World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 660
Shen Xiang currently four Primal Chaos Fire Token, had these many, definitely will do everything possible to get so far as that another three, therefore, definitely will get rid whenever an opportunity presents itself. Everyone could see that this is one in view of the trap that Shen Xiang sets, because Primal Chaos Mountain knows that must hold Shen Xiang to be very difficult, only then with this means that although looks like very stupid, but Primal Chaos Mountain must bet, thinks that Shen Xiang will appear. After going out of town, Su Meiyao said: „Do you want to go?” Must give careful consideration, this is not jokes, when the time comes you will be surrounded by these Immortal, if I and Junior Sister restore to the strength peak, could take.” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang has not thought that these two females are so formidable, this Sacred Dan World pills resources are so rich, expert can definitely with be more, is more intrepid, but Bai Youyou said that self-confidently they can take, these two female strengths, exceed his imagination. He thought that to know their status, only then went to Heaven World to inquire. giggle, in the past I and Senior Sister have done many this deals, therefore becomes enemies everywhere, these personal enemies still hate us to the present.” Su Meiyao said with a smile tenderly. I when the time comes first have a look.” Shen Xiang dashes about wildly, but has used the half-day time, saw that Sacred Dan Sect, establishes on a mountain, from the mountainside of this mountain to the summit, full is the construction of dense hemp, obviously this Sacred Dan Sect has in a big way how. But at the foot of the hill side, has the mountain that a piece of red indigo is in full bloom, that is also the Shen Xiang's destination, Purple Orchid Valley in inside. Yan Zilan is important to Sacred Dan Sect, this is not only because she grows the disaster common people, because of her strength, her strength is not weak, but she little gets rid. Yan Zilan grasps, the words that these Divine Dao cultivation technique cultivates, perhaps she can become in this Sacred Dan World the strongest person, in Heaven World, strongest one group of fellows cultivates Divine Dao, is our Dragon Clan.” Long Xueyi said. Goes from a canyon, was that Purple Orchid Valley, Yan Zilan had very long time in Sacred Dan Sect, to let her quite convenience, therefore she had her domain.

Shen Xiang just stepped into the canyon, hears together the roar, sees only a whole body to burn the great wolf of flame, as well as a whole body snow white great tiger, suddenly flies from the canyon. This frightens Shen Xiang one, that imposing manner is stronger than in that dragon that Immemorial Sacred Land meets him, this formidable Immortal Beast, he has met in Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest twice, one time is to take Purple Flame Dragon Flower, other one time is that swallows the Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable inheritance python dragon. After two giant beasts arrive around Shen Xiang, the body ray dodges, melts the turn into a human shape, unexpectedly is two statures is abundant, the tall female of beautiful face moon/month appearance, wears red clothed, is that Fire Wolf turns, wears white skirt, is White Tiger turns into. „Who are you? Here is Zilan Immortal Woman housing place, does not allow the bystander to come, especially man.” That white skirt female said that although she said that but the sound is very gentle interestingly to listen , is also not ominous, is very good to the person very kind feeling, this and Yan Zilan looks like very much. This friend, you have any important matter, we can help you pass on to Zilan Immortal Woman, without her agreement, no one can enter Purple Orchid Valley.” That whole body red clothed female also temperately said. This let Shen Xiang very difficult to associate them to a moment ago that two fierce Immortal Beast, this was also Shen Xiang first time sees this Shapeshift Immortal Beast . Moreover the beautiful woman outstandingly beautiful beautiful woman. actually is this, that troubles two elder sisters, helping me tell him, flees the far-away place old friend to ask her to buy to select pills.” Shen Xiang smiled, he is one steadily must now old man, these two females, although spoke that to post a reward the command, but actually did not recognize Shen Xiang. The female but who that White Tiger turns into, always thought that on Shen Xiang has a very compatible feeling, but also makes her somewhat dread, this contradictory feeling is her first time has met, she suspected that Shen Xiang is also White Tiger. Yun Zhu, your speed is faster than me, you go.” white skirt female whispered. Um, Elder sister!” After that asked the Yun Zhu female to walk.

The white skirt female asked in a low voice: Senior, you are also my White Tiger Clan? Younger generation Bai Xing!” Saying, Bai Xing to Shen Xiang gave a salute, this was letting the Shen Xiang heart fierce beat, but expression was free. Bai Xing, good familiar name!” Su Meiyao said immediately. In the past Heaven World descended very huge white stars, to avoid piece of continent was destroyed, Heaven World's many old fellow sent out, finally prevents successfully, but white stars actually suddenly blasts out, these old fellow each severe wounds, but in the white stars has a white small tiger, afterward was accepted by nameless expert, names Bai Xing, but also is an unlucky star, dies in qi deviation because of that nameless expert shortly.” Bai Youyou said: That nameless expert, with our family some origins, because this called Bai Xing White Tiger to be regarded as picks the star, nobody dares to accept, nobody dares to provoke.” Shen Xiang does not want this fragrance tender jade tender outstandingly beautiful beautiful woman unexpectedly to have this origin at present, is born lets Heaven World's many old undying severe wounds, this may extraordinary. Shen Xiang has coughed two, ships out a person of high skill appearance: Has not thought that made severely wounded Bai Xing little girl Heaven World audiences old fellow in the past, he he!” Bai Xing one startled, brow gently one pressed, on the face somewhat sorrowfully said: Has not thought to come here, some people knew my past.” Shen Xiang sees itself to touch the painful event of beautiful woman, hurriedly said: Relax, I will not say, although I am not White Tiger Clan, but...... I have the responsibility to protect White Tiger Clan, White Tiger that but does all kinds of evil excluding these.” Then Senior what origin? Why I felt that you have our White Tiger Clan aura!” The Bai Xing doubts said. The Shen Xiang both hands white light dodged, has revealed a pair of white glove, saw this, Bai Xing frightened face to be pallid immediately, dumbfounded.

This......” Bai Xing is startled unable to speak, so long as is White Tiger, nobody does not know this God Slaughtering Hand. Security, keeps secret!” Shen Xiang laughed. Bai Xing nodded, she and Yan Zilan together is so long, speaks many People characters to look for Yan Zilan, but Shen Xiang now looks like in her, is fiercest one. Yan Zilan and Yun Zhu floating graze to come, to descend in front of Shen Xiang, sees Shen Xiang and Bai Xing is merry, Yan Zilan ridicules saying: Do not give my sisters to fill any magic potion.” Does not have.” Shen Xiang smiled, but Yan Zilan shakes the head smiles, is holding his hand, leaps gently, suddenly arrived at around one full is in the beautiful mountain valley of red indigo. Shen Xiang looks at all around, said with a smile: Really is a good place, I hide should be very safe here!”