World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 681
Lan Lan sees Shen Xiang to arrive, somewhat angry coldly snorted. Other haughty, I will not be punched by you again.” Lan Lan raises the powder fist, tenderly shouted. The martial arts contest started quickly, on four martial arts contest stage starts to be thick as thieves, many people look below, person who dares to register, is the foundation good people, such one, many people see the different fighting methods and martial skill, can broaden the outlook. Once is defeated, will be eliminated, therefore everyone exhausts now fully, only then wins, can rush finally. Every one round will have many competitions, but each round will eliminate 50% people, after each round conclusion, must draw lots, decides own match. Quick, first round had ended, Shen Xiang is very relaxed that person who has defeated and him contends in martial arts, now he has not bumped into with Lan Lan. The second round ballot time, a Lan Lan face arrives by Shen Xiang depressed. rascal, I troubled.” Lan Lan said heavyheartedly. What's the matter?” Shen Xiang and Lan Lan were also friends, the previous time when the King Martial Dao meeting, they cooperated very happily. I must be called the person martial arts contest of Mo Huan with one quickly, this is called Mo Huan fellow method very very ruthless, you also saw a moment ago, is that gets rid, slivers a fellow others both hands both feet piece by piece.” Lan Lan looked at black clothed man in a distant place. The complexion soot of this man, looks like very gloomy, in a pair of dead grey pupil does not have any luminous, appears very fearful, this person of whole body is passing a evil aura, seems like not affable. He got rid a moment ago, released a terrifying Gang to be mad, turns into innumerably the blade, sheared one a hands and feet of person piece by piece, the method was sinister.

martial arts that this fellow cultivates, absolutely is some evil and cruel devil art, I now could not have looked, but is truly strong, do not force.” Shen Xiang looks at that black clothed man. Lan Lan shakes the head saying: Yanran she and Wang Shengren contends in martial arts has not flinched, I cannot flinch.” What? She and Wang Shengren?” Shen Xiang one startled, looked on one group of notice boards, truly saw Yan Yanran and Wang Shengren name continually in one. You are really bad luck.” Shen Xiang curled the lip saying: Relax, so long as your undying, the hands and feet were cut me also to have the means to help you restore.” The Lan Lan show face smiles, smiles very delightfully: I know that Elder Brother Shen Xiang you are very fierce, if I lose to that fellow who called Mo Huan, you must help me revenge.” Relax, my goal is first, I will help you revenge while convenient.” Shen Xiang said at will: Installs tender old hag, do not die, otherwise could not see that I helped you revenge.” „, Do not look down upon the person.” Lan Lan white Shen Xiang, moved toward the martial arts contest stage. Shen Xiang looked at the notice boards of four groups, discovered that two groups have one to be called the Mo Dian person, this surname Shen Xiang first time saw that he sought in the crowd, quick had found one to call the Mo Huan similar person with that was also a black clothed, the complexion and eye were the dead grey, was similar to the deceased person is ordinary, but actually the whole body released bone-chilling cold and formidable Devil Qi, causing the beautiful woman dares to approach. „A Devil World people, how will they appear here?” Bai Youyou said solemnly: In Devil World five big surnames, the demon ranks first, if here, only then one, that possibly is the coincidence, but presents two, moreover certitude that practice same martial arts, definitely came from Devil World.” Will the person in Devil World appear here? Moreover the strength is very strong! Shen Xiang started to be worried about Lan Lan. dragon brat, waits to favor point little girl, do not let her be sheared as far as possible torn to pieces.” Shen Xiang urged one, arrives around martial arts contest stage.

Lan Lanhe that Mo Huan has come to power, that Mo Huan eye socket suddenly turns into the black, looks like very evil looking, moreover pair of claws becomes somewhat withered, nail snow white, understood at a glance that is devil art. Sword Aura Devil Claw, is in Devil World good devil art, surnamed Mo devil cultivator, the status is very high, do they come? Do they have the means to open passage?” Bai Youyou has doubts. Starts!” The martial arts contest from the beginning, the people start to hold the breath to look, because of that Mo Huan method, witnessed a moment ago majority, but now the Mo Huan match is one may the young girl of person, they want to take a look, can Lan Lan also by that terrifying Aura Energy ripping the fragmentation. After Mo Huan pair of claws dances in the air, releases intermittent naked eye obvious white Aura Energy, attacks to the Lan Lan both legs and both arms, is very accurate, speed like electricity. But the Lan Lan speed is extremely fast, in that time at a crucial moment, moves sideways to shunt, moreover suddenly vanish from sight, this is Lan Lan inborn Martial Spirit grants her ability, can let her body stealth, but does not lend the aura, but lets her defensive power and striking power cuts in half. Initially Shen Xiang also through using Penetrating Heart Devil Eye, can see her heart, can distinguish her position, will otherwise be been certainly oppressive by her very miserably. Even if now, Shen Xiang uses his formidable Divine Sense, is unable to induce to the Lan Lan position, but Long Xueyi is also so. I saw, this girl also really made me be worried in vain.” Shen Xiang using Penetrating Heart Devil Eye, saw Lan Lan that in the heart of beat, is approaching that Mo Huan. Bang! The blue glow explodes to dodge together, stealth Lan Lan has hit a fist on that Mo Huan dantian maliciously, with foot True Qi, moreover fights with the fists, immediately circles to that Mo Huan behind, in Mo Huan back of the head maliciously came, is a blue light, hits that Mo Huan eye to brave golden star.

This Lan Lan plays to come cloudy, but also this makes the persons head skin tingle with numbness. Bored!” That Mo Huan shouted angrily, saw only his suddenly to present black Qi, black Qi formed an vortex, suddenly became very greatly, revolved crazily, but Shen Xiang saw that to hide in nearby Lan Lan unexpectedly is attracted fast. „The Heavenly Devil domain, this is I teaches to your devil art gives a name, but cultivates the route that this devil art must carry too far, he releases this domain, will be attracted by him in domain all, moreover will be induced by him.” Bai Youyou said. With such that Bai Youyou said that that Mo Huan induced Lan Lan was, displays Sword Aura Devil Claw, brandished crazily, released such as claw Gang of sword, chopped toward Lan Lan, was the thorn, was greeting that truncated in the past. Ah! Lan Lan shouted one tenderly, body glittering leaves blue glow, appears the main body, hitting to fly by that innumerable Gang strength, is spitting the blood, falls under martial arts contest stage. Shen Xiang hastily overtook, Lan Lan is only the face whiten, received an internal injury, is not very serious. Shen Xiang stingy pills, does not eat up grain of good therapy pills to Lan Lan. Shen Xiang, waits to have the opportunity that Mo Huan memory searching, having a look at them to have any goal, how to come.” Bai Youyou said.