World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 678
After Shen Xiang leaves Devil Subduing School, what making him somewhat unexpected is, Lan Lanhe Yan Yanran unexpectedly follows in him behind, the method of although tracking is very wise, however under Long Xueyi that formidable Divine Sense, they were discovered. Saw, but also the displeasure this dragon, making you obtain the favors of these two beautiful women, that cat monster has not paid attention to the Fire God Palace's fellow, but actually quietly tracks you, this is the merit of dragon.” Long Xueyi proudly said. Perhaps other beautiful stench, they stare at this few persons head, even if were they have a liking for me, that was also my individual charm, pass/test your this making trouble dragon trifling thing?” Shen Xiang steps out, is shuttling back and forth on the street, but still has not actually shaken off the track of Lan Lanhe Yan Yanran. Finally, he arrived at the entrance of Gu Dongchen that house, sits there, he knows that these two women absolutely will not be because will have a liking for him to track his. Followed me to be so long, has any matter to say.” Shen Xiang locks them, gives them sound transmission. Lan Lanhe Yan Yanran immediately came, walked. Let Shen Xiang feel what is surprised, Lan Lanhe Yan Yanran unexpectedly knew, although they walk from two different directions, when looks at the opposite party look not surprised. We may nothing, but was worried that your persons head was butchered.” Lan Lan spits the small tongue, happily said with a smile. Yan Yanran smiles gentle: Here convenience speech?” Gate suddenly opens, Gu Dongchen appears in Yan Yanran and Lan Lan front, had a scare this big young beautiful woman, they recognize Gu Dongchen, this is Extreme Martial Sect's first Big Shot. Convenience spoke, you came.” Gu Dongchen saw Shen Xiang to gang up with these two roles beautiful women, cannot help but curled the lip.

In the hall, Lan Lanhe Yan Yanran very polite salutes to Gu Dongchen, regarding such great person, the courtesy is certainly complete. Shen Xiang is knocking one leg on the other actually, asked: You track me to be so long, doesn't want to protect me?” Naturally was not......” the Lan Lan sound is very big, but realized Gu Dongchen immediately here. „Not convenient words, then I avoid.” Dean Gu holds on a minute, this matter can mediate you also to have relationship.” Yan Yanran hurriedly said. Gu Dongchen and Shen Xiang are one startled, Gu Dongchen also sat at this time. Yan Yanran said resolutely: You possibly do not know that our many sect in secret unite together, has signed mutually not the hostile agreement, moreover mutual help, this, only then the core member in influence knows, moreover we will frequently also meet to carry on some trainings.” The Lan Lan nod said: Mainly takes the lead to form an alliance by the King Continent's two influences, one is our Blue Blood Clan, moreover is Wu Village.” Blue Blood Clan and Wu Village are very mystical, is on the King Continent hidden world family, everyone knows that their true strengths, but now they form an alliance with some sect in secret . Moreover the agreement that signs is also very good, obviously they are planning certain things surely. Yan Yanran then said: But Extreme Martial Sect in Chenwu Mainland, becomes enemies with many sect, because of the Shen Xiang's reason, later also surely will annoy many influences......” Wait / Etc., this is others annoys first my.” Shen Xiang hastily interrupts her words.

Gu Dongchen said: This I understand that our Extreme Martial Sect's overall strength is very strong, naturally does not fear evil behindata-titlehe-scenes manipulator of Fire God Palace and Devil Subduing School under to us, but these small influences are uncertain, if Wu Family and Blue Blood Clan do not start first, perhaps these small influences will submit under Fire God Palace and Devil Subduing School's despotic power.” Lan Lanhe Yan Yanran nodded. Holy Light Church also starts to disintegrate now, Qin Zejun this fellow is missing together with one crowd of Holy Light Church important elder for a long time, cannot make a name, Eastern Sea turned in a state of disunity, but at present, most of them's influence in secret has formed an alliance with you.” Gu Dongchen probably already knows that this matter is the same. The Lan Lan nod said: My Blue Blood Clan and Wu Family may not have the heart of dominating, such does to guarantee our Mortal Martial World is given the annexation by the alien influence, moreover now is the disaster overhead, in quite powerful the influence as Mortal Martial World, we must consider these small influences.” Present Lan Lan makes Shen Xiang hold in high esteem but actually, he said: In Chenwu Mainland, only then our hasn't Extreme Martial Sect joined your alliances?” Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, Danxiang Taoyuan, Lotus Island and Extreme Martial Sect do not have, other, wrap Devil Path Sect already with our alliance.” Yan Yanran said. Then you look for us now, for what?” Gu Dongchen smiled, on Chenwu Mainland strongest four sect, even if not need to form an alliance, will help mutually, for many years relationship has been very good, therefore the Chenwu Mainland's strength is also very strong Mortal Martial World. Yan Yanran sighed: Extreme Martial Sect grasps many fierce martial arts, has abundant Martial Dao background, Danxiang Taoyuan grasps pills, Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire is grasping magic treasure weapon, Lotus Island grasps massive crystal stones and rare ores, can say that your four sect join up, can become in surely Mortal Martial World very strong influence, but these that you grasp, is our alliance lacks.” Lan Lan whispered: Two fiercest female alchemy masters both in your there, moreover Life Returning Pill anything, can give casually, is really the natural justice is intolerable......” Saying, she glanced Shen Xiang one, because everyone knows now that is Shen Xiang posts a reward on the neck of that god child with Life Returning Pill persons head, in Mortal Martial World, even if that alliance does not dare such to do in secret, cannot such do.

Gu Dongchen said with a smile: Said that you want to win over us to join your alliances, thinks that we do sell some resources to give you?” Has you to join is naturally best, but we feared that you are the big influences, is not willing to shelter these small influences.” Lan Lan said with a sigh. Gu Dongchen earnestly said: Our Extreme Martial Sect, if joins, perhaps will only implicate you, you are to strive for now steadily, if others do not violate you, you will not counterattack right?” Lan Lanhe Yan Yanran nods saying: Yes.” But our Extreme Martial Sect is different, like Fire God Palace and Devil Subduing School this influence, so long as they have a wee bit actions, our Extreme Martial Sect will not hesitate to extinguish them!” The Gu Dongchen sound becomes serious incomparable: Recently we were missing in the investigation the matters of large quantities of young man, this has the possibility to be related with the Devil Subduing School's god child very much.” Is Fire God Palace, they are practice the flame are the focus, will not hesitate all plundering to practice the helpful resources to them, this fellow we sooner or later must extinguish him.” Then looked like we are unable with your alliance.” Lan Lan sighed. Hehe, the alliance was hopeless, but did business, weren't you actually pills and weapon? My turning head lets Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire and Danxiang Taoyuan's person goes to chat with you.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Naturally, in my hand also some pills, you can leave words, I can also sell to you.” Gu Dongchen shakes the head saying: If you agreed that makes public to the world the matter of alliance, my Extreme Martial Sect agrees to form an alliance, I do not want to work covertly, only then lets Fire God Palace and Devil Subduing School knows that this matter, they will fear us, does not dare in this rash.”