World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 668
Shen Xiang arrives at a Devil Subduing School nearby city, when he knew the when name of this city, is very surprised, because this urban named Shaoyun city! This makes him associate to arrive at Liao Shaoyun immediately, this and he has many years of personal enemy, he already some plans, once comes back from Sacred Dan World, as soon as possible solves Liao Shaoyun. Walks on the street, Shen Xiang sees many people to throw over a white Chinese-style gown, has four not too big nor too small red symbol behind the Chinese-style gown, Shaoyun dojo! Shen Xiang has thought quickly anything, he can determine now, this Liao Shaoyun has certainly used some means that obtains that god child's recognition, otherwise cannot establish his small influence here. He affirmed that the hall in that Shaoyun dojo main is Liao Shaoyun! After one inquired, Shen Xiang knew that this Shaoyun dojo truly is Liao Shaoyun, moreover this city also changes name because of here Shaoyun dojo, the Shaoyun dojo opens one month of this, mainly faces has the wealth but actually insufficient condition to enter the Devil Subduing School's person. Because the Shaoyun dojo has the god child's support, the person who therefore the registration enters the dojo study military are many, this made Liao Shaoyun obtain a very considerable income. This god child could not sit still, unexpectedly jumps to show own strength, because he has very high status and talent, therefore one group of people pursue honor him, this is not extraordinary. This fellow comes Zitian after all, definitely brings many good things to win over some expert from above.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang disguise change appearance enters a city now, he initially killed in Devil Subduing School Eastern Scorching Sun Hall Dongfang Yao, although nobody sees is his fight kills, but suspects him, therefore after that time, he was not only expelled Devil Subduing School, but also issued a warrant for arrest by hundred million crystal stones. In the Devil Subduing School's four great hall, Eastern Scorching Sun Hall Dongfang Yao has very prominent life experience, but was actually butchered, but Southern Fragrant Hundred Flowers Hall Hua Qiuxia, initially in Fragrance City to Shen Xiang fight, was grasped by Hua Xiangyue, was closed, in Danxiang Taoyuan's dies. Two Hall Master, are missing because of Shen Xiang, can the god child not know?

Therefore facing the challenge of god child, Shen Xiang plays missing in many people's eyes is also fair, after all that god child comes Zitian. People with common sense, no matter Shen Xiang is strong, definitely does the person who came from the space, but many people do not know that Shen Xiang really has also killed the person who came from the space, moreover is Nirvana Realm. Shen Xiang arrives at a hotel near that Shaoyun dojo, sits there looks that walks Liao Shaoyun that from the entrance, before Liao Shaoyun is still similar, general young, the strength in the Tempering Realm peak, the facial expression is very good. This fellow was taken Thunder Spirit by me, such quickly restored Yuan Qi?” Shen Xiang murmured. Those who make Shen Xiang somewhat accidental is, that Liao Shaoyun unexpectedly stands in the entrance, looks at the fissure of tread, said with a sneer: Shen Xiang's pig friend dog friend is the same with him, is the not to know the immensity of Heaven and Earth fellow, unexpectedly dares to provoke our Shaoyun dojo, although that pig equally fat fellow somewhat skill, but had not been destroyed an arm by me finally!” Shen Xiang hears this words, the wine class in hand kā chā, turns into the smashing, in the heart angry incomparable, because he knows that who that was ruined a person of arm is, is Zhu Rong this fatty. But at this time he actually sees one to put on the man of golden fancy dress, suddenly appears from the gate, entered a very luxurious large cart with Liao Shaoyun, pulling a cart unexpectedly is four batch of Pegasus, suddenly has flown from the Shaoyun city. „Is the fellow god child? The rack is very big, I have not seen clearly his face!” suddenly, Shen Xiang saw a body terse, the skin dark colored good-looking man appears on the street, face murderous aura walks toward the Shaoyun dojo, this person of Yun Xiaodao. My goodness, the father is so laborious enters into Tempering Realm, this little rascal unexpectedly is also Tempering Realm.” Shen Xiang hastily walked, appears in front of Yun Xiaodao. Yun Xiaodao sees an old man to block him, will act crazy, actually sees Shen Xiang that pair to make him be familiar with the incomparable look, he saw immediately, this person has masqueraded Shen Xiang.

Big brother!” Yun Xiaodao is excited, but Shen Xiang is also holds his arm: For a long time does not see, it seems like Little Featherhead trains well you.” In Yun Xiaodao heart excited, but still whole face murderous aura: Big Brother Shen, you came happen, helping Zhu Rong this dead pig revenge, his present severe wound stupor, did not have an arm.” My certain meeting, walks, I go to wake Old Zhu first.” The Shen Xiang facial color sinks to congeal, in eyes glittering faint trace dreadful murderous aura: Behind him has that god child to be the backer, I also certainly extinguished him.” You were too rash, in that Shaoyun dojo fellows are not weak.” But Yun Xiaodao sighed: Went all out I also to butcher that bastard, unexpectedly prevents us to enter for the Devil Subduing Martial Dao meeting, moreover slanders us to rob the thing of Devil Subduing School student.” Walks, I guarantee this Shaoyun dojo certainly before Devil Subduing Martial Dao will start vanishes.” Shen Xiang turned head, looked at that decoration luxurious mansion. Zhu Rong remained unconscious, received the extremely heavy wound, but has actually stabilized, it seems like has taken quite good pills, but required the time to recuperate. Little Featherhead other people? How can he make Old Zhu be bullied by others?” Shen Xiang has put out grain of pills, puts in the Zhu Rong mouth. Shen Xiang suddenly induces to ice-cold True Qi, he turns head to look that sees eye slanting Xu Weilong, frightened him to jump. squinted dragon, good!” Shen Xiang has patted his shoulder with a smile, strength unexpectedly is also Tempering Realm.

Wang Shengren intends to harbor Liao Shaoyun, but this is the matter of junior, Dean has looked for Devil Subduing School's old fellow, at that time these old fellow also apologized on behalf of Liao Shaoyun, lets it go.” Xu Weilong coldly said. Wang Shengren is the name of that god child, however in the Shaoyun dojo and Devil Subduing School, must politely call him for the god child. Shen Xiang has rubbed the fist: Apology is nothing, Devil Subduing School issues a warrant for arrest me with hundred million crystal stones, these days that I vanish, definitely many fellows are looking for me, then I come a high-sounding talk to come, extinguished that anything nonsense Shaoyun dojo.” Hears this saying, blood fierce ignition of Yun Xiaodao and Xu Weilong, expression is excited, they know Shen Xiang, if, that Shaoyun dojo definitely is this fate. Master, how didn't this good deed call to be short of me?” The sound appears together, making Shen Xiang they be startled. One 15-16 years old, white and tender and handsome bald youngster appears in the entrance. Xiao Chou?” Shen Xiang laughs, grazes, brandished the hand to come to pat Palestinian that shining bald fiercely: Your this was brat, how long so big?” Shen Xiang remembers Xiao Chou leaves his time, is only a child, but now is actually youngster, must know that Herculean Clan grows very slowly, now he is a youngster appearance, means that he passed very long time, this only then can achieve in these time formation. I was only suddenly comprehended the inheritance of our Herculean Clan, therefore the strength broke through, Master you did not need to be worried, although I now am fiercer than you, but you were still my Master, because did not have your instruction, I did not have the opportunity to comprehend the inheritance of ancestor.” Xiao Chou very earnestly said.