World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 674
Wang Shengren worthily is the god child, obtains Heaven World's Suppressing Devil Temple to regard as important, the strength is very strong, in the Shen Xiang body has strength in scurrying about, if were not he depends upon Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art to process that to enter in his body wild strength, he perhaps already exploded now. This such insignificant ability, cannot frighten my.” Wang Shengren wields another hand, must hit to Shen Xiang, but suddenly presented several old man at this time, they stand in Wang Shengren, threatens, looks at their taking care, knows that they are the Devil Subduing School's elders. But Shen Xiang's old friend Zuo Zhenxuan also felt that he does not have the real power in Devil Subduing School, because his strength is very strong, can deter these elders. Not long, Shen Xiang saw the face that he has been familiar with, Man Futian this new Dean also to come, he regarding Shen Xiang as far as possible evaded, but far it, because he knows that Shen Xiang was not affable little rascal. Stands in Wang Shengren behind person, crossed the Nirvana Realm seven tribulations, expert of eight tribulations, but Shen Xiang actually does not fear now, although his strength is well below these people, but these people actually do not dare such at will to Shen Xiang fight, because this is the matter of junior, the words that their these expert meddle, behind Shen Xiang these expert will not give up. What's wrong? Can depend upon the helper?” Shen Xiang said with a sneer. The person who these surround sees Devil Subduing School's old fellow to appear, many runs far, if these Nirvana Realm hits, the consequence is dreadful, the entire city was ruined that is also very normal matter. The people are unreadable, why Shen Xiang this strength do not arrive at the Nirvana Realm person, will have such full energy facing this crowd of old fellow, must know that this group of old fellow casual people, waved to be able him to give to extinguish. Shen Xiang, you must know that this city obtains our Devil Subduing School asylum, you not only ruin here Shaoyun dojo, but also kills our Devil Subduing School's elite student Liao Shaoyun, you are do not pay attention to us.” An elder points at Shen Xiang, the angry sound was saying. I and Liao Shaoyun grievances you are not do not know that I ask him to revenge, have such matter also normally, but, why always he looks for me, can't I look for him? This city obtains your asylums, but why the friend of mine will be injured by Liao Shaoyun here, ruins an arm, at that time you where?”

Shen Xiang coldly looks at that old man, loud voice said: Moreover here is our Mortal Martial World domain, your Devil Subduing School is only external, moreover some people said a moment ago this anything god child uses his strength, has made many shameful deals.” Do not make slanderous accusations against others!” Wang Shengren immediately shouted. Shen Xiang coldly smiled: I just learned a mysterious method, is called the heart demon to vow, is similar to Blood Contract, so long as you send a heart demon to vow, said one have not been these shameful deal people, had not found the heart demon oath to make a false counter-accusation, but death words, is I makes false accusations.” Dares to come?” Shen Xiang compels to ask. Utter nonsense, my manner is frank, I have not done have not done, does not need these evil technique to show.” Wang Shengren refuses stubbornly to acknowledge that this is also expected in Shen Xiang. The facial expression that Shen Xiang looks at that several elders, he can feel that these elders do not know that shameful matter that probably Wang Shengren handles, Wang Shengren renounced makes a vow the demon oath the time a moment ago, on these old man faces has an unusual facial expression. Wang Shengren had also realized this, that heart demon vowed him not to hear in Heaven World, his also suspicion was Shen Xiang intentionally arranges to frighten his, but he had the worry real, when the time comes he made a vow the demon oath time, perhaps will therefore die. You slandered me again and again, I cannot circle you today!” Wang Shengren suddenly is angry, Zhang Junxiu's face full is the ominous color, the whole body is erupting the intermittent threatening imposing manner, looks like several points of Slaughter God imposing manner. The Shen Xiang fist grasps, has been ready that accepts a challenge, but Wang Shengren also realized now that his arm has more than enough, the strength falls short surely greatly, moreover Devil Subduing Martial Dao must start quickly, at that time he may need to meet the above big show skill in Martial Dao, was praised by oneself, then using the resources that Devil Subduing School has, becomes the Mortal Martial Realm authority biggest person by oneself.

However, Shen Xiang is a big hindrance, Wang Shengren wants to defeat Shen Xiang to praise, but now he looks like, the Shen Xiang's strength surpasses his estimate, in order to by oneself seize the Martial Dao meeting steadily first, he cannot make Shen Xiang participate, the best means killed Shen Xiang. Four Great Elder, take Shen Xiang!” Wang Shengren drinks one coldly, in eyes full is the color of haughty. Shen Xiang cannot help but disappointed sighs, this god child really disappointed him, unexpectedly made this showing weakness, moreover from falling the matter of sale price. That four Great Elder just thought fight, the distant place hears a big laughter: God child is also mediocre, how could to be convincing?” Along with it, a manner uncommon handsome youth grazes to come from the distant place, Shen Xiang one hear of that sounds, know that was Gu Dongchen, but Long Xueyi already induced to Gu Dongchen in the, therefore Shen Xiang was secure. A Gu Dongchen appearance, has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder, said while loudly laughing: Young Martial Uncle, great, one month does not see, your unexpectedly can get so far as Life Returning Pill, this thing some of your also how many?” Hears Gu Dongchen such to ask that Wang Shengren complexion becomes very ugly, because he that persons head has posted a reward by grain of Life Returning Pill now, moreover makes many expert be ready to make trouble, paces back and forth around Devil Subduing School frequently, making him feel the unprecedented threat. Thinks that many people for grain of Life Returning Pill, keep thinking about persons head of this god child, in the Wang Shengren heart choke with rage incomparably, his persons head unexpectedly only value grain of Life Returning Pill. But he has to acknowledge that here Life Returning Pill truly made formidable martial artist have the motion, if Shen Xiang had many several grains again, he definitely will fall into danger(ous).

Shen Xiang said with a smile: Not many grains, but actually sufficed to buy persons head of four people.” He spoke, looked to that four Great Elder. When Life Returning Pill is crosses Nirvana Tribulation saint medicine, herbs in Mortal Martial World very at least, even if there is herbs, some people can build up to be good, but understood that refines the Life Returning Pill alchemy master, are not many in Mortal Martial World, most famous is Danxiang Taoyuan's Hua Xiangyue and Extreme Martial Sect's Elder Dan. However these two alchemy masters, probably and Shen Xiang's relationship is very good, otherwise in the Shen Xiang hand is impossible to have these many Life Returning Pill to spend freely, naturally, this is many people's guesses. We walk, Extreme Martial Sect, your other haughty are unconventional, sooner or later some day you absolutely will be stepped on by us in the under foot.” God child coldly said, he does not fear exposed now his ambition. So long as is Mortal Martial World above influence Big Shot, can guess correctly that Devil Subduing School and Fire God Palace come the Mortal Martial World goal.