World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 687
water vine that Shen Xiang releases, was fiercer than before, is by vigorous water attribute True Qi condense, turns into Water Dragon closely to entangle Tie Ming. He beats, after two hammer parries that brandishes, a leap, flies high stand up, falls to Tie Ming, but after Tie Ming water vine ties down, the fire intensity greatly reduces, within the body is wreaking havoc by fire Qi that type floods into continuously, is extinguishing fire Qi that his within the body burns in the little pouring. despicable!” Tie Ming roars, although he said that but must not did not acknowledge that Shen Xiang this move is fierce, especially that water attribute True Qi, making him feel the fear, he has thought Shen Xiang is alchemy, but pays great attention to the flame, other aspects will not be strong, but has not thought that water attribute True Qi so is also fierce. On the Shen Xiang double fist full is white Qi mist, but the martial arts contest stage also slightly shivers, Dragon Force appeared, explaining Shen Xiang must start to attack. This strength appearance, making many expert envy, this strength is powerful, must far exceed these True Qi. As a startled lightning-like thunderclap crack transmits, Shen Xiang has made a fist like lightning, that penetrating power greatly strengthened strength, passes through the heart from the Tie Ming back, breaks the heart directly, this lets is struggling Tie Ming, is unable to revolt thoroughly, the body continues by that several Water Dragon tight windings. The body restrained water strength invasion, making Tie Ming completely lose revolt strength, without any defense, got words of fist by Shen Xiang that terrifying Dragon Force and Devil Subduing Energy, undying also went to half life. Shen Xiang continuously has been rumbling to the Tie Ming back two fists, lets Tie Ming spurts the blood, while neighed, the people can clear seeing, Shen Xiang's fist energy by the back of Tie Ming, come out before the body vigorously. Did not defend, suffers three heavy blows, Tie Ming has also been able to stand there **, is good. Hehe, you have not been familiar with Fire Spirit of your within the body completely, this Fire Spirit actually has the master, a short time definitely will not be familiar with your body, now the body is seriously battered, this Fire Spirit must drill probably.” Shen Xiang looks that Tie Ming that braves the body of purple Qi mist, said with a sneer.

Shen Xiang quite knew about Fire Spirit that can see reason, Tie Ming Fire Spirit truly extracts to come from others. You...... You want to do.” Tie Ming suddenly has not good premonition. The Shen Xiang palm pastes in carrying on the back of Tie Ming, another hand crazy bang is actually hitting Tie Ming, making Tie Ming send out wicked yelling. Tie Ming suddenly felt that own Fire Spirit is leaving his body fast, this lets him in great surprise, he confirmed immediately that Shen Xiang is extracting his Fire Spirit, when he wants to shout Han Lie, a Shen Xiang fist he on his cheeks, the bone and tooth instantaneous disruption on face, for does not make Tie Ming speak, Shen Xiang one after another bang is slapping in the face of Tie Ming. In people opinion, but the body of Tie Ming was being twined with water vine by Shen Xiang, but the Shen Xiang use opportunity, is devastating Tie Ming crazily, but Shen Xiang is actually extracting Tie Ming body inside Fire Spirit. This purple Fire Spirit is very precious, later takes away Heaven World to sell, can definitely trade very good herbs, now will have this opportunity, Shen Xiang will certainly not let off, moreover this Fire Spirit will be Fire God Palace snatched from others. Shen Xiang has magic power, he can wrap this Fire Spirit, Purple Fire Spirit that extracts preserves temporarily in his dantian, such will come him not to fuse with this Fire Spirit, after waiting contended in martial arts, he again Fire Spirit from the body takes, put in the vessel to preserve. For does not make Fire God Palace know that this Tie Ming died! Han Lie looks below that complexion is light, does not worry, this makes Shen Xiang very accidental, he has not thought that Han Lie unexpectedly to Tie Ming as indifferent as this situation, but this also makes him bolder. Extracts the Fire Spirit process to require some time, but Shen Xiang cannot the present make Tie Ming die, otherwise contended in martial arts had finished, therefore he started very ingeniously, can always make Tie Ming send out quite powerful calling out, although in the Tie Ming mouth was saying something, but actually everyone can hear, but the spirit was also being devastated with Grasping Soul Devil Curse by Shen Xiang.

Robs Tie Ming Fire Spirit blatantly, this makes Shen Xiang feel that stimulation especially, Fire God Palace has not thought they also will become prey in others eyes, moreover Shen Xiang will extract the Fire Spirit method them be much wiser. Bastard, unexpectedly wants to move my woman, I cannot harass you!” Shen Xiang searches the Tie Ming memory with Grasping Soul Devil Curse, unexpectedly discovered that Tie Ming has many bosom thoughts, moreover planned that grasps Yun Xiaodao they to coerce him. Liu Meng'er frowns lightly: This can't little brat be lower-key? That called Han Lie old fellow not to get rid fortunately.” Gu Dongchen also thought that Shen Xiang does very excessively, kills kills, actually grabs others leisure craziness to punch, hits the turn into a human shape not to call a halt. What they do not know, Purple Fire Spirit that the Shen Xiang preparation obtains, can many to pay with the life to rob! Has completed, starting off!” Shen Xiang smiles one lowly, the double palm hits together on the body of Tie Ming, Devil Subduing Energy, Dragon Force and Shocking Heaven Palm fuse together, terror wild strength that the gathering becomes, the incomparable strong barometric pressure of forming, grinds the powder the body of Tie Ming, scatters in comparing martial stage. Death......!” The people are dumbfounded, they only think Shen Xiang must punish Tie Ming, but does not want finally Tie Ming killing. The Wang Shengren face darken, he has not thought that this martial arts contest unexpectedly such quickly had finished, moreover from beginning to end, is Shen Xiang gets the winning side, Tie Ming only then by the oppressive share, good and bad Tie Ming is also on Heaven World gets down, but actually so cannot withstand. This has brought very huge pressure to Wang Yangming, because was he and Shen Xiang's contends in martial arts in the afternoon.

The response of Han Lie makes people feel very accidentally, after Tie Ming died, Han Lie is only said with a sneer: I know that this little rascal does not have what ability.” Then, Han Lie is stepping the stride, went out has compared martial stage. After the conclusion, Shen Xiang looked at Gu Dongchen one, then also hastily left compared with martial stage, dashed toward the Gu Dongchen house, Gu Dongchen must protect Shen Xiang, the nature with. „The matter of alliance went back to continue, what Young Martial Uncle did run such dries?” Gu Dongchen abandons these words, pursued. Liu Meng'er and Lian Yingxiao still there, only hear Lian Yingxiao to ask in a low voice: Miss Liu, you really and that brat......” Really.” Liu Meng'er has complied with one lightly, then the floating body pursued. Shen Xiang hides in the secret room, in hand is taking a transparent bead, inside hollow, but the entire arm braves purple Qi mist, he is pulling out that Fire Spirit in within the body. My goodness, if not I have Universe Fire Spirit, perhaps is unable to suppress Fire Spirit in the body, then puts!” Now Shen Xiang does, has surpassed many old fellow cognition, Long Xueyi and Bai Youyou they also feel very surprisedly.