World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 671
The jet black nighttime sky, glittering light glow, are reverberating the intermittent sound, is similar to the Imperial Palace general Shaoyun dojo, houses drop down one after another, Yun Xiaodao, Xiao Chou and Xu Weilong, carry on here destroy wantonly, but actually nobody dares to get rid to stop. In the person majority of Shaoyun dojo study military is some status honored Young Master elder brothers, sees Shen Xiang and the others so savage, they naturally know that these four people iron core must move the Shaoyun dojo, explained that they do not fear Liao Shaoyun and god child, if they stop now, perhaps will be killed. Although Liao Shaoyun not here, but can move his dojo to be also good. Stops to me, is your this dislikes the life to be long?” Such as lightning-like loudly shout transmits, making all people have a scare. Outside the Shaoyun dojo gathers round many people, these people have the person in city, there is a Shaoyun dojo, but most of them know that whose a moment ago that sound was. That is here City Lord, named Cai Yue. Xiaodao, who is this fellow?” Shen Xiang asked that but Yun Xiaodao they also stopped hitting to pound, gather together. They worried that Devil Subduing School will set out some old fellow, therefore they hit the speed very rapidness that pounds, the entire Shaoyun dojo, had most turns into the ruins, person who injured also several hundreds, is the people who the Shaoyun dojo invited. This fellow called Cai Yue, was here City Lord, it is said was in Devil Subduing School, the strength Tempering Realm peak, had thousand years old this year, although Nirvana was hopeless, depended upon pills to strengthen the life essence fellow, but his strength was not weak.” Yun Xiaodao said. Can live over a thousand years of Tempering Realm martial artist, the strength will not be certainly weak, but Shen Xiang actually did not fear. Master, allows me to come!” Xiao Chou takes one step, stands in Shen Xiang in front of them.

Shen Xiang nodded: Limelight.” Long Xueyi is monitoring all around sound, once there is powerful old fellow to appear, will immediately inform Shen Xiang they to run away, in order to avoid by these Nirvana Realm holds. Cai Yue has the appearance of middle-aged person, but the hair was somewhat white, tall and powerfully built, in eyes is passing an anger, because he sees the person who his domain acts unruly, unexpectedly is four young little rascal, especially Yun Xiaodao and Xu Weilong, Liao Shaoyun had told him, making him pay attention to these two. „The Liao Shaoyun running dog, should not be the running dog of god child, how many shameful matters have you handled for that Wang Shengren? I heard that Wang Shengren this Divine Stick has some special fondness......” The Yun Xiaodao words have not ended, that Cai Yue loudly shouted: Insulted the god child blatantly, you died, your this was Devil Subduing School does against!” Yun Xiaodao said with a sneer: But some people personally saw some black-robed man to seize some shiwuliu-year-old youngster, led into Devil Subduing School's god Kaaba......” That Cai Yue hears this saying, anger shouts to clear the way: Made false accusations......” is saying, that fought with the fists greatly to Yun Xiaodao, [gold/metal] glittering got up, strong murderous aura started storm, blew the big piece ruins. Your match is I.” Xiao Chou drinks, the palm like lightning, the imposing manner is rapid, the people see only Xiao Chou to wield the palm, is together [gold/metal] Rainbow, the long jab, in Cai Yue that is only great on the fist. A pā! resounding, surges qi wave, is swaying the sand dust, Xiao Chou is only at will a palm, under Cai Yue angry a fist on shouldering, this bald youngster strength, impressive. Millennium Old Wang eight, do not shrink well in the shell waits for death, oneself extend to give the person to chop, your this is dislikes the life to be long.” Xiao Chou laughs, double palm like the storm, palm technique is wild, but is not chaotic, the palm technique style, the change is surprised.

Cai Yue by this sudden exquisite, but actually wild such as the palm technique attack of sea, making him be caught off guard, can only resist, but in the heart is angry, he most abstained from that others mentioned his age, but Xiao Chou not only mentioned, but also insulted him. Xiao Chou is Herculean Clan, inborn Divine Power, after strength awakens, he also obtains the fortuitous encounter, connects the breakthrough, the strength is out of the ordinary, his each palm, contains is levelling off hilltops general strength, but Cai Yue can dodge or catch Xiao Chou that exquisite palm technique, but actually to lack the ability to do what one would like now. Shen Xiang could see that Xiao Chou strength is getting stronger and stronger, moves every time one step, can tread the ground to shiver. In a minute, Cai Yue that tall and strong body, was hit several palms by Xiao Chou, but very awfully, that strength is he is actually unprecedented, that and he cognition True Qi strength is different, but is one type seems from fleshly body above strength, but is actually not, because is also smuggling a strange aura. „Who are you?” The chest of Cai Yue had been held by the racket , the five main internal organs (entrails) in within the body, had been shaken disrupts. Snort, has remembered, father called Xiao Chou, honest saying, what dishonorable matter did that ask the Wang Shengren nonsense god child to make your sons of a bitch handle?” A Xiao Chou foot kicks on the left shoulder of that Cai Yue, formidable strength breaks together with an arm the left shoulder, the blood and broken bone puncture from the skin, the severe pain made Cai Yue send out severe howl. Said!” A Xiao Chou foot pedal on the left shoulder of that Cai Yue: Otherwise your this arm must be cut off.” A moment ago that severe pain, making Cai Yue have a shiver, he clenched teeth saying: He lets us in some far away villages, grasps with some virgins...... Is used......” The words have not played, in the sky a flame flies to shoot, strikes on the head of that Cai Yue, sees only Cai Yue head suddenly to explode, turns into the hashed meat.

Damn fellow, who?” Xiao Chou raises head looked that sees only Liao Shaoyun to wear the white clothing, grazes slowly from the sky, seeing this good-looking handsome man to kill Cai Yue with that method a moment ago, the people starting from somewhat believes now that the god child has handled some dishonorable matters, otherwise Liao Shaoyun will not eliminate a potential informant. Liao Shaoyun looks at Xiao Chou, indifferently said: Was you pounds my Shaoyun dojo? Also must force City Lord to acknowledge matter that slanders the god child, you want to slander that the reputation of god child, is Devil Subduing School does right.” Liao Shaoyun has not recognized Shen Xiang to come, he is only coldly looks at Xiao Chou, because Xiao Chou gives a very big constriction. Herculean Clan Xiao Chou? Snort, I already want to butcher you, who lets you are the Shen Xiang's apprentice? Now ruins my Shaoyun dojo, suffers to death!” Liao Shaoyun that such as the jade common handsome face, suddenly emits blue veins, body suddenly sprays golden light glow, seems is similar to Holy Light is ordinary, making the person have an impulsion of worshipping on bended knees. Sees this, all person hastily are far away. Takes other three people, this gives me baldly, I must make him live to might as well die.” The Liao Shaoyun facial color is fierce, is incompatible with sacred golden light that on him releases, as if a devil can use sacred chaste strength to be the same. By this ray is covering the Shen Xiang four people, actually some different feelings, because they feel an unusual evil looking aura, making them be similar to facing one Evil God that walks from Hell like that. Herculean Clan little rascal, god child very much likes certainly your.” Liao Shaoyun grins fiendishly, the void palm, the hand of Liao Shaoyun lays out golden light, turns into one not to have the hand of flesh and blood, looks like very scary.