World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 691
Wang Shengren must release Martial Spirit, this is one of the martial artist strongest moves, but shakes the place dragon roar to spread with one shocking, is similar to platinum carving White Dragon makes threatening gestures, flies toward Wang Shengren mammoth rush over. This was Shen Xiang has used most strength, Subduing Dragon Gathering Strength that displayed, was in Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art quite strong one move. That lifelike White Dragon, hit to Wang Shengren, submerged in the body of Wang Shengren completely, saw only just must release Martial Spirit Wang Shengren, the body sends out one in the pā lā sound, the clothes crushes, the blood overflowed from the body, but in his body has also sent out a low and deep dragon roar. After that strong Dragon Force pours into Wang Shengren body inside, explodes in inside, that wound can be imagined! Shen Xiang hastily flies rush over, is pinching the Wang Shengren nape of the neck, is searching the Wang Shengren memory simultaneously, another hand crazy bang is hitting the Wang Shengren body, coped with that Tie Ming to be the same with before. What is this? This fellow unexpectedly has such fierce Divine Sense, no wonder he can release some influence person spirits strength!” In the Shen Xiang heart calls out in alarm, he when searching the Wang Shengren memory, sends out in the Wang Shengren mind to have one group of golden energies. Knew through the Wang Shengren memory that unexpectedly is together incomplete Divine Soul! This is Suppressing Devil Divine Soul, he can induce through this Suppressing Devil Divine Soul to treasure that Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable leaves behind, no wonder he has confidence to seek for that Suppressing Devil Bloodline in Sacred Dan World!” In Shen Xiang heart surprised incomparable. devour his Divine Soul, then ruins his Sea of Consciousness.” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang, are you doing? Why will your spirit appear in my Sea of Consciousness?” Shen Xiang suddenly hears Wang Shengren that weak sound. Hehe, your Suppressing Devil Temple convenient I.” Shen Xiang responded with Divine Sense.

You...... Do you want devour my Divine Soul? How you achieve, you............” Shen Xiang displays Grasping Soul Devil Curse, fast Suppressing Devil Temple in Wang Shengren Sea of Consciousness pulling out, integrates in his Divine Soul, simultaneously is searching the Wang Shengren memory, seeks for him to know the thing. Had found, really has a big plot, so that's how it is!” After incomplete Suppressing Devil Temple succeeds in obtaining, Shen Xiang is dividing a palm to the Wang Shengren head ruthlessly, murmured: Circles your dog's life, making you live to might as well die, depends on your this, but also wants to practice Divine Dao?” The Wang Shengren whole body meridians break broken, soul Sea of Consciousness was also destroyed by Shen Xiang, now is an idiot. Shen Xiang obtained the astonishing news from Wang Shengren there, but that incomplete Suppressing Devil Divine Soul slowly is also integrating in his Divine Soul originally, completely after the fusion, his Divine Soul will become stronger. Wang Shengren was kicked the martial arts contest stage by a Shen Xiang foot, god child who this keeps aloof, at this time changed discards completely. This makes many Devil Subduing School's students on the scene sob, they think that very formidable god child unexpectedly on such die, before after this god child was also boasting him, can become Heavenly God, but now...... Completely by Shen Xiang being disillusioned. Some Devil Subduing School's elder hastily ran over to help up that to faint past Wang Shengren, face anger looks at Shen Xiang, Gu Dongchen and the others also prepares to get rid, although Shen Xiang has not killed Wang Shengren, but Wang Shengren actually lives to might as well die now, the Devil Subduing School future backbone such was turned into a beach mud by Shen Xiang. White Dragon Blood Dan?” Shen Xiang looks at Man Futian under stage. Man Futian does not hate Shen Xiang, he already knows that Wang Shengren hides the truth from him to handle some heartless matters, he throws to a Shen Xiang jade box, Shen Xiang opens the jade box to look that white pill pellet of grain of walnut size lies down in inside, but inside is actually flowing some red white liquids.

Real!” After Long Xueyi confirmed that Shen Xiang then received, then walked toward Gu Dongchen, his complexion ten segregated heavily, because he knew Wang Shengren and that descendant plot. Returns to Extreme Martial Sect!” Shen Xiang has won, not only does not have any happiness, instead is stern-faced, Gu Dongchen knows that these have the reason surely. When Gu Dongchen brings Shen Xiang is going out compared with martial stage, in the sky suddenly floats golden fog, only hears a vocal cord the exceedingly indignant sound to transmit: Shen Xiang, what have you made to Wang Shengren? If you ruin his fleshly body, that, but you have also spent his Sea of Consciousness, hits to be remnant he soul!” This is that descendant, Wang Shengren Master, named Tai Yunhong, this fellow is very strong, actually is fierce Immortal, but afterward made mistakes in Suppressing Devil Temple, has the conflict with the Suppressing Devil Temple's high level, the severely wounded later strength backs up, therefore he can arrive at Mortal Martial World.” Shen Xiang told Gu Dongchen with Divine Sense. Gu Dongchen frowned , he although believes that Shen Xiang said that but why doubts Shen Xiang can suddenly know very much. I am what kind, is what kind , the time anything matter of martial arts contest will occur in any case, I forgive his life, has calculated benevolently.” The Shen Xiang loud voice response said that does not fear this person, he in Sacred Dan World, fierce Immortal and dragon by his slaughter, that might in his heart, naturally had been formed. Gu Dongchen looks that sky that flake gold said that said with a sneer: What shrinking is any real man, has to plant!” The [gold/metal] of sky clouds suddenly to diverge, that sound has not been appearing. Shen Xiang looked at one Zuo Zhenxuan that walks: Old Zuo, Devil Subduing School has not been controlled by the Suppressing Devil Temple's person now, curtain descendant is Tai Yunhong, he was pursued by Suppressing Devil Temple, you find the way to relate Heaven World's Suppressing Devil Temple, otherwise that Tai Yunhong will do all kinds of evil things with the Devil Subduing School's reputation.” I knew!” Zuo Zhenxuan returned to one, hastily left.

Gu Dongchen also brings Shen Xiang to step into Teleportation Formation, returned to Extreme Martial Sect. Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm, in the secret room in Gu Dongchen residence. Young Martial Uncle, you said slowly that Tai Yunhong how you did know?” Gu Dongchen said. „When I with that Wang Shengren martial arts contest, pressed for an answer, naturally, he with Divine Sense to me sound transmission!” Shen Xiang sighed: Wang Shengren and Tai Yunhong have Divine Soul, but these Divine Soul were incomplete, is they robs from Suppressing Devil Temple.” Divine Soul! This thing Gu Dongchen has certainly heard, he has thought quickly of anything. What mentioned, they grasped that many youngster, was extracts the soul to practice, making that incomplete Divine Soul complete?” A Gu Dongchen face angrily: This fellow, I must seize him!” The Shen Xiang nod said: Is this, they when transmit, Tai Yunhong mixes, moreover he takes advantage of some resources that he has, bought over these Devil Subduing School's elders, he hides in Devil Subduing School, has controlled Man Futian, does not make Man Futian relate Suppressing Devil Temple!”