World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 664
Shen Xiang such does, on the one hand can cultivate the deeper feelings with the Yan Zilan three sisters, although they are the womenfolks, but is powerful, the status is lofty, moreover is very attractive, later he comes Sacred Dan World again, certainly can obtain their attendances. On the other hand, he also wants to confirm that he has the ability to extract really Fire Spirit from the deceased person, integrates on others again. , Later he is if successful competent, specially hunts and kills the Fire God Palace's person, pulls out the produce fire soul from inside body, replies in kind, what mood making them feel Fire Spirit pulled out after is. Is taking this, waits for the painful time eats up, should be able to alleviate the pain.” Shen Xiang has put out bright red beautiful fruit pulp, this is the Earth Core Divine Fruit fruit pulp, Shen Xiang takes, Yan Zilan and Yun Zhu see uncommon place. Yan Zilan governs the Sacred Dan Sect business, since is person of being able to judge the quality of goods, she discovered that this fruit pulp rank Immortal Fruit be much better compared with she has spoken. Yun Zhu had not received, although Shen Xiang gives her time face not to care, but her actually some do not dare to accept, because was too precious! Yan Zilan chuckle, has pinched that Yun Zhu that clear cheek: Elder sister I had taken a moment ago many efforts, accepts.” Thinks that Yan Zilan spared no sacrifice the appearance a moment ago, acts like a spoiled brat also to for her ask for the advantage to Shen Xiang, in the heart is one warm, extends the white hands to receive. Coordinates magic power with Engulfing Devil Art, should be able that Fire Spirit pulling out!” Long Xueyi said that she already discussed with Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou has withdrawn Fire Spirit all sorts of methods, finally thinks this type safest effective. Engulfing Devil Art can in person body all energies extracting, Shen Xiang uses this devour Thunder Spirit, but entered his body at that time, if adds on the formidable magic power control again, can in the extraction, prevent Fire Spirit to enter his body. I must start, when the time comes I must concentrate the spirit, you must help my Protector!” The Shen Xiang complexion changes, becomes dignified incomparable: „, This matter have not revealed that when the time comes possibly is not only Fire God Palace must cope with me.”

Because of this using Engulfing Devil Art, if by others is known he has this terrifying devil art, he will be troublesome, this devil art others do not want to rob, wants understanding this devil art person strikes to kill, so as to avoid one day can by devour. Yun Zhu and Yan Zilan nodded. Shen Xiang releases invisible magic power, wraps above the palm, then releases Divine Sense, enters in that body, induces these to integrate Fire Spirit of this person of body various places. On him had fierce Universe Fire Spirit, in addition his Divine Sense is formidable, induced all of a sudden, then revolution Engulfing Devil Art, had selective devour these Fire Spirit. Yan Zilan also wants to have a look at Shen Xiang to withdraw Fire Spirit with any method, but she induces to Shen Xiang releases magic power, other basis anything cannot look. Shen Xiang's places that corpse above chest, weak purple flame suddenly overflows together from that corpse, after Yan Zilan and Yun Zhu see, fierce stares the big that beautiful eye, this is really Purple Fire Spirit, in Sacred Dan World, but the priceless treasure, especially regarding some old alchemy masters, absolutely can make a rich alchemy master lose everything to receive in exchange. In the Shen Xiang's palm condense leaves one group of purple the flame that slowly, but beats fiercely, is sparkling very dazzling purple light, under the dark night, is similar to grain of radiant purple stars spout the ray. Yan Zilan and Yun Zhu understand at this moment why Shen Xiang said that he can make this corpse has the value, they can resemble, person who if kills Fire God Palace to have Fire Spirit, what profit will have, if this ability makes some influences know that perhaps will make Shen Xiang work for them resourcefully, if Fire God Palace knows, then Fire God Palace definitely will not hesitate to probably Shen Xiang remove. Therefore, they understand why Shen Xiang will make them keep the secret prudently, Shen Xiang can before them disclose such important secret, means the absolute trust they, explained that Shen Xiang treats as the friend who can entrust the life and death to regard them. Not long, Shen Xiang while you are at it Purple Fire Spirit becomes very big, is similar to a watermelon is ordinary, glittering intermittent intense purple glow.

Has completed, has not thought such quickly!” Shen Xiang gets up that corpse seal once more, because in also has many energies, after can let him, devour. „Did Sister Yun Zhu, prepare?” Shen Xiang lightly smiled. Yun Zhu eyes glittering excited and excited eyes, look at Shen Xiang very grateful, nodded: Um!” Shen Xiang is grasping Purple Fire Spirit, will press into the Yun Zhu abdomen, sees only on the Yun Zhu face to reveal the color of pain immediately, but the clothes in instantaneously were also burnt down, has revealed that by the snow White Jade body that light purple fire winds around, looks at Shen Xiang eyes glittering to get up. Sister Zilan, leads her to go to a peaceful place quickly, she must melt the cost shape fusion intentionally.” Shen Xiang hastily shouted: Sister Yun Zhu, a bit faster eats me to give your fruit pulp.” Yan Zilan has grazed, holds in the arms Yun Zhu, flew in a direction, but Yun Zhu also endures suffering to eat up that Earth Core Divine Fruit. Not long, Shen Xiang sees place glittering of mountain valley distant place to leave intermittent purple glow, but also hears the weak discomfiture'confustion once for a while, for does not affect Bai Xing and alarms Sacred Dan Sect, Yan Zilan has arranged barrier, isolates the Yun Zhu roar and purple ray. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Has succeeded, later the Fire God Palace's fellow is I best prey, Ha Ha......” Good, this group of fellows have the abundant foundation by them in Heaven World, is domineering and tyrannical in Mortal World, plunders Fire Spirit and high level fire attribute herbs ore everywhere.” Su Meiyao hates very said: Should better Mortal Martial World, unites your Martial Nephew and other people, extinguished Fire God Palace, so as to avoid three realms great war starts, was held the knife in the back by them.” When the time comes again said that I will not make Fire God Palace in Mortal Martial Realm feel better that's it!”

In Shen Xiang eyes flashes through wipes the ruthless color, Elder Dan is because was persecuted by Fire God Palace's, runs away to here comes, he knows people who other world have has Fire Spirit pulled out from the body by Fire God Palace to Fire Spirit, then kills. Yan Zilan flew, to has been showing the sincere grateful smiling face: Yun Zhu this girl imagines me is much stronger, gives her thank you such good gift!” Does not use such politely, you did not oppose that I pursue her that's it!” Shen Xiang evil smiles: Sister Yun Zhu that clear makings and gentle disposition, but also is really an ideal wife, but she is Immortal Beast......” Yan Zilan sees the Shen Xiang whole face to smile evilly, has nipped the cherry lips lightly, has stamped the jade foot, is charmingly angry: Your this little rascal, are you what kind of?” Shen Xiang looked at Bai Xing, looked at Yan Zilan, acclaimed one: Your three sisters, if exits to walk frequently, but also damages the common people, was inferior that I received you, enforces justice on behalf of Heaven......” Line of your heads!” Yan Zilan pū chī smiles, has selected the Shen Xiang's forehead with jade finger.