World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 666
Yun Zhu can the successful integration Fire Spirit, Shen Xiang also feel relieved. Three elder sisters, the little brother go to Heavenly Sacred City now, I must go to have a good look to look at the terrain first, Sister Bai Xing when the time comes also need you to grasp the good time, summoned promptly that stars.” Shen Xiang holds the fist in the other hand, said. Yan Zilan was worried that said: I go with you together, if had the mistake, I can also save you!” „, When the time comes I will relate Sister Bai Xing, making her display the talent, the summon stars gets down.” Shen Xiang gives Bai Xing together jade token, this is used to subpoena. Yan Zilan knows that Shen Xiang such walks, once goes well, will return to Mortal Martial World, when the time comes does not know how long wants to meet again. Three females have sent out outside Shen Xiang mountain valley. Greeted to Yanyao for me.” Shen Xiang said. I will treat as sisters to treat her equally, you feel relieved.” In the Yan Zilan heart has disconsolateness of not being able saying that extends the white hands, is touching Shen Xiang that handsome face. All careful!” The Yan Zilan urging said. Shen Xiang nodded, but at this time Yun Zhu walked, stands on tiptoes the tip of the toe, has kissed the Shen Xiang's cheeks: Thank you, later must come the mountain valley to play again.” Shen Xiang nods to say with a smile: Certainly will come, you take care!”

Shen Xiang puts on a black Chinese-style gown, is dashing, while disguise change appearance gets up, after looking Shen Xiang goes far away, vanishes in the line of sight, the Yan Zilan three sisters returned to Purple Orchid Valley, Shen Xiang's appear, making their lives have very big transition, regarding this, in her heart very felt grateful Shen Xiang. In Heavenly Sacred City, Shen Xiang is strolling near that plaza, although cannot approach, but looks from afar that can actually clear seeing have many people to arrange formation there, the set up formation technique is very just secret, the bystander is hard to see. They to let you dares fight, definitely will not arrange when the time comes expert in this plaza, by that time we only need to coordinate Nine Heavens Mental Exploration with 72 Transformations, does not need to step into plaza, can let take that Primal Chaos Fire Token.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang in the highest inn stayed from plaza recently, all day is observing that stage, waited for that day that the congress starts. This is he final a ticket in Sacred Dan World, does not keep going back of regret, thinks that in his heart is very excited. In an instant, several days passed by, but today around plaza has stood the person, these each one is well-dressed, looks solemn, Shen Xiang can see Du Hai, Xie Shilong and high levels of Du Kangsheng these influences from the crowd. Finally came!” Shen Xiang hastily has put out jade token, this is used with the Bai Xing communication. Sister Bai Xing, you summoned the stars words, how long met to land on the ground probably?” Shen Xiang asked that now or in the morning, but Primal Chaos Mountain declared to the outside that summoned the Spiritual God ceremony in the high noon. Probably ten time of breath, that thermal power stars can crash from the sky, that stars are I choose especially. After being summoned, combustion massive thermal power strength, by very quick velocity shock the ground, the energy of that stars containing, if that crowd of old fellow do not get rid to stop, they must die completely.” The Bai Xing sound is dignified: If when the time comes they do not stop, I must make that stars in the air blast, in order to avoid has destroyed this city, wound and innocent person.” Shen Xiang said: Um, when the time comes they do not stop , should not be melancholy, even if makes stars in the air from exploding. This crowd of old fellow fear death compared with me, they will certainly get rid to stop.”

Although said that but in the heart feels shocking, this Bai Xing talent was really terrorist, now he knows why Imperial Dragon Clan such knew about this starry sky White Tiger clan, for guards against these fellow create a mess. „The summon stars need to be separated by for 500 years to carry on one time, if can continuously, White Tiger Clan already be the Heaven World's overlord.” Long Xueyi said. High noon, plaza gathers round by numerous famous family juniors and influence high levels, the population about ten thousand, Shen Xiang can also see Fan Yakun and Lin Xiyi, Yan Zilan came, if cannot stop that landing the stars, then here person must be finished. Must start, when the time comes all people will say that is Primal Chaos Mountain summons that stars, does not think that is I.” Shen Xiang feels at this time incomparably anxiously: Hopes that crowd of old undying to get rid promptly!” Many people watch all around at this time, wants to have a look at Shen Xiang in all around, although on the Primal Chaos Mountain mouth said that summoned Spiritual God with Primal Chaos Fire Token, but everyone saw that this was to the trap that Shen Xiang set. If Shen Xiang can go well, then Primal Chaos Mountain lost to the family disgraced, moreover lost in their hands final Primal Chaos Fire Token. Started!” In Shen Xiang heart one tight, looks that puts on white hair old man of grey robe, grazes on that stage, has put out three Primal Chaos Fire Token, inserts on a plank, then jumps down, stands in the crowd. The Shen Xiang intention moves, releases magic power, he must with previous time steal Jade Dragon Flower to be the same, first uses the camouflage, causes illusion to cover on that stage, but Long Xueyi in illusion, will change big, will seize that three Primal Chaos Fire Token, brings. In order to avoid when the time comes being discovered was held, therefore Shen Xiang will make Bai Xing summon that stars to get down, again and Long Xueyi displays Divine Ability to steal together. Shen Xiang present Divine Soul, magic power behind, has been able to use that camouflage instantaneously, therefore he does not require the too much time.

Sister Bai Xing, starts!” Shen Xiang is taking jade token, subpoenaed to Bai Xing, at the same time, he and Long Xueyi released magic power, making that magic power arrive on that stage. suddenly, that plaza formation dodges golden light suddenly, Shen Xiang in that hotel, one is black after at present, then appears on that stage. Shen Xiang is panic-stricken immediately, he thinks that does not understand why one will push to entrain, this makes him be caught off guard, but he is prompt received in that three Primal Chaos Fire Token storage equipment, Primal Chaos Fire Token real, this made him feel relieved. Sees Shen Xiang suddenly to appear on the stage, in the Yan Zilan heart shocks incomparably, because Shen Xiang had said when the time comes will not step into plaza, stands in the crowd that around plaza surrounds, immediately presented a tumult, because Shen Xiang came, moreover took away Primal Chaos Fire Token, but will certainly be unable to escape even with wings at this time. Shen Xiang, you also are really the good method, although I do not know that you have used any strength, can enter plaza quietly, formation that but you were supposed by us inducing, then formation opened, transfers the universe, was away from the space to move you.” That grey robe old man clear and resonant voice said with a smile: Hands over swift pace Primal Chaos Fire Token in your hand, I guaranteed after Primal Chaos Mountain, will not investigate your.” At this moment, near plaza all expert complexion big changes, look up to the sky, sees only burns together the flame, glittering the lightning giant stone is dropping from the clouds, sprints the shake that erupts, making the entire city crazily shiver. Everybody is quick, otherwise we must die, entire 18 will be ruined!” Du Hai bellows, both eyes are red, hastily flies to leap up. All expert also in abundance get up with quickest speed jump, condense strength, prepares to give to catch that giant stars, then moves to other places, if here rumbles, definitely will give to smash the entire city.