened Space Gate, he strides in Space Gate immediately, arrived at outside outskirts, but here he can see the distant place to have one seems covers the giant city in golden god Holy Light splendor. True Qi that under his fast clothing/taking some pills, restore to consume, during this finds time his vigorous True Qi all of a sudden, making him fall into to be restless. After restoring to 30% True Qi, the Shen Xiang then half step rushed toward that Heavenly Sacred City, entered a city at least also compared in open country. Arrives in 18, here Immortal Qi truly is richest, although he can absorb to build up through Engulfing Devil Art, but that really requires the time, cannot delimit. In this, Shen Xiang thought one is a small ant walks fully is in the world of giant, was worried one meet was not careful that was stamped, especially after entering a city, full Jie Nirvana Realm, making him feel to shock, although he also meets some Tempering Realm, but these Tempering Realm majority have accompanying of Nirvana Realm, is some rich and powerful family juniors. Shen Xiang's concealment skill is luckily good, others cannot see his strength. The congress that Primal Chaos Mountain holds also soon starts, only then three days of time, therefore causes this person to be many, but Shen Xiang also hears currently in Sacred Dan World to have several quite big cracks to be stopped up, other cracklins, are leaving make some juniors go informed and experienced.

Does not know that Yan Zilan can come, unable to find her words, I could return to Mortal Martial World like this!” Shen Xiang has planned to go back from here belt a group of Earth Level pill, only then can get so far as many most convenient through Yan Zilan. Saint Dan City has many industries in each large-scale city, but the industry of Sacred Dan Sect was also very easy to find, Yan Zilan was the person who governed the Sacred Dan Sect business, this Heavenly Sacred City should be the city that many expert and rich and powerful people were, he guessed that Yan Zilan here will possibly handle the business, but now close to the congress that Primal Chaos Mountain holds, she will perhaps come out. He passes through a street, sees on a wall full is his portrait, moreover posted a reward the amount also to compete, because he has destroyed completely City Lord's Mansion, has enraged an influence, this made him more careful. Shen Xiang one types such as into the tiger's den general feeling, he must guard against everyone now, if before likely, stared, informs these Immortal, he troubled is big. Has not thought that usually was far away from the Primal Chaos Mountain also here starting business of city, but also made a young girl keep up the appearance, this young girl also really good, the alchemy talent was high, long must symbolize that the strength was not weak, now is placed furnace alchemy in their shop entrances, making one group of Young Master elder brothers be rivals for sexual favor there!” The matter when Shen Xiang suddenly hears old man and chatted mentions, this made him feel inconceivable, Lin Xiyi can only refine Earth Level middle-grade at most, unexpectedly can such as in the city of forest haunch a facade of shop in this expert. Because that is the shop that the Primal Chaos Mountain person opens, Shen Xiang does not want to approach, but his actually suddenly hears the distant place to transmit ridicules the sound together: Fan Yakun your this digs the ancestral tomb fellow, really does not handle the common matter, you do not give you shop help of Fan Family, instead comes to here to help Primal Chaos Mountain solicit the business, has not thought that your this fellow will also prostrate oneself under the woman skirt.” Shen Xiang knows that Primal Chaos Mountain pills shop in front not far away, heard Fan Yakun unexpectedly and Lin Xiyi on good, this made him suck the tongue secretly, decided to have a look, because after he found Fan Yakun, can have the means to relate Du Family.