World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 661
Shen Xiang sits on the stone stool in mountain valley, is eating a purple honey, that delightful flavor, making him unable to bear eat crazily. Yan Zilan takes off a purple Chinese-style gown, wear a look of a hidden bitterness: You best to come to buy pills to me.” This is Shen Xiang comes certainly here biggest goal, he said with a smile: I am look for my fiancee, Yanyao she here?” She naturally, but she is closing up the practice, she prepared to cross Nirvana Tribulation, when did you return to Mortal Martial World?” Yan Zilan asked. Shen Xiang stares slightly, he remembers that he has not mentioned him to come from Mortal Martial World with Yan Zilan probably. „Haven't I said my origin with you probably?” Shen Xiang said. No, but I guess to obtain, Fan Yakun goes to Mortal World this matter our these influence high levels to know that then you and his relationship is very good, I also guessed that had said to Yanyao you will walk, moreover is false with your unmarried husband and wife, I determined.” Yan Zilan Yanran said with a smile: Relax, this also only then I guessed correctly that because you are wanting a large quantities of Earth Level pill anxiously, I want to be few in Mortal World.” Shen Xiang spits the tongue: Right, I now am most can only refine Earth Level Low-Grade Dan, therefore I want Earth Level High-Grade or am middle-grade, I must go back quickly.” Yan Zilan lightly smiled: You do not think that this is Yanyao tells me?” I told her the time, did not fear that she said that moreover I also believed her.” Shen Xiang let go: Zilan, you now in how many Earth Level High-Grade pill?” The Yan Zilan chuckle, has flattered the look to look at Shen Xiang with caressing of arousing, said leisurely: Others were worried about you for serveral days, you meet urgently are discussing this, is really the puzzled character and style.” You can return to Mortal World, therefore you do not fear Primal Chaos Mountain, right?”

Shen Xiang said with a smile: Sister Zilan also really cared that the unimportant person in my this world of mortals, really makes me happy.” Snort, said that we now were also the friends, you had said I was no longer lonely, I naturally must care about you!” Yan Zilan hidden bitterness white Shen Xiang, lightly snorted and said. Shen Xiang sighed: Zilan, after I go back , could for a long time be able to come Sacred Dan World very much again.” Therefore you walk, can go all out a ticket?” Yan Zilan asked in a soft voice, the sound somewhat worried the account. Shen Xiang nodded: I want to obtain that three Primal Chaos Fire Token, then leaves Sacred Dan World!” I can help you, making you not keep regrettable return Mortal World, does not hesitate all also to help you snatch that Primal Chaos Fire Token!” Yan Zilan eyes is flashing the eyes, looks at Shen Xiang affectionately, making Shen Xiang think that suddenly to was been same by the electricity. Shen Xiang heart suddenly jumps crazily, do not look that Yan Zilan that type can he melted the chilly beautiful look, shakes the head saying: Does not use, Sister Zilan you can as female, have today this status, I cannot make your for many years effort be destroyed in a moment.” Yan Zilan tenderly snorted and said: „Do you want to go? The words that you go to possibly did not come back, but can I, you not work as the friend me?” Long Xueyi suddenly said: Makes that White Tiger beautiful woman help, I have the means!” What means?” Shen Xiang hastily asked. That White Tiger beautiful woman is born from the stars, that is White Tiger another special tribal group the method of breeding descendant's, I also just thought.” Long Xueyi said: That is year to year in White Tiger Clan that in vast starry sky wanders, their practice ways are very special, is the devour stars, kills the stars.” Then?” Shen Xiang pursues asks.

Therefore their unusual strength, can induce the stars, absorbs the strength of stars, but can also summon some stars to crash the ground, cultivates for them.” Long Xueyi, said: A moment ago that starry sky White Tiger that met outside, has probably not practiced with this way, but she understood certainly that making her when the time comes summon one to crash, making these expert be caught off guard, then I and you collaborated, took that Primal Chaos Fire Token.” Shen Xiang said: Sister Zilan, you make Bai Xing help me, she has the means.” Yan Zilan shakes the head: „It is not good, although the Bai Xing strength is very strong, but I cannot make her brave hardships and dangers, she is also the friend of mine, I can help your.” Bai Xing, Yun Zhu and my together many years, the sentiment with the sisters, they had before by the experience that others abandon and become estranged, I do not want to make them flee far-away place.” Shen Xiang said: Does not need her to appear there, but made her use her ability to help my small busy that's alright! Sister Zilan, you such trust their two, then called them, we discussed together that felt relieved, I will not make your sisters be injured absolutely, when the time comes I will get rid personally.” Believes me!” Yan Zilan sees the Shen Xiang that firm and profound pupil, nodded, the floating body departs. Quick, Yun Zhu and Bai Xing came. Bai Xing has seen Senior......” Bai Xing to Shen Xiang gave a salute, this lets Yan Zilan tenderly snorted, has pinched Shen Xiang. I am not Senior.” Shen Xiang hurriedly said: Sister Zilan, how is she thinks.” Yun Zhu and Bai Xing treat as the person of high skill Shen Xiang, because can enter the Purple Orchid Valley man to be few.

Now sees Yan Zilan such to pinch Shen Xiang, they can see that Yan Zilan and Shen Xiang's relationship is not ordinary, but they think Yan Zilan and such an old man...... Shen Xiang hastily removes that old attire, has revealed his edges and corners distinct handsome face, saw this face, Yun Zhu and Bai Xing tarries. Shen Xiang!” Bai Xing shouted, face is rousing slightly, remembers beforehand her to shout that Shen Xiang is Senior, shames and air/Qi. Sorry.” Shen Xiang apologized immediately. I am not mad you, is I am air/Qi me, said again...... How I dare to be mad your.” Bai Xing has nipped a lip lightly, because Shen Xiang has to be seriously injured, that is the White Tiger divine beast body refinement, regarding White Tiger Clan, has the grave significance. Yun Zhu and Yan Zilan somewhat are actually surprised, because they could see that Bai Xing does not dare to be mad Shen Xiang's. Yan Zilan pinches the meat on Shen Xiang arm not to put: I have said that does not permit you to flatter to my sisters.” Elder sister, does not close her matter.” Bai Xing hastily stops, on beautiful face rebukes oneself to look at Shen Xiang completely. Shen Xiang hastily explained: Sister Zilan, I do not have, she is because this talent somewhat fears my.” Shen Xiang hastily had revealed his God Slaughtering Hand, after seeing this pair of fierce appearance glove, Yan Zilan and Yun Zhu understood immediately, dumbfounded! Because Bai Xing mentioned the White Tiger Clan matter with them frequently, but this White Tiger Divine Weapon they naturally know that especially Yan Zilan, she has not thought Shen Xiang unexpectedly will have this Divine Weapon, that surmounts existence of sacred tool! Yun Zhu and Bai Xing see person together that Yan Zilan and Primal Chaos Mountain post a reward, in the heart unavoidably is also startled, they do not think that Yan Zilan offends a Primal Chaos Mountain such powerful influence.