World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 672
Liao Shaoyun this time martial arts, making Shen Xiang shock, because this martial arts is not Mortal World has absolutely, but evil aura that projects, only then has that type to evil martial arts, devil art not so evil aura that he cultivates. Why Xiao Chou does not know, both eyes brave red light, looks at dumbly there, Shen Xiang one startled, grazes, is rumbling a palm to that skeleton common big hand, „” an explosive, the thunderclap sound resounds through the horizon, a pure Extreme Yang aura, flutters in the ruins, but that only the evil clutches that becomes by evil looking golden light condense, was wrecked by Shen Xiang. Xiao Chou, here gives me!” The Shen Xiang sound is dignified, evil art that this Liao Shaoyun grasps now, is not Xiao Chou can deal with absolutely comes. Xiao Chou awakened, a moment ago his short distance by that golden light illumination, the whole body blood was welled up the head, making him lose the consciousness, if not Shen Xiang, he perhaps already encountered the violent treachery now. Shen Xiang!” Liao Shaoyun sound some shiver shouted, at this time his on the face full is excited, angry and excited...... Liao Shaoyun obtained that also to want precious Thunder Spirit compared with Fire Spirit, but he is sneak attacked by Shen Xiang on the same day, Thunder Spirit was attracted by Shen Xiang, making his strength reduce greatly, afterward he met god child Wang Shengren, can retrieval strength. Recollection the same day matter, Liao Shaoyun on is angry the whole body to shiver, he had a dream wants to kill Shen Xiang. The Xiao Chou given name, many people have listened, because he is few Herculean Clan, once during the heroic congress blossomed in radiant splendor, but was defeated by Shen Xiang finally, did obeisance Shen Xiang for the master. But the Shen Xiang's name, likes thunder reverberating in one's ears, now unexpectedly appears here, the people send out an intermittent surprised discussion immediately, but some people leave this Shaoyun dojo by far, Shen Xiang that savage strength, here many person has seen.

Since Shen Xiang issued a warrant for arrest, vanished for one month, now appears again, makes the so astonishing matter, gives to ruin the Shaoyun dojo, and has the conflict with Liao Shaoyun. Must know that Liao Shaoyun now at the height of power, is the god child favorite, does right with Liao Shaoyun, does not pay attention to the god child, this matter is some Nirvana Realm martial artist does not dare to be done, but Shen Xiang actually dares, but in the people eyes, this is also the matter of becoming accustomed. Is you issues a warrant for arrest my?” Liao Shaoyun shouted angrily, the anger in his heart, must seethe with excitement his blood combustion. Shen Xiang smiles lightly: I have used several grains of broken pill, has not thought that makes you fear with that Divine Stick like the turtle, shrank the egg.” In people heart ** criticizing, how many grain of broken pill did that also call? Life Returning Pill and Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan to martial artist may be supreme treasure, does not have the city valuably, unexpectedly in the Shen Xiang mouth degenerates into broken pill! Has not thought that Divine Stick also somewhat way, can make your this waste from stand newly!” Shen Xiang looks on Liao Shaoyun that evil looking golden light: This Divine Stick really deceives person, unexpectedly teaches you this evil art, but his Devil Subduing School's Suppressing Devil martial arts restrains your this evil art, I think that Divine Stick was possibly worried you some day will surpass him, therefore......” Shut up! Shen Xiang you practice is evil art, your devour my Thunder Spirit, lets my almost death Qi, if not for the god child, I have become the waste.” Liao Shaoyun annoyed exclaiming, this makes people dumbstruck, Shen Xiang unexpectedly have that to let wild Thunder Spirit that the person is panic at the news, moreover devour from Liao Shaoyun comes. Shen Xiang gives a calm smile: „Haven't you snatched from others? What's wrong, your also not fight? Feared me? My Devil Subduing Energy cultivated tenth layer, coped with your this Evil Devil outlets, the might will be bigger, Ha Ha......”

The Liao Shaoyun fist grips tightly, he really has the worry that Shen Xiang said that but he has released that evil looking golden light a moment ago, but makes him be surprised, Shen Xiang unexpectedly not by this golden light chaotic mind, but a moment ago that Xiao Chou, but the flash lost the consciousness. Shen Xiang also sees Liao Shaoyun the thoughts, he jokes: I give you again a double-hour, your this such insignificant ability does not have what function.” After he fuses Suppressing Devil Bloodline, cultivates strongest Suppressing Devil Golden Body, not only Hundred Poisons Immunity, can guard against various evil strength. Snort, your this blasphemed the evil person of god child, I must grasp to give the god the child to handle.” The Liao Shaoyun both arms shake, [gold/metal] projects from his fist, sees only his double fist chaotic dance, the step like the thunder, abhors rush over toward Shen Xiang. The fist hits in the air, since can blow out extremely evil looking golden light groups, the speed rapidness of Liao Shaoyun double fist, the instantaneous hundred fists, the sincere bang makes one to contain evil looking, but terror strength golden color light ball, is similar to the sudden downpour is ordinary, falls on Shen Xiang. Some golden light ball, fall after the ground, immediately pounds not a small pit, is similar to heavy rain rare book light ball from all directions, fires into Shen Xiang, after moving the thing, will blow out an intense energy, but Shen Xiang all around land also has innumerable golden light ball to descend, triggers an intermittent explosion. Shen Xiang was covered by innumerable golden light ball, is only instantaneous, his body suffers dozens wild strength impacts, Liao Shaoyun one after another knocks out the fist now, innumerable crack continuously, entire city by this intermittent explosive cage lid, but the place that Shen Xiang is golden light that one explodes intermittently dodges and intense the incomparably energy explodes, is unable to see clearly. Yun Xiaodao, Xiao Chou and Xu Weilong, was attacked by the group, they have no time to care about Shen Xiang now, they have the incomparable trust to Shen Xiang, they know that Shen Xiang can certainly deal with that Liao Shaoyun.

Shen Xiang, Ha Ha...... You before arrogant, thinks that learned Devil Subduing Energy tenth layer on the unmatched in the world?” Liao Shaoyun is laughing wildly, the double fist brandishes with his crazy laughter, was ruthlessly was severer, the dark nighttime sky left golden light that intermittent [gold/metal] Qiu exploded to illuminate well-illuminated. When the people think Shen Xiang was exploded the leaning body scale wound, Shen Xiang that light sound passes on: I have said that your this evil art could not cope with me.” Shen Xiang drinks low and deep, strong water vapor explodes to shoot, the water vapor turns into a chaste white fog, purified that to cover in the evil looking aura of upper air instantaneously. Meanwhile, turns into the ruins fierce Shaoyun dojo, suddenly sways, even some places already split open. Broken!” The Shen Xiang body trembles, Dragon Force explodes to all around from the body, that is covering his golden light ball, was shaken instantaneously vanishes into thin air. Dragon Force! Sees this strength, in the Xiao Chou heart trembles, this strength is his nightmare, on the same day he maliciously is defeated with this strength by Shen Xiang. In the Liao Shaoyun heart is also panic-stricken incomparable, because of Shen Xiang this time strength, unexpectedly is so fearful, especially that pure Dragon Force, as well as one type makes him feel that the frightened aura, causing his within the body that evil strength to weaken several points instantaneously.