World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 680
Regarding the battle between influence and influence, Shen Xiang does not want to be involved, is not one's turn him to participate, but he can actually from occupies selects convenient, or hits tribulation anything while the fire, the matter that he must handle is society these Devil Subduing martial arts, grasps to refine Earth Level Low-Grade Dan, the preparation and Elder Dan competes with. Little Featherhead, Martial Uncle I have entered for that anything Devil Subduing Martial Dao to meet, starts you may probably think me to select, Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue are closing up now, they could not look after me.” The Shen Xiang urging said that when the time comes has Gu Dongchen in the words, the Devil Subduing School's person does not dare to act unreasonably, can make his relieved displays on the stage. Young Martial Uncle, you also really have the means to register, with your name?” Gu Dongchen asked slightly with amazement, Shen Xiang should hate to the marrow of the bones by that god child now is right . Moreover the strength was also very strong, god child unexpectedly will make him register. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Naturally with my name, if no means that could not make your Martial Uncle, Hehe...... has not thought that Blue Blood Clan and Wu Family person came such quickly.” After Yan Yanran and Lan Lan go back to report the report, these old fellow thought it is necessary to look for Gu Dongchen to chat face to face, therefore used the quickest speed to catch up. Three days were Devil Subduing Martial Dao will start, Shen Xiang does not have the interest to know now they formed an alliance discussed anything, therefore went into the secret room to exercise martial arts. In the Gu Dongchen house gathers more and more old fellow, majority are the brains of some small influences, but this action has also caused Fire God Palace and Devil Subduing School's attention, Fire God Palace and Devil Subduing School is stationed above this King Continent, here suddenly gathered so many Nirvana Realm, can they not know? But this is also Gu Dongchen they intentionally, Gu Dongchen already and that alliance discussed gathers together, agreed to join, proposed suggested that the first point must let Fire God Palace and Devil Subduing School knows they started the alliance, if these Devil Subduing School and Fire God Palace dare to bully small influence in their alliance, then they will unite together surely, crusaded against these two external influences. Lian Yingxiao also came, Lotus Island and Extreme Martial Sect's relationship is always good, therefore Gu Dongchen start to talk, Lian Yingxiao also straightforward complies, now was to miss Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire and Danxiang Taoyuan had not taken a stand, but two empresses of influences were closing up.

Numerous expert push in the Gu Dongchen house was discussing alliance important matter, but below will transmit one to shiver once for a while, but also follows the weak dragon roar sound, making many old fellow be mistaken that has a imprisoned dragon below. cough cough, is Shen Xiang this fellow exercises martial arts below, should cultivates Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, reason that Devil Subduing Energy can melt presses easily, he has lasting achievements, this as we all know.” Gu Dongchen answered hastily, he has not thought Shen Xiang exercised martial arts will make the so big move, his very curious Shen Xiang was practicing any martial arts. The Lian Yingxiao nod said: I already heard that he just entered Devil Subduing School shortly after to learn tenth layer Devil Subduing Energy, now can attain Devil Subduing Energy of this simple version, but has given a Devil Subduing School maliciously blade.” Hehe, this Devil Subduing Energy simple practice version, but that old lunatic writes.” Gu Dongchen said with a smile, making many old fellow whole bodies tremble, although Huang Jintian was closed in that forbidden land inside many years, but he gave the shadow that these expert cast continuously. The Devil Subduing Energy simple version has made Big Shot of these alliances transcribe one respectively, then takes to teach to their core disciples, it is estimated that Devil Subduing School will know not long this news. ------ Three days quick on the past, Shen Xiang comes out from the secret room, after Gu Dongchen sees him, sighed one: What martial arts that Young Martial Uncle, you build up? Made that has probably a dragon under this house such.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: This move is called Subduing Dragon Gathering Strength, I have been able to grasp now, the words that but must display, will consume my most True Qi.”

Gu Dongchen calls out in alarm said: I spoke Master to use this move, was truly fierce, but he said that he was Nirvana Realm time grasped, has not thought that you can grasp now.” Walks, today is the first day that Devil Subduing Martial Dao can start, has a look to have any fierce fellow to participate.” Shen Xiang shrugs, said. Then, Shen Xiang brings Gu Dongchen to move toward Devil Subduing School, moreover Shen Xiang does not need disguise change appearance now, because of Gu Dongchen in him behind. So long as were not the brain has clamped to the gate, not stupid to took the Shen Xiang's head in front of Extreme Martial Sect Dean, that radically was in the latrine dozen of lanterns, courted death! Shen Xiang can guess correctly, participates in Devil Subduing Martial Dao quite strongly should be Devil Subduing School or the Fire God Palace's person, after all they are having very rich resources, then arrives at King Continent above bloodlines martial artist, later is other continent these aptitude good talents. After arriving at Devil Subduing School, Shen Xiang understood that the flow of martial arts contest, must carry on the invitational meet from the beginning, through the way of ballot, is divided into four groups the person of registration, finally again through the way that the martial arts contest eliminates, making each group come out a strongest person, enters the final martial arts contest again. Such looks like, I must hit many fields to be good, moreover is stay up till dawn carries on, if runs into the fierce fellow in the semi-final, that definitely will have enough to do.” Shen Xiang looks at these rules, murmured. Young Martial Uncle, is not good with the feeling of your together, others treat as the disaster same to regard us, captures by far.” Gu Dongchen whispered. Shen Xiang looked at all around, said with a smile: Little Featherhead, you are Extreme Martial Sect's Dean, what they fear is you.”

On that imposing manner on Gu Dongchen, truly makes many people feel that the inexplicable pressure, thinks somewhat frightened. In Devil Subduing School, branched out four martial arts contest stages, Shen Xiang to let martial stage is more relaxed, making Gu Dongchen leave here, this made many people more relaxed. After ballot, Shen Xiang by minute to the third group, making him feel what some headaches is, his unexpectedly and Lan Lan in one group. Shen Xiang had found Lan Lan in the huge crowd, she just and Yan Yanran together, that adorable small face pushed a balsam pear type, she honk the mouth, is looking at Shen Xiang with the look of incomparable hidden bitterness, although she wants to compare with Shen Xiang again one time, but was actually in this semi-final. Oh, the pitiful child, did not do right by.” Shen Xiang shakes the head sighs, then walked. In the crowd many people were complaining that especially these and Shen Xiang in one group of people, felt the pressure is very big, but also has four groups, moreover in each group many expert, but god child Wang Shengren in the first group. At just the right moment, Fire God Palace's Tie Ming in the fourth group, that group will be definitely more relaxed, the second group does not have the well-known master probably.” Shen Xiang walks toward Lan Lan, while obtains some news from the talk of crowd.