World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 667
Yan Zilan looked at Shen Xiang one, hastily flew. Beginning of the universe, hurry up, this brat was closed in formation, cannot come out!” old man shouted. That called the person of beginning of the universe is that grey robe old man, his suddenly saw in the Shen Xiang hand to put out a disc shape thing, but that thing crazily was still absorbing Shen Xiang body inside energy. That was Heaven's Crown Gate, Shen Xiang has gone well, now he must do opens Space Gate, returned to Mortal Martial World. After Shen Xiang enters into Tempering Realm, True Qi vigorous were more, enough he returned to Mortal Martial World from Sacred Dan World. Space Gate appears together, after the beginning of the universe sees, bellows: Shen Xiang dies!” After flying person audiences expert of upper air hears, suddenly turns head, only sees the beginning of the universe to wave a palm, ash-gray Qi Energy has shot toward the Shen Xiang wind together, but just must drill into that Space Gate Shen Xiang, was hit by this Dao Qi vigor, turned into blood fog, Space Gate also closes at this time. In that instantaneous, in the Yan Zilan mind a blank, looks that blood fog flutters on that stage, her heart pulls out the pain to be incomparable, making her almost fall, all people see this, in the heart is very shocking, although Shen Xiang is a strength very faint person, matter Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering that but makes, has not actually thought that such died. Du Hai heaved a deep sigh, thought to regret, continued toward airborne to fly, many expert also after the shock, continued to stop that stars to fall. Yan Zilan suppressed sorrow in heart, the anger stared that beginning of the universe one eyes, gripped tightly the jade fist, eyes is holding the tears, in that stars toward the upper air flew......

In Mortal Martial World, Shen Xiang appears in a forest, here is Chenwu Mainland, the distance is Extreme Martial Sect very near mountain forest, Shen Xiang looks the both legs that own that is cut off, ridicule saying: old son of a bitch, I have won finally, Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang was only slow little, both legs were exploded the blood fog, but now actually growth fast. Sees on oneself thigh continually to multiply the flesh and blood and skeleton, Shen Xiang exclaims: „Is this Jade Dragon the strength of regeneration? Really fierce!” It seems like you had Jade Dragon Bloodline completely, you 1 : 00 strength does not have now, can quick fast-growth long come out, this only then Jade Dragon Bloodline can accomplish.” Long Xueyi said with a smile tenderly: Finally returned to here, does not know how long the time passed by.” Shen Xiang exhausts strength, opens Space Gate to return to Mortal Martial World, although at this time he whole body is incapable, but actually felt that incomparably relaxed, he finally the land that returns to himself born, here does not have to be strong can destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth old fellow, in that Heavenly Sacred City, he frequently is tying tight. Sacred Dan World these old fellow should think that you died.” Bai Youyou said that a moment ago she and Su Meiyao also worried. Should better, but, hoping these old fellow to be exactly long, I will certainly look their.” Shen Xiang looks both legs that own that restores, praised without cease, exhausted strength to stand up, walked several steps. „Different with the leg of my actually, is hard to imagine, my fleshly body is so formidable, can restore to actually such.” Shen Xiang has patted oneself that material strip bare thigh, has exuded an intermittent disgusting laughter, frightens the birds in all directions to fly to leap up. After eating up pills, Shen Xiang quickly restored many True Qi, he has worn pants, flies to leap up in this mountain forest, he was familiar with here.

That if recovers to damage with the medicine, after not only restores, was inferior formerly to be so formidable, but also did not adapt, but I thought that now my leg has not broken has been same.” Shen Xiang understands that now why Jade Dragon Bloodline will be treated as the treasure same to rob by other Imperial Dragon, understands why will have that many female dragons to surrender. The body of dragon is very strong, if injured, needs to recover for a long time, but if has Jade Dragon Bloodline, can rapidly restore! Shen Xiang just entered Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm, is surprised incomparable, because he saw very young bald, this bald smiling face is very temperate, looks like the human and animals is harmless, Shen Xiang will die will not forget this smiling face, because this will be the Wu Kaiming advertisement smiling face! Little Bald, Ha Ha...... Did you feel rejuvenated? What's all this about?” Shen Xiang whips the skull that Wu Kaiming that is glistening, hits the pā pā resounding, lets many elders and some True Disciple looks breaks into sweat. In Extreme Martial Sect, perhaps also only then Shen Xiang this monstruous talent dare such to hit the skull of Wu Kaiming, but also whips, while laughs, must die other people, already unravelled. Congratulations, you crossed the Nirvana eight tribulations successfully, only missed a tribulation to be able transcend Heaven World.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, feels that luminous bald. The Wu Kaiming forced smile said: Young Martial Uncle, you are the same with that lunatic, see my this bald, must always such play tricks on my.” Shen Xiang brought Wu Kaiming to return to Extreme Dan King Courtyard, after coming, he has not seen Elder Dan, has not seen Wu Qianqian, in the heart cannot help but sighed. This was lucky that the old lunatic teaches my martial arts, making me have this year the light appearance, but this made me pay many prices, almost oppressively died by that old lunatic.” Wu Kaiming recalls this past events, sobbed, this was painstakingly completely is also sweet.

Shen Xiang learned from Wu Kaiming there that this Mortal Martial World passed for one month, but now Devil Subduing School holds the Devil Subduing Martial Dao meeting time, inviting many Nirvana Realm expert to exchange Martial Dao. This god child is a very fierce character, moreover he has been provoking you, but does not have your trace, making many people think that you had feared has not accepted his challenge.” The Wu Kaiming feeling said: This god child gets down from Heaven World, has not the small status on Heaven World, some cultivation technique and pills that he brings, can win over some fierce old fellow, the Devil Subduing School's influence was getting more and more broad in Mortal Martial World.” Shen Xiang has not been surprised, but he also thinks that god child cannot threaten him, Suppressing Devil martial arts that let alone that god child grasps did not have him to be many, he experience in Sacred Dan World, making him more formidable, mood and strength, before , has the day to leave badly. Devil Subduing Martial Dao meeting? I join certainly in the fun!” Shen Xiang goes ahead, leaves Extreme Martial Sect, stepped in Teleportation Formation to arrive at King Continent, then dashed toward Devil Subduing School. The condition that Devil Subduing School pledges is rich, moreover there is a Devil Subduing martial arts study, does not need to spend too many crystal stones, therefore in Mortal Martial World many famous family juniors in abundance enter the institute, is only in the short time, nearby Devil Subduing School's has established many cities, becomes very lively.