World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 677
Shen Xiang also planned and this group of people continues to trade, because he uses Fire Dragon Blood lotus seed to obtain Thunder Spirit Fruit, got to know the benefits, but after Tie Ming attains this blood lotus seed, hurriedly walked, this makes Shen Xiang feel was a pity very that he thought the words that continues to trade perhaps, can trade more things. Before Tie Ming walks, had said that he will also come back, but does not know when must arrive. Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue must prepare to cross Nirvana Tribulation, now could not find them is very normal, but, Shen Xiang thought that has not seen these two beautiful women, is somewhat disappointed. ------ King Continent, Devil Subduing School! Shen Xiang stands outside the fence, is communicating with Divine Sense and inside Zuo Zhenxuan, if he expects, that god child highly cares to Sacred Dan World inside Suppressing Devil Bloodline, although suspected, but allows him to enter for the Devil Subduing Martial Dao meeting. Shen Xiang?” Shen Xiang just arrived at the Devil Subduing School registration place, actually hears behind to pass to together the tender sweet voice, he turns the head to look where puts on the delightful young girl of blue skirt to stand, the correct use mischievous look visits him, this is that Blue Blood Clan Lan Lan, previous King Martial Dao meeting time, by Shen Xiang defeating. giggle...... you look like target of universal detestation are now same, feared, registers also to dress up this.” Lan Lan said with a smile tenderly, jumps to arrive in front of Shen Xiang, has made an ugly face to Shen Xiang: This time I must win you, is waiting to me.” It looks like she, although is a adorable young beautiful woman, however her real age is actually several hundred years old, but when she from top to bottom besides the cheek appealing eyeball, is her chest that to walking the big rabbit that can vibrate, will always make many male draft animals unable to bear looks at two. little girl, your this whole life could not win me, if on the bed, possibly had the opportunity.” The Long Xueyi model the Shen Xiang's sound, was saying with a smile with a very evil expression. After Lan Lan hears, the tender body trembles, fierce has turned head, unexpectedly has not gotten angry, but is rousing the face, scolded one tenderly: rascal, gets what one deserves issues a warrant for arrest.”

Looks that Lan Lan turns that small buttocks to register, Shen Xiang scolded lowly to Long Xueyi: dragon brat, you are envying Lan Lan, although her chest you are not big.” Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said: This little girl chest is big, will not trace to you, but can I touch to you?” Really?” In the Shen Xiang mind reappears immediately Long Xueyi that abundant chest. in your dreams.” Long Xueyi chuckle said: If wants to touch me, how you said that must win me.” Shen Xiang curls the lip, walks into that registration in the house, although soon cut off to register, but many people came. After going, Shen Xiang had discovered female who looks familiar very much, but that female has not recognized him. Cat monster, the stature was getting better and better!” The Long Xueyi model the Shen Xiang's sound, had been shouting, the expression selects very lightly, sounds probably is these in the street the hoodlum who sexually harasses the gentlewomen. In this house has many people, after hearing this sound, hastily turns the head to look at Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang now is a middle-aged uncle's appearance, here person has revealed the despising look to him. Shen Xiang is very innocent, because this was not he said that but was Long Xueyi plays tricks on him intentionally, but he said that now anything was useless. Who are you?” Stature tall, wears red skirt, the appearance charming female arrives in front of Shen Xiang.

This rascal is Shen Xiang, his persons head is very precious, everybody hurries fight.” Lan Lan said with a smile tenderly. This lets the people in great surprise, hastily shunts, Shen Xiang now is fiend existence, to take his persons head person, although has, but are not many, but more people keep at a respectful distance. Miss Yan, has not thought long time no see your strength is increased such quickly.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. This female is Beast Martial Sect's number one beauty, Yan Yanran, initially maliciously had been punched by Shen Xiang, but actually not injured, at that time she stayed behind on the Shen Xiang's palm has been similar to the cat same vestige of the past, therefore Long Xueyi will shout a moment ago also her for the cat monster. Young Master Shen also is really and in the hearsay such loose, unexpectedly is also keeping thinking about me, naturally I forever will also remember your, you first time have beaten savagely my with such barbaric method.” Said behind, in the Yan Yanran sound is passing a hidden bitterness, blamed Shen Xiang not to understand to show tender affection. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Does not fight on the bed, naturally does not need that gently.” Lan Lanhe Yan Yanran by Shen Xiang has defeated the lovable girl of day, regarding the Shen Xiang's strength, they have a vivid memory now, moreover offensive very savage, they, although on the mouth said that must defeat Shen Xiang, but in their heart actually does not want to face Shen Xiang. „Are you Shen Xiang? Really is a disreputable fellow, regarding such beautiful person, unexpectedly can say such vulgar words to come.” Shen Xiang turns around to look that sees a man of wear fiery red fancy dress to stand in the entrance, this man looks like an elegant bearing appearance, is long is very but actually handsome, as soon as he comes, arrives at the Yan Yanran side, said something to smooth things over this to caress flatters the tall female. Does not know whether the miss can accept this invite with me and eats meal together?” The man said. I do not have the time.” Yan Yanran throws to the smiling face that his is sorry.

Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: Others, but the Fire God Palace's person, the cat monster you too did not give him the face, naturally, this fellow was not concerned about face, plundered others' Fire Spirit specially, but also kept on proclaiming said that this was the just behavior, they have not had a face to want.” The clothing of this man truly is Fire God Palace's, moreover person who from his flame aura, is one has Fire Spirit surely, before Shen Xiang, has not heard him, therefore he guessed that this man should be just got down from Heaven World. Shen Xiang, do you believe me to take down your persons head to trade the monetary reward now?” The man the violent anger, has taken off a Chinese-style gown immediately, looks at that stance, probably must go all out to be the same with Shen Xiang. I believe you, then?” Shen Xiang did not fear that this fellow, the Fire God Palace's person he also has to kill, and has killed much, but also is the important personages. Your peaceful, do not affect others to register, the noisy words, I throw you.” old man coldly shouted, releases a pressure. Shen Xiang, you slander our Fire God Palace, my Ling Chong is the Fire God Palace's person, certainly will not let off your.” The man puts down the ruthless words, then walks to register. Shen Xiang looks at his back, was estimating his Fire Spirit, must know Shen Xiang grasps now has withdrawn the Fire Spirit means that this Ling Chong in his eyes, is a large sum of money wealth, but this called the Ling Chong man, has not known one were regarded bulk fat to regard by others. After registering, Shen Xiang under the gazes of many people, leaves hurriedly, he is criticizing Lan Lanhe Long Xueyi these two attire tender fellows of chest big non- brains, making him stare by others.