World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 689
Now Shen Xiang has experienced to this Suppressing Devil Qi Formation, before he and Wang Shengren fought, has seen that Devil Subduing Fist, was truly strong, especially was used to cope with Demon and Devil. Liu Meng'er just reorganized the good clothes, Shen Xiang to hug her in the bosom. I must go back immediately, the matter of alliance came to an arrangement, Gu Dongchen gave me Devil Subduing Energy, this may give my being diligent to compared with you many, I must go back to distribute to some core disciples.” Liu Meng'er by in the Shen Xiang bosom, enters in the white hands the Shen Xiang's front piece, is pinching the Shen Xiang's chest. That is my Master writes, not long, Devil Subduing Fist and Suppressing Devil Qi Formation also will come out, such comes to suppress Devil Subduing School's strength.” Shen Xiang laughed, has kissed with Liu Meng'er intimately violently, makes her depart. It seems like I must a bit faster am good that Devil Subduing Fist and Suppressing Devil Qi Formation society.” In the Shen Xiang mind is recalling in these two cultivation technique these abstruse obscure sutra, cannot help but a headache. This cultivation technique spreads, perhaps few people can learn, I understood that took the trouble.” Shen Xiang shook the head, left the house, walks compared with martial stage toward that. This was last has contended in martial arts, regarding Shen Xiang important, because he must learn the Devil Subduing School's plot from Wang Shengren there, this was a time very rare opportunity, moreover after he has won, but can also that White Dragon Blood Dan, this be able to let White Dragon Bloodline of Leng Youlan this white hair beautiful woman awakening within the body. Similarly is also important regarding Wang Shengren, because he not only need set up the prestige, but must learn the Sacred Dan World matter from Shen Xiang there, therefore when the time comes they will use contend in martial arts fully. Wang Shengren comes compared with Shen Xiang also early, if before, he will perhaps not pay attention to Shen Xiang, but he and Shen Xiang has fought, personally has seen later of Shen Xiang martial arts contest, he to the Shen Xiang's strength the new cognition, at this time he has appeared the great care. White Dragon Blood Dan on you?” Shen Xiang gets on the martial arts contest stage, asked with a smile. He compares to care about this, he worried that Wang Shengren had the accident dead, because White Dragon Blood Dan is actually not able to attain on him. I handed over full Dean.” Wang Shengren coldly said, Shen Xiang such asked that without doubt is telling him, will wait for not to keep the hand.

Wang Shengren also has the scruples: You? If I have not killed you carefully......” Shen Xiang said with a smile: If I died, Fan Yakun can look your, this does not need to be worried.” Wang Shengren regarding Shen Xiang is doubtful, but actually has to believe Shen Xiang, because this is he can go to the Sacred Dan World way only, moreover he but will make him enter for Devil Subduing Martial Dao not to have what loss because of Shen Xiang. I heard that Sacred Dan World is not small, you are very probably self-confident to go to the thing that can find you to want!” Shen Xiang could see appearance that Wang Shengren has confidence probably very much. This does not need you to worry! When the time comes you know that I do match to be the god child.” The Wang Shengren fist grips tightly, in the sound has an arrogance, the whole body to glow an out of the ordinary imposing manner, looks like also very has the appearance. In the Shen Xiang heart is laughing in one's heart, that Suppressing Devil Bloodline was already obtained by him, even if Wang Shengren can find, is unable to fuse, because of Suppressing Devil Bloodline inside acute poison, fears including Du Hai this fierce Immortal. This fellow definitely has to look for the Suppressing Devil Bloodline method, when you search his memory, must thoroughly.” Bai Youyou urged one. Watches the person of martial arts contest to arrive one after another, many expert hide , the god child is a Devil Subduing School important character, they want to take a look at Shen Xiang to be able this god child to massacre. Han Lie has not come, he as if did not care that the result of this showdown, but Liu Meng'er also anxiously going back, she is not worried about Shen Xiang, because her very clear Shen Xiang's strength, even if lost, will not be killed absolutely. Gu Dongchen was worried after Shen Xiang kills Wang Shengren, Devil Subduing School's old fellow will get rid to take Shen Xiang, therefore he drew one crowd to come with his relationship good Nirvana Realm martial artist, provided against contingencies. Shen Xiang, if you admit defeat now, later works for in me, I can not count the past animosity, White Dragon Blood Dan I can also bestow to you.” Wang Shengren said that his body reappears a dim golden multi-colored sunlight, this is Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi.

But in front of the chest of Wang Shengren, but also presented octagon chart of one golden silk thread constitution, this is Suppressing Devil Qi Formation that he releases, can be used in the defense. Wang Shengren is showing own strength, he was telling Shen Xiang, he already the Suppressing Devil martial arts study entire, unmarried Shen Xiang did not think that this had any great. So long as to Shen Xiang time, he can grasp well Suppressing Devil martial arts more than this Wang Shengren, after all he has learned Suppressing Devil divine art, fused Suppressing Devil Bloodline. Can make me work for in you? This is impossible, you lost heart!” Shen Xiang indifferently said. Then do not regret!” The Wang Shengren body shakes, his golden light glow was more dazzling, looks like just like Heavenly God, is passing an incomparably depressing aura, making the person have one type to worship on bended knees his impulsion. Final, starts!” With a old man strong powerful shout, Wang Shengren separates the spatial fist, after seeing only this fights with the fists, is bringing innumerable golden fist image, covers toward Shen Xiang. Let Shen Xiang feel what danger(ous) is, in this innumerable fist image front, but also has one very big golden air/Qi. Devil Subduing Fist and Suppressing Devil Qi Formation! Although Shen Xiang has not studied, but can actually look, but this cannot frighten him. This does not have anything to be fierce.”

Shen Xiang sneers, that is gripping tightly the fist, blue vein suddenly sticks out suddenly, purple lightning comes out from his fist glittering, purple dazzling electricity snakes exit toward the lasing in all directions, that terrifying lightning strength, the electric shock on martial arts contest stage formation, is making incites the sound, will also blow out a purple flame. Shen Xiang has Thunder Spirit, at this time his lightning strength is very fearful, that innumerable golden fist image pushes that Suppressing Devil Qi Formation to come, Shen Xiang fist above purple lightning was wilder, probably will momentarily penetrate on martial arts contest stage formation, this compared with the martial stage person being electrocuted such. Fierce Dragon Fist!” A Shen Xiang fist bang hits, on the fist innumerable purple electricity snake gathers together immediately, turns into glittering purple lightning dragon head, lightning strength becomes wilder, that dragon head exudes one to roar, is dragging terrifying lightning glow, when is similar to thunders the lightning, chops to hit on that Suppressing Devil Qi Formation. Shen Xiang has not used Dragon Force, has not used Devil Subduing Energy, but uses this lightning strength and Wang Shengren fights, this makes many people think that Shen Xiang has not exhausted is ridiculing Wang Shengren fully. But Wang Shengren also wants to experience the Shen Xiang strongest strength, but currently Shen Xiang uses lightning strength, this makes his suddenly think that has a insulted feeling. However, when that wild Purple Lightning anger dragon after the potential of lightning dashes, everyone again dares to think! Because of that wild lightning strength, unexpectedly complete routs Wang Shengren Devil Subduing Fist and Suppressing Devil Qi Formation . Moreover the imposing manner does not reduce, overran toward this Wang Shengren anger.