World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 673
The people in entire Shaoyun city were alarmed, the surrounding urban also some people in abundance dare to come, many people knew that is Shen Xiang and Liao Shaoyun great war, felt that is excited and surprised, seeks for a good position to watch. The Shen Xiang whole body is overflowing Dragon Force, cultivates Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art humanity, can practice strength of dragon to come, in the past Shen Xiang's Master Huang Jintian, by vigorous fearful Dragon Force, shook entire Mortal Martial World! Shen Xiang at this time looked like an ancient times big dragon of consciousness, the whole body passed sends great changes plain strength, the earth is shivering, the wind and cloud changed color, Dragon Force surged in the Shen Xiang's body, expresses the intermittent jar cry, as if ominous Dragon roared. Liao Shaoyun, we make one to mediate today!” Shen Xiang treads fiercely, sees only a crack to split from his under foot, that white Dragon Force jumps to shoot from his, turns into a white dragon, along crack toward the Liao Shaoyun impact in the past. Sees this, the people call out in alarm, this Dragon Slaying Martial Art originally unusual, can see others to display is rare, most makes people feel what is shocking, White Dragon that Dragon Force turns into, unexpectedly suddenly turns into the red, the whole body red crystal common scales, the flame is steaming, the imposing manner is threatening, flies to leap up from the crack, toward the Liao Shaoyun clash in the past. Shen Xiang has used Fire God Dragon Spirit strength, making in Dragon Force strengthen, in addition his magic power utilization, making this strength turn into Fire Dragon, is only the imposing manner, enough makes the person shock. Liao Shaoyun has not thought that Shen Xiang optional, can display this terrifying Dragon Slaying Martial Art, turned into a lifelike dragon by own strength. He looks at that to roar, whole body releases angry flame Fire Dragon to attack, the heart is panic-stricken, exudes one to roar, strengthens own imposing manner, the double palm superposition, whole body golden light sparkles, a ray of light column from his palm splattering, hits on that fire dragon head. The Liao Shaoyun strength is also very powerful, in he meets incurs under vigorously, routs that Fire Dragon, lets the flame that Fire Dragon turns into to break to pieces innumerably quickly, scatters in the ruins, lights some woods. Blustered!” Liao Shaoyun saw that Fire Dragon easily to be so ruined by oneself, has sneered, the double palm of that superposition, to the Shen Xiang blowout none remaining, unexpectedly was penetrating the Shen Xiang's body together directly, has made a hole in the Shen Xiang's chest. Sees so easily, the people cannot believe that Shen Xiang such was made a blood hole, Liao Shaoyun does not believe that they remember Shen Xiang that move subconsciously Water Mirror Art, but this is actually not, because after displaying Water Mirror Art was hit, will turn into mist dispersing, but now not only does not have, but also chest that hole also flows out the blood. When Xiao Chou they want to yell angrily, Shen Xiang suddenly appears in the Liao Shaoyun body side, is patting to a cheeks palm of Liao Shaoyun.

Liao Shaoyun had determined the Shen Xiang's chest started out a hole by him, but Shen Xiang suddenly appears firmly, making him be caught off guard. pā pā pā pā pā pā......” ten thunderclap resound one after another, Shen Xiang used Dragon Force and Devil Subduing Energy ten layers strength, has slapped Liao Shaoyun. After Liao Shaoyun that frail delicate and gentle features by racket, the cheeks above skeleton crushes immediately, the tooth also leaves that strength to shake the turns into snow white small fragment, splatters from the Liao Shaoyun mouth in along with blood. After a palm makes, the Shen Xiang double fist simultaneously rumbles, above presents a pair of fierce appearance glove person, the murderous aura spout, covers the sky. Liao Shaoyun is angry thinks cursed, but Shen Xiang does not give him the opportunity, even if his several grains want to yell, spouts blood. That virtual image that Shen Xiang released a moment ago, is he uses the Water Mirror Art coordination camouflage to transform, is lifelike, even if were hit will not diverge, can be used to divert others' attention, gives the opposite party to strike while this fatally. A series of explosives, reverberate again in the horizon, but this time is Shen Xiang releases, he blows out Devil Subduing Energy ten layers strength sincerely, moreover urges to send with Dragon Force, coordinates God Slaughtering Hand, these wild strength convergence together, hit on the body of Liao Shaoyun, each fist can grinds the sauce Liao Shaoyun body inside skeleton and flesh and blood. Liao Shaoyun body several suffer several hundred fists instantaneously, is complete besides the forehead, that body turned into the mud, his eye anger is staring Shen Xiang, the look of that hatred, as if must be able Shen Xiang to be cut to pieces general, but in his eyes actually cannot help but reveals to fear and despair, he knows that own today was dead. A Shen Xiang foot steps in his cheeks, unemotionally said: How in the past you were stepping on me, 30 years of east of the river 30 years of Hexi!” Then, a Shen Xiang vigorously foot, stepped on has broken to pieces two bones of Liao Shaoyun, making Liao Shaoyun send out extremely tragic severe howl. God child must come!” Long Xueyi shouted.

