World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 684
Gu Dongchen back and forth is walking in the hall, a face thinking. „Doesn't Devil Subduing School have fierce Devil Subduing martial arts? But now unexpectedly and Devil World's person joins up, but the Devil World's person also wants, do they plan to carve up Mortal Martial World?” Gu Dongchen said. Has the possibility very much, because when the time comes also has Demon World that crowd not to have cultured Evil Demon, therefore Devil World , to swallow Mortal Martial World to be very difficult.” Shen Xiang said. Unreasonable, this god child and here mixes in Heaven World well, moreover later he certainly must go to Heaven World's, he and Devil World colludes with together, what advantage also has to him?” Gu Dongchen said. It seems like only then Wang Shengren and that curtain descendant knew!” Must want to clarify plot, in the Shen Xiang heart had one set of plan, so long as he holds Wang Shengren, uses Grasping Soul Devil Curse, searches his memory, can clear all. Grasping Soul Devil Curse had resulted in brought to the point of perfection by the Shen Xiang utilization, can when the time comes use in the fight, will not be discovered by the opposite party, if were detected by the opposite party, he also only then eliminated a potential informant. Tomorrow will have played in the finals, if can on Wang Shengren, Hehe......” Shen Xiang be very curious at this time, behind Wang Shengren that curtain descendant, is planning any plot, moreover this affirmed that relationship is significant. Martial arts contest time can kill people, Young Martial Uncle should you not want to massacre Wang Shengren? You may not handle this matter, the present situation must come, you massacre Wang Shengren, Devil Subduing School will definitely not let off your.” Gu Dongchen is worried about Shen Xiang, now Shen Xiang has not been treated as number one enemy by Devil Subduing School, Devil Subduing School these powerful old fellow has not gotten rid, otherwise Shen Xiang does not dare to appear near Devil Subduing School. Situation that this my innate discretion, sees the time!” Shen Xiang has hit a yawn, returns to own room. He obtained many memories from Mo Huan there before, this memory has about Devil World's. Has not thought of some Devil World also that many world, moreover which two Demon and Devil world now has determined and Mortal Martial World connections!” Shen Xiang shakes the head sighs: That and Mortal Martial Realm together with the Devil Path world is very strong, should be Mortal Martial World is similar, when the time comes again added on Demon World, Mortal Martial World danger(ous).” Su Meiyao said: Do not be so pessimistic, when the time comes enters Mortal Martial World passage, only then, Devil World and Demon World must come from this passage, but so long as Mortal Martial World concentrates strength, defended there that's alright, if could not defend, Mortal Martial World surely life uttery misery.”

Day also not bright, Shen Xiang arrived in Devil Subduing School compared with martial stage, but here also many people early arrive, can occupy a good position to watch. The audience majority are the Devil Subduing School's students, or is some big sect's disciples, other people do not permit. Elder Brother Shen Xiang, morning!” Lan Lan sees Shen Xiang alone by a pillar, distant tenderly shouted, is holding the hand of Yan Yanran, ran swiftly. Time that Younger Sister Lan, you later run, must maintain the chest is steady, you had a look at......” Shen Xiang to sweep around, Lan Lan ran over a moment ago, the wave that the chest surged, attracted the attention of numerous person. rascal, others good intention and you greeted, your unexpectedly so was bad.” Lan Lan face micro red, mumbled was saying. Shen Xiang touches her head, said with a smile: „Was yesterday's wound completely good? Was only a pity that you have not seen that Mo Huan by the appearance that I beat violently!” Then, he then looks to that face gentle charming smile Yan Yanran. Shen Xiang, you should not regret that eats up that Life Returning Pill to me? If you want, others have not known how really must give back to you.” Yan Yanran happily said with a smile. Shen Xiang laughs: Relax, I will not make you permit by the body.” Does not believe that Brother rascal you definitely thinks!” Lan Lan was whispering in a low voice. „Doesn't body have what to obstruct now greatly?” Shen Xiang asked earnestly, does not crack a joke.

Um, was completely good, has not thought that my lifetime can eat this Life Returning Pill, not only can therapy to me, gives back to me to practice to bring very big advantage, thank you!” Yan Yanran said sincerely. Is all right well, later ran into Wang Shengren this fellow not to show off power, now the matter of primary importance is three realms great war, but our these younger generation Mortal Martial World future hope.” Shen Xiang sighed. Yan Yanran and Lan Lan nodded. Was right, I had just established sect, this is in secret sect, needs some people to join, I thought that you are quite appropriate, can't come? Moreover this must keep secret, do not make these old fellow know.” Shen Xiang at present one bright, whispered. Yan Yanran wants not to think that patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder, straightforward said with a smile: Does not have the issue, mixes with your this nouveau riche, is definitely good.” Lan Lan happily said with a smile: Brother rascal, were you an Boss?” This is natural, what good and bad I need to provide some pills, is not I becomes the Boss, gives you to work as?” Shen Xiang touches the head of Lan Lan with a smile, he likes this mischievous adorable female, is ordinary like blue Elf, although the age is older than him, because cannot grow up, is the young girl appearance, therefore Shen Xiang treats as the younger sister same to regard her. Good, I also join!” Lan Lan also nods to comply. Although shortly after they are acquainted, but trusts the opposite party . Moreover the influence that they were at has also formed an alliance. „Does Brother rascal, your sect name?” Lan Lan suddenly asked that Yan Yanran also was very curious. Although Lan Lanhe Yan Yanran has their influences, but they can actually join Shen Xiang's in secret sect, because they and Shen Xiang are the friends, for example Shen Xiang is also Danxiang Taoyuan's member such.

This...... Is called Subduing Dragon Sect.” Shen Xiang has thought one temporarily. Then, later develops specially to kill the dragon? This is dragon resistance sect! However I like, is aggressive enough!” Lan Lan somewhat excited saying. Shen Xiang said with a smile: May not kill the dragon, the Subduing Dragon Martial Technique merit majority are the dragon creates, but explained that martial arts has Tu Long's strength, can enjoy happiness the formidable dragon! But Subduing Dragon Sect also so, has with dragon resistance strength, naturally, says now!” But Shen Xiang has killed the dragon, moreover is strength not weak python dragon, therefore he has certainly the qualification to give this name, on the other hand, he also Long Xueyi this noble white Female Dragon surrendering, has rumbled she to walk her not to want now absolutely, still brazen-faced and shameless with Shen Xiang. Then now how many people?” Yan Yanran is moving the sending silk of forehead, asked easely. Like the female of Yan Yanran this inborn sycophancy, in nonchalant will always reveal seductive appearance that bewitches, but Shen Xiang already did not eat this set. Is joins, should have three people, is our three.” Shen Xiang flexure back of the head, somewhat awkwardly was saying with a smile. What?” Lan Lanhe Yan Yanran asked with one voice. Hehe, Subduing Dragon Sect was also I just gave the good name, by words that the descendant number were many, you were the senior statesmen.” Shen Xiang said with a smile.