World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 690
Wang Shengren has not thought lightning strength that Shen Xiang releases at this time, unexpectedly is so terrorist, that type is full of the energy of destruction wild, endures compared with that Dragon Force. His both arms shake, intersect in the chest, a circular is similar to the yellow golden eagle casts general formation suddenly to appear, revolves slowly, above full is mysterious spirit pattern, this is Suppressing Devil Qi Formation, moreover big, is similar to a leaf of giant golden shield keeps off before the body of Wang Shengren. As Wang Shengren pours into massive Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, this Suppressing Devil Qi Formation sends out more intense golden light glow, looks like sacred incomparable. Shen Xiang had to attract by this Suppressing Devil Qi Formation strange place, after he has not thought displays, looks like unexpectedly and real thing such. The whole body explodes is dodging the purple lightning crazy violent anger dragon, hit on that golden shield, but standing that Wang Shengren was actually entirely still there, obviously his defensive power was intrepid. Shen Xiang that Fierce Dragon Fist fist energy also vanished, when Wang Shengren just relaxed, he sees entire to be covered by the purple flash compared with martial stage, on the Shen Xiang's fist presents intermittent purple lightning glow again. Moreover this time is two fists! Looked how long you can keep off!” Shen Xiang laughs wildly one, double fist has hit, in an instant, two were huger than before, wilder purple electricity fierce dragon, imposing manner dreadful flew to well up from Shen Xiang that pair of fist. Entire reverberates compared with martial stage roaring hiss of two wild electricity dragons, the sound is shaking the people to creaky, in the ear except for that dragon roar with overpowering momentum, did not have other sounds. At this time, martial arts contest stage is similar to the mighty waves sea is common, but reason that this sea the turbulent tuck dive , because these two dragons do. Wang Shengren thought now one stand on a small boat, in these two can stir in front of two crazy dragons that changes beyond all recognition the sea, he feels very weak. Two purple electricity fierce dragon simultaneously hit on golden shield that in that suddenly increases, this Wang Shengren retreat a point, but that Suppressing Devil Qi Formation strength was also feebler.

Has not ended!” Shen Xiang that pair of meat fist is brandishing not awfully crazily, must make people think that quickly he has dozens arm such. Most makes people feel what shocks, his each fist can release that imposing manner dreadful purple electricity fierce dragon! Fierce Dragon Fist, is Azure Dragon Divine Art inside very wild martial arts, only when lightning strength arrives at certain time, can display. Dozens fist Fierce Dragon Fist make, dozens purple electricity fierce dragon illness project the intermittent purple multi-colored sunlight, blotting out the sky toward the Wang Shengren rewiring in the past, the strength of this incomparably wild lightning, has let practice lightning strength martial artist to feel ashamed of one's inferiority, these Nirvana Realm martial artist, feel shocking. But they also guessed correctly that Shen Xiang has certainly Thunder Spirit, otherwise relies on him now this strength, is absolutely impossible to arrive at so terrifying Realm. „To make me use Dragon Force to you? You have not matched, I used lightning strength to extinguish you!” Shen Xiang is laughing, the both arms above sleeve is given to break by wild lightning that attacks crazily, but now his fist still one after another separates the spatial bang to hit, innumerable purple electricity fierce dragon continuous impact on Wang Shengren that golden Shield. Wang Shengren thinks the humiliation to be incomparable, before Shen Xiang and Tie Ming martial arts contest, Shen Xiang has used Dragon Force, but is not having, clarifies tells him, his Tie Ming was inferior. Do not be arrogant, underestimates my consequence is very serious.” A Wang Shengren suddenly roar, sees only him behind suddenly to reappear a very big golden photograph, cannot see this photograph the face, but makes the person be similar to looks up at Spiritual God to be ordinary. Devil Subduing Fist!” The Wang Shengren back that golden big photograph, suddenly wields that giant arm, fights with the fists to Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang just wants to avoid, at that time that was about much the fist to fall on him, in that instantaneous, he thought his body suddenly by innumerable fists plow.

Even if he has Suppressing Devil Golden Body and Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, but he thinks his body unusual ache at this moment. Sees Shen Xiang to be hit the corners of the mouth overflowing blood, Wang Shengren smiles proudly: Makes you arrogant!” As Wang Shengren takes a walk, behind him that big golden virtual image, with him, Wang Shengren makes any movement, that big golden virtual image with exactly the same that he makes. That golden virtual image is big, more than three zhang (3.33 m) high, is similar to a giant, attacks along with Wang Shengren, this golden virtual image unceasing bang is hitting Shen Xiang, that giant fist unexpectedly is the innumerable small fists turns into. This is higher Devil Subduing Fist! This makes Shen Xiang excited, if he also practices, that will be certainly fiercer. How long I have a look at you to support, such fierce move you are from the beginning useless, thinks that consumes your energy very much, right!” Shen Xiang has scratched the corners of the mouth above bloodstain, smiles lightly. Enough defeated you.” Wang Shengren suddenly one startled, because Shen Xiang unexpectedly has not avoided Devil Subduing Fist that golden virtual image hits again, but stands there, is gripping tightly the double fist. Asks for trouble!” The giant fist of that golden virtual image pounds from the high place fiercely, is similar to burns the golden flame meteor to be ordinary together. The people exude one startled to shout immediately, because outside the Shen Xiang body unexpectedly any strength of protection, not having made the people think that Shen Xiang did not have revolt strength. After that fist pounds maliciously falls, Shen Xiang has spat a blood, but his both feet half step has not actually moved, the waist has been also straight, steady such as the mountain is common.

Is impossible!” Wang Shengren cannot believe that rave, that huge golden virtual image, the fist pounds crazily fiercely, each fist pounds falls, the earth fiercely will inspire, many people were shaken to shoot. Although Shen Xiang was hit spits blood, but still inconceivable standing there, has not actually moved half step. The Wang Shengren big mouth gasps for breath, he has consumed, he does not remember one have hit many fists, no matter how but he hits, Shen Xiang can stand there straightly. Shen Xiang's fleshly body arrived at the situation of transcending the mortal world, moreover he also has Jade Dragon Bloodline, although in the body encounters the wound, the speed of but restoring goes to the rapidness, therefore after finding one round fiercely attacks, he received a wound. I and you spelled!” Wang Shengren suddenly flashes before golden Qilin phantom...... This fellow must use Martial Spirit, looks like very fierce, do not let him use, he must with perishing together evidently, a bit faster trigs him.” Long Xueyi shouted tenderly. Shen Xiang both hands hastily revolution within the body that vigorous five elements of True Qi, lets these True Qi turn into dragon strength, defers to Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art some ample capacity methods again, the double palm advances, the both arms tremble, see only his arm above blue vein suddenly to inflate, white Qi mist gushes out from his double palm. White Qi mist seethes, forms white dragon head, is similar to the platinum carves general lifelike. Subduing Dragon Gathering Strength!” Gu Dongchen startled shouted, presents the person who some and Huang Jintian has fought, expresses an exclamation, regarding this move, they have a vivid memory.