Shen Xiang they have hit a meaningful glance to Yun Xiaodao, making them leave, before Shen Xiang and they reached an agreement, they know that after having the fierce fellow must come, hastily departs, dies the famous family juniors in their hands also dozens, moreover some were the Devil Subduing School's students. Shen Xiang savage is stepping on the face of Liao Shaoyun, does not kill him, he had said before, will not make Liao Shaoyun die too easily. Is listening to Liao Shaoyun that sad and shrill neighing, in the people heart is scared, even if Shen Xiang does not have disguise change appearance now, they can also recognize this are Shen Xiang. Bold Shen Xiang, dares to cause trouble in my Devil Subduing School's domain, but also kills my Devil Subduing School's elite disciple, I must make you die without the burial ground.” Together the sound that is full of the imposing manner conveys, sound ice-cold, but is similar to the ruler has one potential that generally makes the person submit, in the angry sound, including that Slaughter Qi of belt, unexpectedly can break through murderous aura that Shen Xiang releases. The god child came, this is a wear golden robe man, the surface like the jade pendant adorning a hat, the eyebrow such as the double sword, the pupil like the star, his light falling in front of Shen Xiang, that pair is similar to the sea common profound pupil, releases duo duo the ray, is staring at Shen Xiang, is similar to Spiritual God looks at mortal such. If other people, perhaps already prostrated oneself, but Shen Xiang is actually not, his is still stepping on the head of that Liao Shaoyun. Has put him, I give you an opportunity and my duel, making you die directly and honestly!” Wang Shengren eyes flashes through wipes not quickly, because Shen Xiang unexpectedly has not respected him like other people. Divine Stick, finally saw you!” Shen Xiang laughs: You must have a look at you such to make me but actually die not directly and honestly!” During the speeches, Shen Xiang under foot strength condense, the Devil Subduing Energy ten layers strength sprays, ten shock the thunderclap of world to resound one after another, the Liao Shaoyun whole body including the raging fire of belt was burnt down the ashes by Devil Subduing Energy in immediately. My life Qi/angry.” The muscle spasm on Wang Shengren face, from him was determined is the god child time, he has not received such provocation, he is gripping tightly on double fist, the pale golden light glow sparkle, his back golden robe flutters, a that imposing manner emergence, the world changes color, the wind and cloud surges, the earth shivers.

Devil Subduing Fist!” Wang Shengren golden fist, space tabon, that fist above golden color light glow, as if are innumerable Evil Devil to struggle to roar generally, raids turbulently toward Shen Xiang. Devil Subduing Energy!” The Shen Xiang whole body is releasing glittering and translucent carving, is similar to the clear water general energy, on the fist truly white Dragon Force fuses together with that transparent energy, looks like as if Dragon Force is wrapped by the pure liquid is being same. Sees that transparent energy, in the Wang Shengren heart in great surprise, but the Shen Xiang's fist has hit on his fist. The people hastily preparation resists that qi wave, but anything has not actually occurred, stems from the anticipation of people, moreover does not conform to the common sense. You...... You......” the Wang Shengren whole body trembles, the muscle on face twitches, can see him now angrily. Saw only him to leave that arm of fist a moment ago, suddenly lets fall, probably did not have the bone, suddenly changed soft general. Transforming Bone Devil Palm! Shen Xiang used this devil art once more, melted that Wang Shengren arm inside bone!