World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 688
crystal ball in Shen Xiang hand quickly turns into the purple, explodes dodges one intermittently to seize purple light of person dazzling, he now completely this Fire Spirit taking. Sister Meiyao, if later does not have better Fire Spirit, this was your.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Su Meiyao had fantasized long ago fuse purple Fire Spirit, but has not thought that this purple Fire Spirit, probably does not have what value in the Shen Xiang eye. Shen Xiang also two corpses of Fire God Palace elders, in that have Fire Spirit, although is green Fire Spirit, but can still to snatch the broken head. In Fire God Palace many people have Fire Spirit, so long as he found the opportunity, certainly will hunt and kill the Fire God Palace's person, when the time comes his Fire Spirit can have wicker basket these many. I have Thunder Spirit Fruit, Hehe!” In the future Shen Xiang has been able to see the wealth that he will grasp, can make the world shiver absolutely. Shen Xiang comes up time, in the hall has been filled with many old fellow, that was discussing that the matter of alliance, Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's joins, making many influences more relieved, after all this is a refiner great nation, can their to purchase magic treasure and weapon of thing inexpensive beautiful. Brother rascal, where our can sect establish?” Lan Lan sees Shen Xiang to arrive in the courtyard, hastily slightly ran. Yan Yanran caresses flatters smiles: Boss, what position later can I have in sect?” Shen Xiang has made one breathing out hand signal: Low key, we are underground influences, does not have the fixed place.” As for the concrete position, when the time comes again said.” Shen Xiang whispered: Later discussed this matter time, cannot in this place.” Lan Lan spits the tongue: Knows.” Can the words, you help me win over some talent good people, is certainly trustworthy.” Shen Xiang said.

Does not have the issue, I most am an expert to this aspect, I in the Beast Martial Sect's time, am responsible for assassinating, must find the person who keeps one's mouth shut and trusts to give me.” Yan Yanran said with a smile. „The person who when the time comes joins also has Xiao Chou Xiaodao they, I had already said this matter with them, but has come too meddlesomely to be delayed.” Shen Xiang said. Is Herculean Clan that little rascal?” Lan Lan eyes dodges: Good to grasp this also to understand that compared with me installs tender little brat.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: He now was not little rascal, but, you can hit his bald, Ha Ha......” After hall that crowd of expert finish talking, comes out to see Shen Xiang also has Yan Yanran to be merry in courtyard inside and Lan Lan, cannot help but has coughed several. Lan Lanhe Yan Yanran left with their representatives of influence, after waiting for other people to leave, a Liu Meng'er face jealousy grazes. little rascal, the color claw was getting more and more long, extends enough far.” The Liu Meng'er beforehand that empress imposing manner vanishes invisible, the gentle concubine who turned into one be jealous, looks at Shen Xiang Hehe to be straight. Went in said again.” Shen Xiang is drawing the Liu Meng'er's white hands, entrained into her the room. The gate closes, Shen Xiang on impatient has shut up the mouth, although Liu Meng'er many words must say, but now she is also same as Shen Xiang, very longs for that tongue tangled up feeling. Two soft tongues twine crazily, they are sucking in the opposite party saliva crazily, caresses the beautiful woman who flatters also once for a while to exude one gently and charmingly intoxicant **. Shen Xiang presses Liu Meng'er on the bed, under his chest is a big rabbit of pair of tender soft Fengrun, Shen Xiang gently is also rubbed by own chest, under does not dare to press, was worried that can crush this pair of treasure. The Liu Meng'er double cheek is ruddy, the meaningful glance is blurred, the character and style ten thousand types that could not say, this made Shen Xiang cannot help but kiss her cherry small mouth.

Sister Meng'er, I want dead you!” Shen Xiang closely hugs Liu Meng'er in the bosom. little rascal, I thought that you are thinking other thing.” Liu Meng'er tenderly snorted and said: I heard that you asked the Yan Yanran girl to eat up grain of Life Returning Pill to that.” Shen Xiang feels her creamy earlobe, happily said with a smile: This vinegar deep pond turned, Ha Ha......” Snort, cannot smile!” The Liu Meng'er powder fist is hanging the Shen Xiang's chest: To be honest, did you receive her?” Shen Xiang continues to say with a smile: I also gave Zhu Rong to eat grain of Life Returning Pill, then deferred to your idea, I and Zhu Rong......” Liu Meng'er also pū chī smiles: little rascal, your Life Returning Pill these many? Xiangyue this spirit and my together, have not given possibly you to refine.” Secret, did not tell you.” Shen Xiang said mystically. Liu Meng'er is also tactful has not asked that Shen Xiang did not say to her, naturally has his truth, Shen Xiang secret are many, moreover is important, even if Liu Meng'er is curious, will not closely examine. „Did you cross Nirvana eight to plunder?” Shen Xiang asked that he wants to confirm this matter. Um, if not you, I do not have so am possibly smooth, no wonder the Xiangyue spirit is willing to be your maidservant.” Liu Meng'er sits to set out, is reorganizing the clothes. At this time Shen Xiang has put out some him in the clothes that Sacred Dan World bought, gave Liu Meng'er, said with an evil smile: This is I buys for you, exchanges shows me.” „To look at me to change the clothes, does not have the gate!” Liu Meng'er saw these Hua Hua green pretty clothes, hastily to snatch, received in storage ring.

Was right, Xiangyue girl?” In the Shen Xiang hand has one batch to refine Life Returning Pill herbs, he must give Hua Xiangyue, making her turn into spirit dan these herbs. She is still closing up, she is the alchemy master, Nirvana Tribulation have the difficulty compared with the ordinary people, but you do not need to be worried that my transcends tribulation remaining many pills, I have given her.” Liu Meng'er smiled: good and bad she is also my maidservant.” Shen Xiang has put out some him in the refiner material of Sacred Dan World purchase, these are very precious, moreover some Heaven World have, is not valuable in Sacred Dan World, but Liu Meng'er is pleasantly surprised. This is my Demanding Life Devil Bow, helping me improve or from the new refinement.” Shen Xiang has given Liu Meng'er this assassination sharp weapon, in Demanding Life Devil Bow can only kill under Peak Realm, has not suited him to use. Does not have the issue, I just crossed Nirvana Tribulation in any case, the time also calculate quite abundantly, I help you improve.” Liu Meng'er has held appreciatively, then receives. Sister Meng'er, how these Suppressing Devil martial arts did you practice? Have you been staying in time formation?” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: You, as soon as comes out to think me, Hehe!” Liu Meng'er spat one, jade kicks fully to Shen Xiang, but was held by Shen Xiang, but that only such as the jade common tender and delicate tootsy, actually suddenly emits golden light, in golden light presented the multi- chart mark, entered a city formation. powerful!” Shen Xiang feels strength that formation releases, has called out in alarm one. Liu Meng'er has pulled out the lotus fully, said with a smile tenderly: Very is truly fierce, but is very difficult to study, has Tai Chi Divine Art luckily, otherwise I and Xiangyue girls do not know that must study anything lord knows.”