World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 663
Yan Zilan did not have that very gently very polite manner to Shen Xiang, this was because she treated as the friend to regard Shen Xiang, therefore becomes casual. This is my secret!” Shen Xiang smiles , to continue saying: Now we first do business.” Yan Zilan gives Shen Xiang storage ring, said: 200 grains of Life Returning Pill, 300 grains of Five Elements Profound Dan, 300 grains of Profound Elemental Temper Body Dan, 100 grains of Halting Face Dan, 100.01 million grains, altogether let 90 billion, I call the half price you, 45 billion, if outside, at least takes 150.001 million grains to take . Moreover the Low-Grade quality, I give you am the excellent quality.” The Shen Xiang corner of the eye is twitching, if several grains, he truly is a cinch, but he hears the price now, actually had a scare, moreover this is the preferential price of acquaintance. Was sincere, this type of thing sells in Heaven World, but must turn, in the Mortal World words, you knows.” Su Meiyao said with a smile tenderly: Now looks at your charm, can make this Sacred Dan World number one beauty give you to reduce some.” I such inexpensive price sold to you, I must pay give Sacred Dan Sect, you have the graciousness to me, therefore this is not anything.” Yan Zilan smiles delightfully, but look actually very arouses to caress flatters, if Shen Xiang has enough crystal stones, definitely immediately had finalized, but he can only calculate now is lowering with any thing. Yan Zilan sees Shen Xiang this time facial expression, cannot help but giggle tenderly smiles: How many crystal stones do you have?” Has 2 billion!” Shen Xiang sighed. Gives me, remaining I helped you pay, was I to your repayment.” Yan Zilan extends the white hands, narrows the eye to smile sweetly. Shen Xiang thought one are also very precious to her these cultivation technique, will therefore not think to feel sorry now, he knows that at present the beautiful woman of this bringing disaster on the nation and people does not care these crystal stones. Yan Zilan looked at Yun Zhu at this time, then said to Shen Xiang: Bai Xing and I obtained your help, gains many advantage, you are really a big honored person, Yun Zhu are also my good sisters, can you make her also moisten a point your noble aura?”

Yun Zhu has looked in side Jing Jing (quietly) that the Shen Xiang strength and she contrasts, although is very weak, but actually whole body charmingly and mysterious, making her want to explain such man very well, at this time her the face is slightly red, some anticipations look at Shen Xiang, on the face are also hanging a sweet gentle smiling face. Although Yun Zhu is powerful Immortal Beast Fire Wolf, but she felt to Shen Xiang's now that is one good gentle, may the lamb of person, look like beautifully also some pure, that pair of clear pupil full is the naive ray, is very pleasing. Sees a Shen Xiang face thinking, Yan Zilan is charmingly angry: You thought that Yun Zhu has not added on your busy, therefore you......” Yan Zilan is drawing Shen Xiang's hand operated, honk mouth with a hidden bitterness, but has the look of very strong lethality to the man, seeing this Sacred Dan World number one beauty so stance, the Shen Xiang heart splash to jump, on Yun Zhu also secret surprised, she first time sees this elder sister to act like a spoiled brat, but thinks that Yan Zilan strives for some advantage for her, in the Yun Zhu heart suddenly is warm. Shen Xiang pulls out the hand, said with a smile: Sister Zilan, you with my first time sees your time are different, a little Sacred Dan World number one beauty style very wants! You are Zilan Immortal Woman, powerful female Immortal, so requested earnestly to my this young ordinary people, really folded the ghost I.” „The Yun Zhu appearance is not worse than me, you thought that she quite clear naive, did not understand that close man does not have......” Shen Xiang understands Yan Zilan now their three sisters' sentiments deeply. I later also will come certainly Sacred Dan World, I flatter certainly three elder sisters, when the time comes I come time also has the solid backing, I was considering that if wanted gives her thing.” Shen Xiang regarding developing personal connection aspect, never meets stingy, but some precious treasure and heaven defying that methods in his hand grasps, even if Immortal is unable to compare. Saw Shen Xiang saying that the Yan Zilan show face smiled, that character and style ten thousand arousing stances, let in the Shen Xiang heart **, has wished one could to throw this beautiful woman digging up up. Has not thought that you also really have many treasure, was considering why still? What thing is?” Yan Zilan pursues asks, a face smiles sweetly.

Yun Zhu at this time whispered: Does not use...... I have not added on your busy, very precious thing I cannot want.” Late at night, Bai Xing also floats, in that awakens on formation, Yang Tang, the indifferent to fame or gain peaceful facial expression, seems enjoying anything to be the same. But at this time, Shen Xiang has actually put out a corpse, is a old man corpse, outside is the cold ice, moreover has restriction on the ice, is prevents inside energy outflow restriction. Corpse?” The Yan Zilan brow wrinkles slightly. Shen Xiang said with a smile: This corpse comes possibly to be only a corpse to many people, but I can actually make this corpse have the value to get up, I look after the household at least also well several hundred billions crystal stones, even if there are also not necessarily can buy me from the value of this corpse creation.” Yan Zilan has been unalarmed by strange sights regarding Shen Xiang's Divine Ability generally, initially Shen Xiang stole Jade Dragon Flower in many expert present, kills strong Great Elder in Guo Huaqing this Primal Chaos Mountain, has robbed then also Primal Chaos Mountain expert two Primal Chaos Fire Token...... What value?” Yan Zilan carefully looks at that by frozen the corpse, her anything cannot look. Shen Xiang laughed: „The name of this corpse I do not know that he is one must kill my Nirvana Realm, should cross eight tribulation this, moreover he is a Fire God Palace's important elder.” Hears Fire God Palace, Yan Zilan and Yun Zhu tender body trembles, Shen Xiang has not thought that Fire God Palace's evil reputation unexpectedly is so famous in Sacred Dan World. Extracts the Fire Spirit influence from the Mortal World person body specially, is very overbearing in Heaven World . Moreover the overall strength is very strong, has not thought that your unexpectedly dares to annoy them......” to say here, Yan Zilan discovered what he said is the idle talk.

Shen Xiang dares to annoy including Primal Chaos Mountain, what but also there is not to dare? Fire Spirit of this fellow also in body, but I have the means to extract, thinks that two elder sisters also know fuses the Fire Spirit pain, I can make Sister Yun Zhu have Fire Spirit, but when the time comes she must withstand that type the pain of fusing Fire Spirit.” Shen Xiang took a deep breath: Therefore I considered that if wanted gives this thing, Sister Yun Zhu cultivates the flame, Fire Spirit has very big advantage to her.” Shen Xiang in first Mysterious Realm, kills several to have the Fire Spirit Fire God Palace elder, the corpse was being preserved by him. Fire God Palace can extract Fire Spirit to come out to give others from the human body to fuse, Shen Xiang can extract not to be strange from the body. Let Shen Xiang feel what is surprised, Yun Zhu unexpectedly said very much bravely: I did not fear that is only this corpse to you, is more precious, you are alchemy.” I have Fire Spirit, moreover is very strong, this corpse inside Fire Spirit should be Purple Fire Spirit, calculated well!” Shen Xiang smiles to Yun Zhu lightly.