World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 683
Just came to power, the eye socket of that Mo Huan becomes dark, sclera inside flows out some black Qi, looks very scary. Starts!” The martial arts contest from the beginning, Mo Huan and Shen Xiang simultaneously get rid, just the Mo Huan speed be faster than Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang just knocked out the fist, but Mo Huan that such as the short-sword general white nail, has delimited from the Shen Xiang's throat, delimits a white light. The attack of Mo Huan be quicker than Shen Xiang, but the Shen Xiang's response is not slow, raised head to avoid, although he had the powerful body and Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor protects the body, but if were led powerful Gang to be mad by that hits, unavoidably must be affected. On Mo Huan both hands that sharp nail, is similar to ten short sharp swords, above contains a fierce Gang to be mad, can cut some stiff things with ease. If the flesh and blood, must be sheared the deep scar ironclad. This Sword Aura Devil Claw is also uses energy many painstaking care to practice, be much fiercer than some pointed weapons, if above poisonous, that is more terrifying, but regarding you, this should not have what pressure!” Bai Youyou said. Cannot use weapon at the martial arts contest, but Sword Aura Devil Claw of this Mo Huan practice actually be fiercer than ordinary weapon, has occupied very big winning side in later of martial arts contest. But on Shen Xiang also weapon of many stealths and defend treasure armor, he naturally cannot fear this type of thing. Mo Huan movement technique is very agile, this also to coordinate his to sharp claws, but he no matter how attacks, he cannot bump into the Shen Xiang's body, Shen Xiang has fought many battles, moreover grasps many fierce divine art, can always , when is most essential, avoids the attack of Mo Huan. The long time cannot capture, making Mo Huan very agitated, condense the massive energies, the five fingers have gathered, that five short-sword nail closes up together, seems like a very powerful thick sword, chops toward the Shen Xiang overhead, on the snow white nail also overflows some black Qi Aura, is cutting the air, makes an intermittent sound from out of the blue.

Good opportunity!” In Shen Xiang heart one happy, unexpectedly lifts up high the meat palm, has patted. pā pā......” a series of crack resounds in the people ear bank, afterward is very violent shivering, shakes somewhat makes the person unable to come to a stop. Shocking Heaven Palm coordinates Devil Subduing Energy, copes with this type Devil Aura that is having the evil looking aura has very formidable lethality. That Mo Huan has sent out severe howl, because his hand above nail unexpectedly was broken completely, this pain is similar to the finger is cut off like that. Also no wonder, because in a moment ago Mo Huan that formidable Gang strength was condense on the finger, by Shen Xiang this sudden intense one, was coordinated Devil Subduing Energy that wild strength again, causing Mo Huan fingertip above strength to explode completely, palm inside meridians broke completely broken. You......” Mo Huan look at that transparent Qi mist that on the Shen Xiang palm releases, making him feel that one inexplicable fear, this is Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi! Other Shen Xiang's Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi and person of differences, other people are the golden color, but he after fusing Suppressing Devil Bloodline, turns transparently, uses Devil Subduing Energy time, in addition Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, to cultivating the monster Devil Path person, has very formidable lethality. In a moment ago, that Mo Huan felt the fearfulness of that strength, because of a that strength appearance, his within the body that vigorous Devil Path True Qi shivers. Ten you are not my match!” The Shen Xiang body trembles, that transparent Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi erupts from his body, covering of blotting out the sky on the body of that Mo Huan, is similar to a giant transparent hand grasps, Mo Huan stubbornly according to the ground, making the people look surprisedly incomparable. Shen Xiang is controlling these transparent Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, has raised Mo Huan, the Mo Huan whole body was being wrapped by this he most frightened strength, the strength point in within the body cannot display.

Of bang! Shen Xiang to Mo Huan chest heavily a palm, vigorous incomparable Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi is similar to the great river flows rapidly general, ominous crazy emerges in the body of Mo Huan, making Mo Huan feel that in own body is similar to by the raging fire is fired, his Devil Qi was corroded little, that fleshly body that uses Devil Qi to quenching becomes seems bitten to nip by ten thousand insects, that ache is unable to say a word. Shen Xiang saw similarly, he also evolved later Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi to be very satisfied to this type, immediately a palm patted on the head of that Mo Huan, searched his mind inside memory, quick is found by him. Before with you have contended in martial arts the person, majority was discarded by you, now I also make you taste this feeling.” The Shen Xiang double fist is similar to two wild white lightnings, strokes crazily on the body of Mo Huan, sends out a series of giant thunders, but most makes people feel what is fearful is that Mo Huan cry. Go away!” Shen Xiang makes Shocking Heaven Palm on the Mo Huan abdomen, shakes Mo Huan meridians and skeleton at the same time, lets Mo Huan heavily falls leaves office, the whole person falls into the ground. Before this Mo Huan , the method on stage is bloody, so long as has contended in martial arts with him person, majority are the hands and feet completely is sheared completely squashed to be broken, but now Mo Huan also ends up to turn out such a fate, this makes in many person hearts vent spleen, supports to the Shen Xiang's procedure. Shen Xiang also won this group first, will attend the following finals. The first group is Wang Shengren, the second group is that Mo Dian, third group of Shen Xiang, the fourth group is Fire God Palace's Tie Ming. These four people, the strength look like both have equal share, except for that Mo Dian, other three people are very famous young expert, especially Wang Shengren and Shen Xiang, one is the god child, one is young actually raises entire Mortal Martial World Shen Xiang. The finals tomorrow, after Gu Dongchen bring Shen Xiang to go back, then curiously asks: That called Mo Dian and Mo Huan two fellows, martial arts and Chenwu Mainland of above devil path sects use was somewhat same, but that Devil Qi was much purer, you know that what origin they were?”

The Shen Xiang nod said: They are Devil World's, just came for one month!” This is Shen Xiang searches from that Mo Huan memory with Grasping Soul Devil Curse, obtains this news he also to feel very shocking, because Devil World's person unexpectedly can coming quietly. Gu Dongchen immediately one startled: You said may take seriously!” Shen Xiang nodded: Moreover is some Mortal Martial World people helps them come, used a space weak point to transmit, according to my acquired clue, they came the time, need Teleportation Formation received, will then fall in King Continent.” These two are only the attempt transmits, will have in behind, will have Nirvana Realm, he prepares now before three realms great war has not started, makes our Mortal Martial World fall into the confusion.” The Gu Dongchen complexion is angry, is pinching fist: Which bastard is, unexpectedly colludes with Devil World these fellows.” Shen Xiang long sighed: I think that should be Devil Subduing School that secret person, that Mo Huan and Wang Shengren had the contact.”