World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 665
After Shen Xiang arrives at this Purple Flower Mountain, Yun Zhu fuses Fire Spirit, the Bai Xing awakening talent ability, this is the Shen Xiang's merit, Yan Zilan has to acknowledge that Shen Xiang truly is a very fierce character, the whole body is covering in a veil of mystery, making people think that he as if came from a very formidable and mysterious world, if not Shen Xiang acknowledged personally that Yan Zilan is unable to believe Shen Xiang came from Mortal World. The Bai Xing whole body wound around by pure and holy white light glow, float awakens formation above in that her curved eyelash trembled slightly, has opened beautiful eyes slightly, that powder Run such as the cheeks of jade full are the delightful smiling face, she said in a soft voice: Has not thought that my origin is this, I am not the unlucky star!” She still float on that formation, but the stars in sky as if compared with usually glisten, her tranquil beautiful eye, is looking at the stars that flicks. Like your this unlucky star, many I wants many, I did not fear that invites trouble!” Shen Xiang is smiling, has arrived at the Bai Xing side, but Yan Zilan actually white Shen Xiang, although she knows that Shen Xiang and Du Yanyao disguise as husband and wife, but can't she see Du Yanyao to Shen Xiang's that thoughts? Thank you, Young Master Shen!” Bai Xing smiles gently, very looks at Shen Xiang grateful, because since small, she has rebuked oneself to oneself, she once killed many people, but also kills to accept own benefactor, now she knows that is only the coincidence matter, does not have relationship with her, this makes her steadfast. What she is worried after is, will implicate Yan Zilan and Yun Zhu. Does not need to thank me, because I also need you to help me a lot!” Shen Xiang smiled to her: „Do you feel now what kind of? Later your does if wanted return to the vast starry sky?” Bai Xing looks at Yan Zilan, looks the warm smiling face: Does not use, although there should be the place that I go, but I had the home to return to here.” This makes Yan Zilan one be moved.

Shen Xiang looked at Yan Zilan and Bai Xing, he has the premonition, later this Purple Orchid Valley three sisters definitely will rush out a day in Sacred Dan World. Dawn, Bai Xing jumped in the mountain valley, is chasing the butterfly, moreover once for a while turns into very slightly very adorable Small White Tiger, is kidding around with Shen Xiang, making Shen Xiang wish one could to pick up her, brings back to Mortal World to go. Yun Zhu is still fusing that Purple Fire Spirit, although there was arranged barrier, however the purple flame once for a while will also brave, Yun Zhu has eaten up that Earth Core Divine Fruit, needs a period of time to digest that Earth Core Divine Fruit to the energy that she brings. Three days passed by, Yan Zilan came back from outside, has brought some news. On that plaza has built a 30 zhang (3.33 m) high stage, when the time comes Primal Chaos Fire Token will be placed above, but also starts some people to arrange some formation in plaza, said that to communicate with Spiritual God uses, but I had asked understood set up formation friend, said that formation is one type surrounds the person to use specially, even if in Sacred Dan World these quite strong Immortal, falls into this formation to be hard.” Yan Zilan said: This in view of a trap that you set up, Primal Chaos Mountain does not know without doubt to other influence anything advantage, unexpectedly has been able to make many big influences help them, arranges formation time, I see other influences famous Formation Grandmaster.” The Shen Xiang facial color is dignified: „Since it seems like Primal Chaos Mountain has been hard to collect uneven Primal Chaos Fire Token, but currently my in the hand had four, they will definitely move, but I also because of so, needs to collect uneven seven Primal Chaos Fire Token.” Sister Zilan, you said Primal Chaos Fire Token that they can have a vacation above?” Shen Xiang holds adorable Small White Tiger in the bosom, is caressing on her lightly that soft superficial knowledge, this Small White Tiger Bai Xing turns. Yan Zilan shakes the head: Not, they to direct you, definitely will use, they know that you are are not a vegetarian, if with false had been discovered by you, you have not appeared, they wasted the plans.”

Shen Xiang touches the small head of that Bai Xing, said with a smile: Sister Bai Xing, when the time comes looked your, came one to be caught off guard to that group of fellows, Ha Ha......” Small White Tiger white light dodged, turned into slim and graceful, the white clothing floating graceful bearing beautiful woman, in Bai Xing beautiful eyes glittering the mischievous ray, said with a smile tenderly: I thought that your this brat is an unlucky star of genuine goods at reasonable prices, but I thought that makes this deal with you, but also satisfying, thinks really very much thrillingly.” Bai Xing is a mischievous female, will turn into the small kitty and Shen Xiang frequently plays, although her is very old, the strength is very strong, but actually very likes playing, now her the heart knot opens, is so. Bai Xing, can you make the big stars probably? This must grasp well, do not injure and innocent.” Yan Zilan asked that glanced Shen Xiang one, spat one lowly: little rascal, you have taught people bad things my Sister Bai Xing, you must be responsible for!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Or I married her, I will teach well her.” Snort!” Two females immediately tenderly snorted. Bai Xing looked at the sky, said: If I release strength of whole body, should be able to draw on one to be bigger than hundred times of thermal power stars Heavenly Sacred City.” suddenly, in the mountain valley transmitted a low and deep wolf to eat delicacies, Shen Xiang and two females saw only purple light glittering to come, Yun Zhu then appeared before them, and whole body **. Abundantly luster of the skin that Yun Zhu that sends out one clear makings, such presents when Shen Xiang, this is Shen Xiang first time sees the ketone body of woman, but will not have any evil thought that because of that clear beauty, seems is glowing the intermittent pure and holy ray, can purify any evil strength.

Eldest sister and sister, starting today, I have Fire Spirit Immortal Beast!” Yun Zhu is very happy, on the cheeks hangs all over the clear delightful smiling face, when he sees the eye of Shen Xiang that pair of straightening, she realizes anything. This lets that her face brushes, becomes the red apple is the same, the response of Yan Zilan is quick, puts out a purple Chinese-style gown, wraps on Yun Zhu. My anything has not seen!” Shen Xiang has laughed foolishly two, this made the face of Yun Zhu redder, lowers the head not to dare to lift. Saw this clear beautiful woman so charming appearance, Yan Zilan and Bai Xing cannot help but lowly spat one. Sister Yun Zhu, has not thought that such short time you can fuse, and has digested the energy of that fruit pulp.” Shen Xiang tears the topic, on the face brings to say with amazement. But Yun Zhu shy, sound such as the mosquito is still common: This is lucky that fruit pulp, my original whole body is very painful, but after eating up, can eliminate many pains, but can also accelerate me to fuse the Fire Spirit speed.” This makes Shen Xiang at present one bright, this Earth Core Divine Fruit can have this effect, making him unexpected.