World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 675
Gu Dongchen brings Shen Xiang to arrive at another city, Yun Xiaodao they also here, they see Shen Xiang to come back completely, relaxed, but they when the Shaoyun dojo, satisfied a craving. Devil Subduing Martial Dao when the time comes is not only martial artist will compare notes the skill in martial arts, but also many expert gather the together discussion to resist the recollection of Demon and Devil, therefore Gu Dongchen will come here. In house that Gu Dongchen rents, Shen Xiang they sit in the hall, was saying matter that today has. Dean, what shameful matter has Wang Shengren handled? Does he grasp that many youngster to do?” Yun Xiaodao asked: Moreover grasps from some far away continent.” Shen Xiang said: Moreover is hiding the truth from Devil Subduing School these old fellow, he also has grasped evidently much, makes Liao Shaoyun these people handle matters for him specially, he has the means to make others be dead set on to him probably.” The Gu Dongchen facial color sinks, said: Mystically is also missing in Extreme Martial Province several hundred youngster, majority in some far away mountains, if finds out is Wang Shengren this fellow does, we do not forgive him.” „The ambition of this fellow is very big, unexpectedly thinks that series Mortal Martial World, Fire God Palace thought now so is not easy.” Xu Weilong said with a sneer: Fire God Palace's Palace Master has traded one probably, does not know that will then be what kind.” Gu Dongchen said: Your three return to Extreme Martial Sect to go, you will have to participate to hit to smash that Shaoyun dojo, Devil Subduing School will certainly not let off your, I usually could not take care of you.” Xiao Chou spits the tongue, how he wants to have a look at his Master to defeat that Wang Shengren very much, but the Gu Dongchen words, they have no alternative but to listen. In order to assure their securities, Gu Dongchen delivers them to step into Teleportation Formation.

In the morning, Gu Dongchen sees Shen Xiang disguise change appearance, goes out of the room hurriedly, then asked: Where do you want to go to? You were recently careful, you thoroughly offended Devil Subduing School now, although they do not dare to look for your trouble now visibly, feared that they are starting in secret.” Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: I must attend that Devil Subduing Martial Dao meeting, does not know that this Wang Shengren can prevent me to register.” Young Martial Uncle, that what should White Dragon Blood Dan not have what use to you? Is worthwhile such take risks?” Gu Dongchen sighed, asked. Use may, later you know greatly, I walked.” Shen Xiang leaves from the back door, after confirming nobody tracks, toward Devil Subduing School walks. This Devil Subduing School Shen Xiang very has also been familiar, he stands outside tall wall, looks at a very high pinnacle, a moment later leaves, then arrives at a nearby hotel, is waiting for any person likely here. Shen Xiang a moment ago outside Devil Subduing School, to inside Zuo Zhenxuan pass on message, but Zuo Zhenxuan responded to him, making him wait here. Not long, Zuo Zhenxuan came, he also after masquerading, although he is Devil Subduing School's Dean, but Shen Xiang actually very trusts him, Shen Xiang can be said as the Zuo Zhenxuan benefactor, Zuo Zhenxuan will certainly not betray Shen Xiang. „The matter that brat, your this time makes is very big, Wang Shengren this passed on Heaven World the news, I look not long, Heaven World will send more people to get down.” The Zuo Zhenxuan complexion is very serious, and worried very: Heaven World's Suppressing Devil Temple is very formidable, moreover takes seriously the god child very much, therefore they do not hesitate to consume the large amounts of resources, opens that large-scale Teleportation Formation, transmits their people.” Transmits naturally is Nirvana Realm, but these people on Heaven World also many, Shen Xiang also understands that now why Zuo Zhenxuan such worried.

Old Zuo, that doesn't Wang Shengren make me enter for the Devil Subduing Martial Dao meeting?” Shen Xiang asked. The Zuo Zhenxuan nod said: This is affirmative, his strength has threatened him, he cannot be defeated by you at that time.” Shen Xiang has sneered, then lowers the sound: You help me convey a message to him, said that if he registers to me, and he can obtain first of Devil Subduing Martial Dao meeting, I having the matter about Sacred Dan World told him.” Hears the Sacred Dan World three characters, the Zuo Zhenxuan whole body shakes, because their these Devil Subduing School's high levels know that the god child is looking for the Sacred Dan World method now. On that day I have won Fan Yakun that came from Sacred Dan World, and has become with Fan Yakun the friend, you told him these, he must make me enter, Hehe.” Shen Xiang said very self-confidently: Fan Yakun whereabouts, only then I know, moreover he also knows how to return to Sacred Dan World, if Wang Shengren does not want to miss this opportunity, he knows how should do.” Initially was Zuo Zhenxuan tells Shen Xiang, that Wang Shengren in seeking for Suppressing Devil Bloodline, but Suppressing Devil Bloodline in Sacred Dan World, if Wang Shengren knows that must accept the Shen Xiang's condition, because that can make him inherit Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable bloodline, only by doing so, later can control the forces of nature in Suppressing Devil Temple. However now, how that Wang Shengren seeks in any event, absolutely could not find that Suppressing Devil Bloodline, because was obtained by Shen Xiang. Good, I will help you pass on his, you register, looks for me in just before the end of as far as possible.” Zuo Zhenxuan said. After Shen Xiang and Zuo Zhenxuan leave the hotel, leaves respectively, but Shen Xiang steps into a forest, transmits Chenwu Mainland him with Space Gate.

Does not know that Sister Meng'er they on cultivating these cultivation technique do have the harvest?” Shen Xiang now in Fragrance City outside mountain forest, one month ago, he has given Liu Meng'er and some Hua Xiangyue cultivation technique, majority are Devil Subduing School inside Devil Subduing martial arts. Shen Xiang walks, asked: dragon brat, that is White Dragon Blood Dan very difficult to obtain?” Naturally, the White Dragon quantity are not many, it is said takes many words, can have the bloodlines of dragon blood by oneself, regarding that Divine Stick, is very precious thing.” Long Xueyi said. After Shen Xiang enters Danxiang Taoyuan, had not found Liu Meng'er they, because of them not here. Young Master Shen, you are also look for Dean?” Mrs. Li sees to stroll in Danxiang Taoyuan disappointed, then lightly sighed: Oh, Dean has not come back, I am also looking for him.” Shen Xiang and Mrs. Li have been familiar, he asked: What important matter do you ask her to have?” Mrs. Li nodded: „More than ten days ago, Danxiang Tower suddenly came the gang, they are find fault probably intentionally, but their procedures are not excessive, but was taunting us not to have some better pills and alchemy master, but the pills majority that they purchased were fire attribute, was scarce, we sold to their some, but we also need to remain give ourselves.” What background are this group of people? I could help you solve, leading me to go to be able they.” Shen Xiang suddenly is very curious.