World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 682
Lan Lan stood to pat dust, although she has not received very serious wound, but was not actually feeling well, but actually cannot say anything. At this moment, one group of martial arts contest stages have broadcast an angry sound: slut, your unexpectedly dares to destroy my accommodation!” Shen Xiang and Lan Lan hastily looked, because that is the Wang Shengren sound, saw only on Wang Shengren that fair face to leave four to grasp the mark, understood at a glance that was Yan Yanran that cat claw technique creates. Yan Yanran clothes also become somewhat tattered, the corners of the mouth are keeping the blood, she has a very unique pliable but hard to break physique, even if faces very wild attack, can resist. Shen Xiang and Lan Lan hastily walked, martial arts contest of Yan Yanran and Wang Shengren, has aroused the interests of many people, especially under these school girls, was scolding Yan Yanran, because the Yan Yanran offensive was swift and fierce, moreover was very agile, the body anti- attack ability was very strong, unexpectedly can be flattered the god child in space under to resist in that was very long. Wrinkles that handsome boy maliciously, makes into the big tabby cat him, this Divine Stick is a swindler, any nonsense god child, radically is the idiot of thinking oneself infallible, but also thinks that he fierce, was not others has scratched and torn the face.” Person suddenly throat yelled. The people look immediately to Shen Xiang, because only then Shen Xiang this fellow not awfully dares to resist Wang Shengren, this makes many Devil Subduing School's students look angrily at Shen Xiang immediately, especially these females, look at Shen Xiang, scolded. But Shen Xiang thinks very undeserved, because that words were not he said that stimulates Wang Shengren now, pursuing makes Wang Shengren get angry, what was bad luck was Yan Yanran. Wang Shengren previous time by Shen Xiang a bone of arm, has now been able to restore such quickly, is also expected in Shen Xiang's, that uses best pills surely. Blasphemed the god child, you courted death!” A man arrives in front of Shen Xiang, must get rid.

Lan Lan suddenly said: You know that he is the god child? What he has to prove are one god child?” This asked that making many people support the Wang Shengren person to be dumbfounded, reason that others believe that Wang Shengren is the god child , because Wang Shengren has very high status in Devil Subduing School, moreover can direct some elders, but also is grasping some Devil Subduing martial arts, is having some resources. Wang Shengren also kept on proclaiming one were the god child, Devil Subduing School these elders also said that but this actually cannot show that Wang Shengren was the god child. God child was also caught by my Sister Yanran this mortal female quarrels face-to-face, my Elder Brother Shen Xiang so will not be at least weak, then said that my Elder Brother Shen Xiang is also the god child? What falls devil art to learn? My Elder Brother Shen Xiang can also learn tenth layer Devil Subduing Energy, your god children?” Lan Lan pulls the Shen Xiang's arm, ridicule was saying. At this time that Fire God Palace's Tie Ming he he smiled: So-called god child, is blows.” Tie Ming, you......” Wang Shengren have gotten angry, but he actually endured, is looking angrily at Yan Yanran: Dares to injure me, I must make you pay the price surely.” Since Shen Xiang appears, Wang Shengren everywhere suffers setbacks, Shen Xiang makes the emperor demeanor of his actually that keeping aloof nothing left. These support the Wang Shengren person, now does not say anything, looks at the martial arts contest stage, hoping Wang Shengren can use very fierce martial arts, defeats Yan Yanran. The Wang Shengren whole body is burning the angry flame, golden True Qi is similar to the flame winds around generally steaming in the body, condense leaves the incomparable terror strength, this makes Shen Xiang somewhat worry, if this has enraged Wang Shengren, without doubt has harmed Yan Yanran.

Devil Subduing Fist!” In the Shen Xiang heart startles, this fist technique is fierce, his previous time with Wang Shengren to a fist. You may run away roadless.” Wang Shengren shouted angrily, the void fist, saw only golden Qi Energy to turn into golden light to fly together violently, congealed a fist, Yan Yanran moves aside immediately, but that golden fist and her tender body touched and went at the same time, suddenly made a turn, hit maliciously on the Yan Yanran body. Yan Yanran exudes one to drink tenderly, the whole body burns a golden flame, in the mouth is spurting a blood, actually immediately burns to the blood the fire of golden color. The Shen Xiang diving posture, catches that to drop out Yan Yanran of martial arts contest stage, hastily on her is burning that flame absorbing, this makes Wang Shengren be startled, because he knows that golden flame is formidabe, 2-3 cannot tidy up. She died, this resists my fate.” Wang Shengren said cold. Shen Xiang coldly stared his one eyes, said: You have not matched to be that so-called god child, I will prove!” He has put out grain of pills, immediately the person who that strong medicine fragrance lets the audience is completely relaxed, is responsible for the prison looking at old man startled shouted of competition: Life Returning Pill!” Shen Xiang puts in Life Returning Pill the small mouth of Yan Yanran, making her swallow, quick that gentle face restored blood-colored. Now the people know that Shen Xiang has Life Returning Pill this is matter truly, moreover are many, unexpectedly can casual give a woman to eat up, the familiar Shen Xiang's people know that Shen Xiang and Beast Martial Sect are the people of having a grudge, but actually saves a Beast Martial Sect's female with this expensive incomparable Life Returning Pill now, this makes the person understand cannot.

Sees Life Returning Pill, Wang Shengren to be mad trembles, if in Heaven World, he will be absolutely by such grain of pills posting a reward, because Shen Xiang will post a reward his persons head with Life Returning Pill, causing him not to dare to leave Devil Subduing School now casually, because will want Life Returning Pill old fellow to have his idea urgently needed. Shen Xiang does not know why Suppressing Devil Temple will make Wang Shengren act in a self-serving manner, has the so big authority, is really Wang Shengren the god child? Later can take over control of Suppressing Devil Temple really? Can inherit the Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable mantle? After Yan Yanran eats up Life Returning Pill, quick restores, this pill has the bringing back to life effect, now many people personally saw, when this generally is some Nirvana Realm transcends tribulation eats. Shen Xiang has not run into any fierce match all the way, to the eighth round, this is also last, because in this group of him with that Mo Huan they. In the martial arts contest of Devil Subduing Martial Dao meeting, most cannot surpass the Tempering Realm peak, will therefore not have Nirvana Realm, this inside master also gradually surfaces, before Shen Xiang similar that estimates, but were many Devil World people. Shen Xiang finally to strength suitable match, moreover in the semi-final, this has the quality of being worth looking, making all people excited. Must fight with the Devil World's person, Shen Xiang to not frightened, instead is slightly excited, naturally, he matter of primary importance is finds the accurate opportunity to search this Mo Huan memory now. If can know Devil World that side preparation, then regarding their alliances, is very big harvest.