World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 670
As Shen Xiang's Divine Soul expands, when he displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, can make farther, but contrasted Long Xueyi that Divine Sense walks to miss, moreover consumed magic power quite to be many. His overlook entire Shaoyun dojo, quick sees that Liao Shaoyun face darken, in return dojo that fills. Told, once saw Yun Xiaodao their these fellows, must grasp, moreover did not allow the idler to enter.” Liao Shaoyun is breathless at this time, he has not thought that some unexpectedly people will post a reward him with this expensive pills, but he also does not have the method of Shen Xiang that concealment, naturally fears. Shen Xiang recovers, said: Liao Shaoyun should come back, god child Wang Shengren perhaps does not dare to wander about aimlessly now, he is very definitely angry, his solemn god child, unexpectedly was used grain of broken pills to post a reward on his neck by others persons head.” He has not thought that also will have today, any nonsense god child, even if after him, is doomed become god, now does not have the strength also to be only one.” Xiao Chou said with a smile. Shen Xiang watched the weather, in sky is the thick cloud layers, at this time also already evening. Cloud layer is so thick, tonight will be very definitely black, night violent wind filled with dust high murder night!” Shen Xiang said: In tonight's fight.” In the Shaoyun dojo does not have Nirvana Realm, Long Xueyi has determined this, but Shen Xiang them, although only then four people, but is the skilled people, especially Xiao Chou this obtains the fortuitous encounter, Herculean Clan that the bloodlines awaken, Shen Xiang thought that must win this apprentice to fly very big strength. Big Brother Shen, didn't you participate in that Devil Subduing Martial Dao to meet then?” Yun Xiaodao asked. Why such asked? I must certainly participate!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. You have killed Liao Shaoyun, they will definitely not make you register!” Yun Xiaodao said: When the time comes we impossible to register.”

Xiao Chou said: Does not go not to go, is not rare!” Yun Xiaodao said: „The reward of that Devil Subduing Martial Dao meeting is granulose White Dragon Blood Dan, it is said is Wang Shengren takes, now gave has been responsible for the principal of Martial Dao meeting taking care.” White Dragon Blood Dan, this lets in the Shen Xiang heart dark startled, Long Xueyi hurriedly said: Shen Xiang, this White Dragon Blood Dan can be used to let White Dragon Bloodline of that white hair beautiful woman awakening within the body.” Before that Dongfang Yao had said that god child had the means to make Leng Youlan awaken White Dragon Bloodline, to let Leng Youlan obtained the formidable strength, Shen Xiang must certainly take that White Dragon Blood Dan. This thing can't you make?” Shen Xiang was inquiring Long Xueyi: What thing is this?” White Dragon Blood Dan is White Dragon with one similar pills thing that very strong blood condense comes out, regarding the average person biggest use is strong fleshly body, but is useful to the fleshly body quite weak person, generally is White Dragon is used to give these to have White Dragon Bloodline humanity to take, regarding this kind of person, the biggest use is the awakening bloodlines.” Moreover this need has the Immortal strength, has given birth to the male dragon can achieve, I am not good.” Long Xueyi said. Xu Weilong said: So long as can register, can participate through inspection, that Wang Shengren has wanted to challenge Shen Xiang, therefore they will not stop the Shen Xiang registration absolutely.” The Shen Xiang nod said: Right, if were prevented, my disguise change appearance, goes with another name, this White Dragon Blood Dan is very definitely precious regarding Wang Shengren, does not take does not take in vain.” When the time comes Wang Shengren also will participate, he has self-confident that first, therefore he gives up to take to make the reward White Dragon Blood Dan, then possible looked.” Yun Xiaodao said with a smile.

Night, Shen Xiang, Yun Xiaodao, Zhu Rong and Xiao Chou walk on the avenue, at this time the Shaoyun city is still extremely busy, in the Shaoyun dojo also spreads drinks the cry intermittently, with air wave shake that the martial arts contest has. Liao Shaoyun walked, not in inside.” Long Xueyi suddenly said: Was hides?” Shen Xiang has not thought that just came back soon Liao Shaoyun, suddenly walked. Does not manage, tonight must this Shaoyun dojo smashing.” Walking that Shen Xiang still threatens on street, the passer-by understood at a glance that their future is bad . Moreover the direction is the Shaoyun dojo. Today just presented the Liao Shaoyun posted a reward matter, in the evening some people of fight, this but actually also is very normal, but in this city majority are some participates in martial artist of Devil Subduing Martial Dao meeting, they have recognized Yun Xiaodao and Xu Weilong, but disguise change appearance Shen Xiang, and nobody recognizes with Xiao Chou. Shen Xiang they behind come to see the lively person with one crowd, this is just right for the meaning of Shen Xiang. Shaoyun dojo entrance, Shen Xiang they by two robust men blocking. „Do you do? To take the hall to advocate the persons head words, hurries to get the hell out......” The voice falls, Xiao Chou hits to a front door fist bang that is shutting tightly, fist energy likes the thunder, is spraying golden light, attacks the air time, arouses intermittent qi wave and shake sonic bang, hits on the body of that two robust man, the front door breaks to pieces immediately, the two also fly into the dojo, that gigantic body also destroyed many constructions. This lets the people in great surprise, because this youngster makes a masterly opening move baldly, a superficial fist, unexpectedly has so intense strength.

Walks!” Shen Xiang coldly drinks, sound wave shakes from his mouth, turns into dragon roar, is similar to the roaring crazy dragon, arouses one to bring the strength storm of strong repercussion, that naked eye obvious azure ripple, enormous and powerful toward front passage in the past. That decoration luxurious front door, after moving this sound wave, was torn instantaneously, becomes crushes, but these person who clashes from inside, was all shaken the vitality tuck dive, the mouth spits the blood, the scream again and again. This move, not only makes these with coming to see the lively person feels shocking, Yun Xiaodao they are also panic-stricken very! Dragon's Roar of the Nine Heavens, this was Divine Level sound wave martial arts, Shen Xiang courts death with three skills, caused the so intense destruction, if he used the full skill, perhaps these people were shaken unconscious, his all around person must be affected. Shen Xiang takes the lead, treads on these destroyed fragment, in violence, entered in the Shaoyun dojo a way of extremely. You...... Are you do do?” A middle-aged man led a group of people to clash, seeing here to be destroyed and in the ground everywhere in confusion lies down are being many their dojo the skilled person, simultaneously felt Shen Xiang their steaming ominous baleful aura potentials, let him immediately with amazement. We are smash the field, hasn't Liao Shaoyun said? Who has the skill, everyone can smash his Shaoyun dojo at any time.” Yun Xiaodao said while loudly laughing: Now where does this idiot hide? Cannot see own dojo to be moved, he will be very regrettable.” Xiao Chou curls the lip saying: Since smashes the hall, leaves is so wordy, I prove, we truly are smash the hall!” Herculean Clan was militant, the whole body violent blood, has this opportunity at this time, Xiao Chou is excited, the blood has ignited, he flew, was only instantaneous, the house dropped down, turns into the ruins.