World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 676
Does not know any background, but has Nirvana Realm young people in them, they must see Dean, but Dean does not know that now where, I also truthfully told them, but they said that Dean looks down upon them, is not willing to see, oh.” Mrs. Li is very helpless. Shen Xiang said with a smile: My good and bad is also the Danxiang Taoyuan's chief honor alchemy master, allows me to come tries.” Mrs. Li naturally knows that Shen Xiang and Hua Xiangyue's relationship is very good, she also can only look at Shen Xiang's now. They do not have what hostility, is only somewhat discontented with Danxiang Taoyuan, Young Master Shen and other please do not have the conflict with them, they for serveral days, have purchased many pills, was our big guests, but was somewhat difficult to deal with.” Mrs. Li naturally knows the Shen Xiang's conduct attitude, therefore she will urge. In Danxiang Tower fifth layer, in a luxurious living room sits several clothing noble aura young men, after they see Mrs. Li arrives, hastily stands up, looks like well-mannered. However when they have not seen the Hua Xiangyue's time, on face cannot help but disappointed, annoyed. Our Dean do not know where really went, she definitely was closing up, but also asked everybody to understand.” Mrs. Li hurriedly said. Ok, when our came in vain.” An appearance is ordinary, but has a man of King style saying that Shen Xiang sees him is Nirvana Realm expert. Our Danxiang Taoyuan's chief honor alchemy master came, he is also looks for our Dean, is only Dean not here.” Mrs. Li looked at Shen Xiang, said. For Shen Xiang does not bring to the attention, he releases a aura quietly, making others see him is Tempering Realm martial artist, but after that five people see Shen Xiang's, is a face disdains. That Nirvana Realm man said tactfully: Considers as finished, did not disturb you, franked, we were look for your Dean, I think, only then she coordinated us to discuss.” Person who in Mortal Martial World takes a walk frequently, knows that the Danxiang Taoyuan's chief honor alchemy master is Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang's alchemy level shakes entire Mortal Martial World, although now is also not a high level alchemy master, but many people favor him.

But these people probably have not actually heard this matter, therefore Shen Xiang guessed that they are some little person who comes out to take a walk, or came from other world. I listened to Mrs. Li saying that you needed massive fire attribute pills, right?” Shen Xiang asked that this pills he did not lack, Black Sun Fire Pill refinement herbs he was many. Good, but your Danxiang Taoyuan disappointed us.” The man said. Shen Xiang smiled: Relax, I will definitely not make you go back disappointedly, I worried that your insufficient crystal stones purchases fire attribute pills in my hand.” Snort, what good pills can you have? Although we lack fire attribute pills, but we are also the alchemy masters, do not think that we can deceive casually.” The man is somewhat angry, because Shen Xiang unexpectedly thinks that they cannot afford pills. Shen Xiang can conclude now that these people from other world, in that world definitely very deficient fire attribute herbs, but they are the alchemy masters, for has been promoted, naturally must leave that world to seek. How many do you look at this value?” Shen Xiang put out one grain to burn flame lotus seed, this was Fire Dragon Blood lotus seed that the past years won, was the same with White Jade Lotus Seed, belongs to Earth Level High-Grade herbs, but the use did not have White Jade Lotus Seed to be good, because White Jade Lotus Seed can therapy. So long as is mortal world, in Earth Level High-Grade herbs is scarce, especially lacks the fire attribute herbs world regarding these, this Fire Dragon Blood lotus seed precious incomparable. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had said that some world are the Five Elements attribute non-uniform world, or deviation water, fire, will therefore make some attribute herbs lack. Really, after Shen Xiang puts out this Fire Dragon Blood lotus seed, the eyes of that five person looked straight, this could be said as they first time has seen best fire attribute herbs. Fire Dragon Blood lotus seed, how will you have this type of thing?” Male took a deep breath, stares looks on the Shen Xiang fingertip is pinching fire Honglian, wishes one could to snatch such.

Shen Xiang said with a smile: Good eye, but this thing is also very valuable here, how casually not to sell, generally must through the way of auction.” Naturally, I do not lack crystal stones, therefore I will not sell with this type of rare and precious thing, this you should understand.” The man nodded: Right, changes into us, will not sell easily, but we really need this herbs now.” Such being the case, then we sit to chat now, what kind of?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Mrs. Li relaxed, hastily gives Shen Xiang and that five people but actually the tea. I called Shen Xiang, I think you should not be Mortal Martial World?” Shen Xiang said. Other people did not speak, only then that strength Nirvana Realm man responded: I called Tie Ming, has not thought of your excellency to be young, but the skill was not small, you were first one can see us are not the person of this world.” With such that Mrs. Li said that these people are well-meant. Shen Xiang said: My Fire Dragon Blood lotus seed are not many, if you want, takes the things of some same level values and I exchanges, if the cooperation is happy, in my hand also some fire attribute end product pill, can exchange with you.” Shen Xiang does not lack crystal stones now, he wants to collect some rare herbs, then duplicates comes out massively, once he grasped many rare pill, what he when the time comes does want? Tie Ming knits the brows to think, this transaction is also very common, he is thinking must exchange with anything.

This thing do you know?” Tie Ming intends to test Shen Xiang, has put out a transparent bead of fist size, inside glittering purple. After Su Meiyao sees, immediately said: Thunder Spirit Fruit, this type of thing, but the different fruit, can grow Thunder Spirit to come, but the growth said the time of requiring is very long, but your Soul Creation Fluid can solve this problem.” The Su Meiyao's sound becomes very excited: Changes this thing as far as possible, you must know that Thunder Spirit is rarer than Fire Spirit.” In Shen Xiang heart panic-stricken, unexpectedly has this heaven defying tree, can plant Thunder Spirit. Thunder Spirit Fruit, can you trade with this type of thing?” Shen Xiang expression is motionless, indifferently said. This is completely maturity purple Thunder Spirit Fruit, we and you exchange with Thunder Spirit, if you are not willing, that.” Tie Ming said that in the heart is very disturbed, because this was in their hands the most precious thing. They are the alchemy masters, will fuse Fire Spirit only to affect their flame for them, making their flame unstable, therefore they will definitely not fuse. Everybody, since came from far away, I do not want to disappoint you, then exchanges.” Shen Xiang walks up, has handed over Fire Dragon Blood lotus seed. Can trade Thunder Spirit Fruit with this Fire Dragon Blood lotus seed, he was gains in a big way.