World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 686
In this compared with martial stage, to Liu Meng'er quite familiar expert, can see that now Liu Meng'er crossed the Nirvana eight tribulations, this strength is the Mortal World peak. Liu Meng'er is two middle-aged beautiful women comes together, that is the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's elder, Hua Xiangyue not side her. She puts on white skirt, the surface obstructs white gauze, has arrived at side Gu Dongchen and Lian Yingxiao slowly, before Gu Dongchen left behind the news to her, has the matter about that alliance. On Han Lie that uncomfortable fire Qi was suppressed, this also makes in his heart somewhat not be feeling well, unexpectedly like this was restrained by a woman. Hua Xiangyue did not have transcends tribulation, how hasn't this spirit come?” Shen Xiang somewhat was worried that this maidservant who caresses flatters. She is the alchemy master, Nirvana Tribulation must be more difficult than to deal with the ordinary people, when the time comes you knew.” Su Meiyao said. What? This matter, it seems like that the alchemy master is really not good to mix!” The Shen Xiang heart shrinks slightly, listens from the hearsay, he knows that Nirvana Tribulation is terrorist, is all Nirvana Realm martial artist nightmares, although has not experienced, but he also secretly fears now. Shen Xiang looked at Man Futian under stand, asked: Dean, martial arts contest time unavoidably will let slip, if had a mistake, killed the opposite party makes remnantly......” Man Futian said: This you could rest assured that we will not make anybody get rid to retaliate here.” Even if some people want to kill Shen Xiang, that Wang Shengren must protect Shen Xiang, because Shen Xiang knows that Sacred Dan World whereabouts. Fan Yakun is the person who Sacred Dan World comes, Wang Shengren can determine this, but Fan Yakun suddenly is actually missing, Shen Xiang also similarly has been at that time missing, therefore Wang Shengren believes that Shen Xiang said that he knows the Fan Yakun whereabouts. Snort, feels relieved to hit, anyone of you dies who lives, is your matters, I come to see the Fire God Palace's junior to have the progress.” The Han Lie sound like thunder cry, was shaken blood energy to turn in his all around person wells up. In Shen Xiang heart one happy, in this case, he will not have anything to worry.

Tie Ming said with a sneer: You also really think that you can injure to result in me?” Can, wait to know!” Shen Xiang looked under martial arts contest stage old man, said: When shouted starts? I think that we have prepared.” Can become the important personage in Fire God Palace, the condition is very good, moreover majority have Fire Spirit, naturally, these Fire Spirit plunder from each world. Shen Xiang also knows that Fire God Palace through trading Fire Spirit or gives some expert to receive in exchange for the resources and asylum Fire Spirit, therefore for many years, the Fire God Palace's influence was getting stronger and stronger, person who has Fire Spirit are also getting more and more. The body of Tie Ming has emitted fiery red Qi mist, winds around in his body, approaches the person of martial arts contest stage, can feel that type of burning hot air wave. Starts!” The sound falls, Tie Ming fire Qi suddenly turns into the purple, explained that he has Purple Fire Spirit, this is in Fire Spirit very good, but are few like Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit, Earthly Yin Fire Spirit and Netherworld Fire Spirit this different Fire Spirit. Fire God Palace's is formidable, is not only person who because they have Fire Spirit are many, their cultivation technique, Fire God Art! But this Fire God Art was already grasped by Shen Xiang, expert in Fire God Palace, almost cultivates this divine art. Shen Xiang saw that what Tie Ming displays is the Fire God storm, that is one type can release the scalding hot storm martial skill. Just started, on martial arts contest stage presented innumerable purple Qi Aura on suddenly, is similar to the storm scrapes off, the flame heat wave that releases toward Shen Xiang generally, lets approach the person of martial arts contest stage to be far away. „The flame of this fellow cultivates is good, can compress Qi Aura the flame, turns into the sharp knife blade to attack generally, but this point with does not have for me.”

Shen Xiang stands there, revolution Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, was reappeared transparent Qi mist by own body surface, but these contain to bring scalding hot strength purple Qi Aura, after moving his body, probably fell into the sea general, silently. The incomparably wild air/Qi, becomes with Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art by Shen Xiang very gentle, then inhales in the body, revolution Fire God Art Blazing Dantian, smelts the flame that these inhaled draw in completely. Tie Ming gets rid is very shocking, Qi Aura that innumerable purple flame turn into, is similar to innumerable the purple light glittering flying sword, forms storm, sweeps across toward Shen Xiang, erupts the dazzling purple ray. Even if on martial arts contest stage has formation, is unable to prevent that terrifying flame heat wave to leak, obviously purple Qi Aura of that process compression is terrorist. But what makes people most surprised is Shen Xiang, after these fierce purple Qi Aura enter his body, unexpectedly is similar to likes a stone dropped into the sea general, a sound did not have. Looks at a Shen Xiang face leisurely and carefree manner, appearance that has seriously not treated. The Tie Ming brow is wrinkling tightly, he is the first time encounters this situation, only if meets these strengths to surpass his many expert, will otherwise definitely not have this situation. Purple fiery suddenly stops, on a Tie Ming arm ignites steaming purple fire, all day on the arm suddenly reappears purple hammers phantom greatly, then he abhors rush over toward Shen Xiang, that arm also turned into a purple light glittering great hammer. Martial Spirit of this fellow, since is a hammer!” Shen Xiang or the first time saw how these take weapon are put Martial Spirit as the Martial Spirit person. That hammers suddenly to increase greatly, Tie Ming has not approached Shen Xiang, fiercely hammered, moreover speed very rapidness, but Shen Xiang can still attractive shunting. Just shunted in him, that great hammer fiercely has pounded, this makes Shen Xiang unexpected, he has fought hastily with the fists, has utilized Devil Subduing Energy, erupts „” crack, although can block, but the arm actually somewhat tingles with numbness. Shen Xiang has not thought Tie Ming another arm also turned into one to be long and big purple hammer, the consecutively two hammers both were considered as are very accurate, but by Shen Xiang blocking.

These two hammers pound to fall, strength is very strong, shakes entire to sway violently compared with martial stage. That two great hammer is the arm of Tie Ming, therefore he controls very freely, although the great hammer is Martial Spirit turns into, but after massive True Qi condense, firmly like diamond. Shen Xiang just kept off the next hammer, another hammer has also swept away, the speed is fast together turns into purple circular arc light glow in void. Shen Xiang raises a leg foot, with Devil Subduing Energy ten layers strength, stimulates ten crack, the purple great hammer that sweeps away was trampled by a foot of this strong ferocious disperses. Also really has many skills!” Shen Xiang looks great hammer that other that only fiercely pounds, a palm has patted, Shocking Heaven Palm shake strength unexpectedly cannot shake. This is the thing that Martial Spirit condense comes out, naturally does not ruin easily, you must know that Martial Spirit is not builds up easily, is not cultivates peak easily.” Su Meiyao said. Tie Ming was kicked loose hammer a moment ago, now restored , to continue to hammer toward Shen Xiang fiercely. water vine!” In the Shen Xiang heart drinks, Tie Ming under foot suddenly spout several water columns, the water column turns into Water Dragon instantaneously, closely is twining the Tie Ming body.