World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 685
Before early, Shen Xiang had has established a powerful sect's idea, depending on the pills resources that he had, he believes that in soon after can definitely complete this wish. But present range three realms great war started not to have multi- youngster, he now also in intertwining is being picks up the speed to establish, trained a group of elites, specifically was used to cope with Demon and Devil, after waiting for three realms great war, started again. Now started to draw lots, Shen Xiang hopes very much one can hit with Wang Shengren, then he had the opportunity to display that Grasping Soul Devil Curse on Wang Shengren, can clarify Wang Shengren and his back that person earlier is being up to mischief. The ballot ended, Shen Xiang's match unexpectedly is Fire God Palace's Tie Ming, previous Shen Xiang registers time, has the conflict of corners of the mouth with Tie Ming, but Tie Ming itself also very repugnant Shen Xiang, because others mentioned him when the time comes, always said that he except for was much longer a point, other aspects were inferior to Shen Xiang. The Wang Shengren match is Mo Dian, making the person be what is surprised, the ballot ended, Mo Dian unexpectedly forfeited! In the Shen Xiang heart is sneering, Mo Dian and Wang Shengren are knew, but Wang Shengren to have a better condition attended the final, makes Mo Dian forfeit. Moreover Wang Shengren does not want to make Mo Dian show too many Devil World martial arts, simultaneously he does not want to be seen he too many strengths by Shen Xiang. Now, Wang Shengren can have a good look look at the martial arts contest of Shen Xiang and that Tie Ming, Fire God Palace is the Heaven World above influence, Tie Ming is also on Heaven World gets down, Wang Shengren had heard on Heaven World very much long time ago the Tie Ming name, he thinks the Tie Ming strength and he is equally matched, such one, he can just see Shen Xiang and Tie Ming foundation. Shen Xiang, your luck is not good, unexpectedly pulled out me!” That Tie Ming said with a sneer: Wang Shengren gives me to solve, Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang low coldly snorted, the heart said: Fellow of acting recklessly, regardless of I use the flame or the water used, can his to subdue|grams stubbornly.”

Shen Xiang, you had said the words may probably keep a promise!” Wang Shengren walked, a face asked earnestly. Before Shen Xiang, has complied with Wang Shengren, so long as makes him register, and Wang Shengren takes first, how to go to the Sacred Dan World method to tell Wang Shengren. You took repeatedly said that moreover you must favor a point I, do not let me be butchered!” Shen Xiang has laughed, gets on the martial arts contest stage. Compared with the martial stage middle martial arts contest stage, above formation are many, because the present is the Tempering Realm showdown, when to avoid contending in martial arts the fluctuation that erupts brings disaster to all around, therefore formation needs. Gu Dongchen also hides in the distant place looks that but presented a handsome youth in his side suddenly. „The martial arts contest of this brat I have looked at many times, but always does not look greasily, Fire God Palace this fellow could have bad luck.” Lian Yingxiao said with a smile. If Fire True Qi is not very strong, that died in Young Martial Uncle, his water attribute martial arts was very strong!” Gu Dongchen also smiled. Lian Yingxiao suddenly lowers the sound: Looked up, the grasped these children are lead into Devil Subduing School middle that matter tall tower, is missing, the news that according to arriving that I purchase, altogether more than 30,000 children were grasped for serveral days, came from each continent's remote districts. But these are only informer who I buy over know, he has not known.” „Do they want these ten -year-old children to do? Whatever, we do not forgive them, after waiting for the alliance to enter is regular, must take that surely in the fellow of secret plan.” Gu Dongchen grips tightly the double fist, angrily said.

Danxiang Taoyuan and Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire that two women should not be together will cross Nirvana Tribulation! They had not crossed the Nirvana eight tribulations time, was very fearful, if crossed, that can also?” Lian Yingxiao shakes the head sighs: Was a pity that good cabbage Gongzhu, convenient that brat.” Bah, my Martial Uncle makes that two women adore to him depending on own skill, you must know his Life Returning Pill absolutely not from Hua Xiangyue there lane, because he is missing for one month later comes back, could not find that two women, this Life Returning Pill is very likely him to make.” Gu Dongchen mentioned this matter, cannot help but sighed: Life Returning Pill, this type of thing gave that to ask the Yan Yanran girl to eat yesterday.” Lian Yingxiao said dejectedly: If I had Life Returning Pill this thing in the past, Liu Meng'er certainly with my, this brat really a little skill.” Tie Ming just got on the martial arts contest stage, entire rises dramatically compared with martial stage temperature suddenly, making many person perspiration classes continue, but this invisible quantity of heat is not Tie Ming releases, but was one just stepped into compares martial stage old man. Shen Xiang stands on martial arts contest stage, can very clear sees one to throw over the length of fiery red Chinese-style gown to the old man, he is red fully that is being the upper body of towering muscle, ta comes step by step, that full is the sword scar face, cannot say valiant scary, that sharp eye has swept the people, making the people feel that own skin was ironed probably by the heat iron like that but this feeling actually came from in the mind. This old man is very big, stands in the crowd, has been higher than four heads, even if in the crowd these tall Zhuang men, in this old man contrast, is similar to short thin brat such. This old fellow, is very strong!” Su Meiyao said. Double Fire Spirit, is certainly strong, but he did not understand that is lower-key.” Long Xueyi despises said. Han Lie, you are wreck the event to come?” Man Futian suddenly appears, as Devil Subduing School's Dean, some people makes entire be so worse than the martial stage environment now, he obtains certainly the surface.

Mortal World is little rascal only this level? You should know my raging fire great ambition, so long as is still jumping, the fire of fierce Xiong will not be put out, I do not have means restraining!” Similar to the giant common old man, sound is also very loud, such as the thunder is common. Shen Xiang had guessed correctly now that this called Han Lie Mr. mystical, was on Heaven World sends to take over control of Fire God Palace's, was new Fire God Palace Palace Master. heat of this degree cannot bear, is this your Devil Subduing School's level? After three realms great war starts, Devil Qi that Demon and Devil passage erupts, can be much fiercer than my this old fellow heat, when the time comes they must be frightened the urine?” Han Lie speech time, that such as the thunder sound can shake the ground to tremble, tympanum jar cry. This Han Lie also watches the martial arts contest, Shen Xiang suddenly thinks some pressures, if he lets slip to massacre that Tie Ming, perhaps by this Han Lie temper, the fierce battle will occur. Is hot in the people very uncomfortable time, icy cold comfortable suddenly, making people think that like insolation for a long time desert suddenly to have. the snow Feels this ice cold air/Qi, the Shen Xiang whole body shakes, because this is the release of Icewind Divine Art cold air. Can practice this situation Icewind Divine Art, has Liu Meng'er!